Free vs. Paid Online Lead Generation Strategies: Where Should You Start?

If you want to build your business online, your first question might be…

Should I invest my time in free or paid traffic strategies?

Now, if you’ve looked around the Internet for training on how to do just that…

You might have noticed there’s a dizzying array of lead generation methods being taught…

– Active prospecting (reaching out and connecting one-at-a-time)

– Passive marketing (such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, etc.)

– Paid advertising (e.g., pay-per-click or post engagement)

Which begs the question…

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3-Bucket Strategy to Exponentially Scale Facebook Ad Campaigns

If you gave Facebook a dollar and got $1.18 in return…

…you’d give Facebook as many dollars as possible, right?

This is what we call “scaling.”

And believe it or not, it’s the single most challenging aspect of any traffic campaign.

Because unfortunately, just because a campaign is successful with a budget of, say, $10 a day…

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6 Ways to Get Rapid Engagement with Your Fans and Followers

Everyone’s addicted to it.

You can’t go anywhere without seeing it.

And love it or hate it…

It’s here to stay.

What am I referring to?

Social media, of course!

It’s no secret that people are buried in their phones on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., while they’re stopped at a light, at the park with their kids, at dinner, in the waiting room at the dentist, even while driving down the road!


Social media is the modern obsession.

People are utterly consumed with documenting their lives and posting “selfies” and opinions all over social media, every single hour of every single day.

Now, if all of this makes you cringe…

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Six Factors to Create Higher Converting Campaigns on Facebook

The profit formula is simple:

Revenue minus costs.

And in this post, I’m going to explain how you can decrease your costs and increase your revenue using Facebook adverting in a HIGHLY profitable way for your business.

Now, if you don’t know me, I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars profitably running Facebook ads, so I know a thing or two about how to optimize campaigns.

And no matter what type of business or opportunity you’re promoting…

This post is for you, if you…

a.) want to pay less for every new lead and customer, and

b.) are either currently using Facebook to build your organization, or want to get started immediately (which, needless to say, I think is a pretty good idea).

Okay, so you might already know that…

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How the “DIY Movement” is Keeping Home Business Owners Broke!

DIY is everywhere you look.

You’ve seen it on TV and Pinterest, in magazines and blogs, and at your local Home Depot…

– 3 Simple Steps to Tile Your Bathroom in Just 2 Days!
– Stain Your Own Nightstands For Just $5!
– Who Needs A Hairdresser? Trim Your Own Bangs Like A Pro In The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

DIY (“Do It Yourself”) is a movement that’s gone viral in the past decade and it’s here to stay.

It’s a mindset shift that’s created a belief that “we can do it all,” and, more importantly, “we can do it all for practically free!”

Here’s the message…

– We can have the nice shiny new bath tile (without paying thousands)
– We can create those lookalike nightstands (without remortgaging our home)
– We can cut our own bangs just like the top hairdressers in Manhattan (without having to spend hundreds of dollars every six weeks)

This DIY mentality is amazing, right?


Especially if you’re a home business owner looking to build a profitable business.

And you are reading this blog today because you want to do just that, correct?

As a business owner, a DIY mentality will cap your growth and keep you stagnant and frustrated.

Here’s why…

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