Don’t End Up Stranded In The Middle Of The Ocean

I don’t normally watch the news, unless something “big” or “interesting” happens, as in the case with the Carnival cruise ship that lost all power last Sunday and had to be pulled by a tugboat for the last 5 days.

Can you imagine?

Over 4,000 people including staff stranded for 5 days on a ship with no power, cold water and hardly any working toilets.

Cold dark nights, the smell of sewage in the rooms…

… I don’t have to describe it to you in detail as you can read all about it, but I bet there’s not one person that was boarding the ship a week earlier, who thought even for a second they’re in for a vacation from “hell.”

Sadly, most people treat their financial situation the same way.

They float through life, thinking it’s going to be ok, and never plan on someday being stuck in the middle of the ocean (or the Gulf of Mexico.)

Unlike those passengers though, most people have a choice and can prepare ahead of time, yet they don’t.

For some reason we all tend to think, it’s going to be ok, things will somehow work out.

Well my question to you is…

Do You JUST Want Things To Be Ok?
Or do you want MORE out of life?

I know the answer, because you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t want MORE.

But here’s the problem.

We, and I do mean myself included… we all get used to staying within the boundaries of our comfort zone, even if we think it’s not that comfortable.

The reality is, no matter how driven you are, by default you’ll always fall back to what’s comfortable and familiar.

And here’s the scary part…

Just because we have a “BIG GOAL” we somehow think we’re moving towards it EVEN IF days, weeks, and months go by without taking major action and actually doing what you need to do.

Truth is…

You’ll never reap the big rewards if you sit on the bench all day long just looking at others playing… even if you sit there for years.

You need to get off the bench and get into the game.

Do You Want 2013 To Be Just Another Repeat Of 2012?
For most people that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

Or do you want this year to truly be life-changing?

Then in my humble opinion, here’s what you need to do.

Stop relying on all income outside of your business.

Even if it’s your spouse’s income.

To succeed, your back needs to be against the wall.

Very, very few people can do extraordinary things when they have some kind of a cushion.

You can’t mentally push yourself outside of your comfort zone, when you “know it’s going to be ok.”

You with me?

If you have a job that’s paying your bills, or another income source that’s letting you “take the time” to build this business…


Am I saying quit your job?

Well, that maybe a good idea, but not necessarily.

Clean out your checking account.

Starting this month, commit to paying your bills from your internet or network marketing business ONLY.

If you have another income source, stick it into a savings account and put it out of your sight.

It’s not there, you can’t touch it.

This is not exactly the same as REALLY not having another income source, but mentally when you look at an empty checking account and you know bills are coming up… a phenomena occurs.

You start seeing opportunities… creativity kicks in… and you discover a new source of energy to do more, sleep less and get things going.

Now here’s something interesting…

You don’t need to do this for a long time.

You just need to get MOVING.

When you start seeing some results, even a little, your belief in yourself and your ability to really do this business will shoot through the roof.

And that’s the moment when everything turns around and you’ll never have to worry about being stranded in the middle of the ocean.

The time do it though is NOW… TODAY… not when you’re 100′s of miles away from shore.


Vitaly Grinblat

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Vitaly Grinblat

Vitaly Grinblat is a serial entrepreneur, a husband and a father of 3 girls. Before joining Elite Marketing PRO as a lead copywriter, he spent over 10 years in direct sales as Top Producer selling Millions of Dollars in financial services products face-to-face, as well as recruiting agents into his business. In 2005 he decided to jump ship and go online.

Since then, he’s created a number of info-products, generated tens of thousands of leads personally and has written sales copy that has produced near 8-figures in sales for himself and a select few clients.

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  • Brad

    Great post! All so very true! My MLM success can only depend upon MY Actions such as you noted above, planning and goal setting. We all are like “ships in the sea”….Our planning ahead before setting sail will determine wether we make it back to shore or not. Your statements of putting our backs against the wall, not relying on our normal income, to act as if our business income is all we have, IS reality! Thank you Vitaly for helping me get my mindset on attraction of new business and marketing opportunities!

  • Vitaly Grinblat

    Thank you Brad!

  • Jerry

    Good day sir,
    I got the import of what you wanted me to know. Really as an African, things don’t go as you planned it. This makes it difficult to even pay bills from your network business. When Robert Kiyosaki found himself in such a mess he had to do odd things till he got himself back to what he lost. I plan to follow his rule since I already know the full potential of network marketing. Thanks for the post.