The Four Primary Facebook Advertising Objectives

Facebook traffic is a fantastic way to grow your business, and there are plenty of tricks you can use to get more leads, more sales, cheaper likes, and cheaper clicks.

But to develop a solid foundation for building and advertising your business, you need to first understand the basic building blocks of Facebook ads.

Today’s topic is the four primary objectives (or types) of Facebook ads—how you can use them, how they are measured, and what kinds of content they’ll work best for.

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The Right Mindset for Paid Advertising

Let’s talk about the mindset you need to adopt regarding paid advertising for your business.

So, in case you don’t know me, I work with EMP and run the majority of our paid traffic.

We spend lots of money on campaigns, and I’ve had the good fortune of being able to see data from those campaigns scale at a very high rate to get more leads and customers.

But it wasn’t always like that…

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How to Harness Your Prospects’ Unspoken Desires to Exponentially Increase Your Marketing Effectiveness

What are weight-loss programs really selling you?

Is it…

– Tedious calorie-counting plans and shakes that cause inexplicable gastrointestinal symptoms?

– Sore joints, shaky knees, and the inability to walk down stairs because you did too many squats?

– Newfangled machinery, puddles of sweat, physical exhaustion, and mat herpes?

…of course not!

Instead, they’re selling you on…

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“Market Sophistication”: The Secret to Profitable Traffic Generation You Never Knew You Needed To Know!

Pop quiz:

What’s the first thing you should do when you sit down to place an ad?

Don’t worry, there are no wrong answers!

Perhaps you take a look at your trusty swipe file?

Maybe you dig through one your dog-eared marketing handbooks for some serious inspiration?

Alright, pencils down.

Remember when I said that there were no wrong answers?

Well, I kinda lied…

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How to Use Stories to Sell and Recruit

Stories are the single most powerful way to communicate, which makes them an indispensable tool in your sales process.

Put simply, if you want to sell more effectively, then you need to cultivate the skill of crafting compelling stories.

Don’t worry if you’re not the “creative” type…

In this post I’m going to share a three-part formula, which can easily turn everyday observations into riveting sales messages.

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