How To Get EVERYTHING You Want

Todays is Friday the 13th… some consider it LUCKY… some UNLUCKY… I believe you create your own luck.

This is like my motto in life… which is why I despise this whole “entitlement” mentality… that some people are more fortunate than others… NONSENSE!

Anyways, this is not the topic of today’s post, but it did make me think about getting the things you want you want… and why so many people are stuck, IN SPITE OF doing the things they’re supposed to do.

You know… reading the books, writing down goals, visualizing, and yes even taking action as I wrote about in my last post.

It’s something I think everyone struggles with at one time or another… I know I did, until I finally realized what the problem is.

And it’s really pretty simple, yet I find that’s it’s one of the hardest things to discipline yourself to do.

And if you’ll be completely honest with yourself, you’ll agree that it takes an enormous amount of mental discipline to stay on track… ESPECIALLY when things are not going all that well.

What is it?

It’s focusing ONLY on what you want… and NOT thinking about the things you don’t want.

The first part is easy.

You want a new car, home, more money, bigger team…. so you paint mental images, thinking about those things.

We all know that.

And if you don’t… well now you do ;).

But it’s the 2nd part that gets almost everyone… at least for some time.

It’s the little voice whispering fear, doubt and worry into your ear.

You say… “I want to make a $100,000 a year”… but then the little voice starts naming all the reasons why you can’t or won’t.

You want to be a better leader… but then you start thinking – “what if no one listens to me or believes me?”

You create an a new ad or a marketing campaign… and instantly start doubting – “what if it doesn’t work AGAIN?”

You with me?

I know I’m not the only one that ever had these thoughts… we all do.

Problem is, as I’ve discovered long ago that these thoughts fuel your beliefswhich are like little programs running in the background DICTATING ultimately what ends up happening.

Bottom line is… you attract THAT what you think about it.

And when you think about the things you DON’T want… guess what?

You’re thinking about them and you’re attracting them to you.

I believe THAT is what’s standing in the way between your and your goals. When you can eliminate fear. doubt, and worry… you can have everything you want.

I know this all common sense and chances are you’ve heard it before… but as is with everything… are you actually doing this?

One of the worst 2 words you can say in the English language (or any language for that matter)… after I CAN’T is… I KNOW.

Something I’m trying to teach my daughter.

We all KNOW what we need to do… but it’s NOT what you know, it’s what you DO.

Which is why we have a society full of educated derelicts.

Case in point.

A few years ago I had a manual sitting on my desk about Google Adwords, and a relative of mine was glancing at it.

He actually had a degree in Advertising and was looking for a job, looking to do something online.

I tried explaining to him that Google is very tricky, and there are things you need to know about advertising there, etc….

His reply with a big smirk… “I think with my $50K degree, I can figure out how create ads on Google.”

4 years later… he’s still looking for a job.

But it’s the same in our business… you might KNOW what you need to do and HOW you need to think.

That’s not the issue… it’s the application of that knowledge that’s the issue.

Here’s a little technique I learned from Dr. Robert Anthony in regards to training yourself to think about what you want and NOT about what you don’t want.

It’s called a “flipswitch”.

The minute you catch yourself doubting, worrying or having any counterproductive thoughts… you just FLIP THE SWITCH and change your thought to what you actually want.

See, it turns out that you can only hold ONE thought a time, so when you REPLACE the negative thought with a positive one, you instantly change your focus.

And when you change your focus, you change how you feel and that’s when the magic happens.

It’s easy to slide and go into a negative state… but it doesn’t do you any good. So you might as well practice this little technique and the moment you catch yourself sliding…


It works like gangbusters.

But remember, just because you KNOW about it… doesn’t mean it’ll do you any good.


Vitaly Grinblat

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Vitaly Grinblat

Vitaly Grinblat is a serial entrepreneur, a husband and a father of 3 girls. Before joining Elite Marketing PRO as a lead copywriter, he spent over 10 years in direct sales as Top Producer selling Millions of Dollars in financial services products face-to-face, as well as recruiting agents into his business. In 2005 he decided to jump ship and go online.

Since then, he’s created a number of info-products, generated tens of thousands of leads personally and has written sales copy that has produced near 8-figures in sales for himself and a select few clients.

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  • Terri

    Mike’s Magnetic Sponsoring material is right on the money!

  • Kevin Mazerac

    Mr. Vitaly,

    It has been such a refreshing pleasure reading your blogs these last few days. You know, I’m still not 100% sure how you recieved my email, I originally thought you were spam and you almost became deleted. I have been researching how I can market my mlm business online. But I don’t remember leaving any feedback or request any information. Idk, maybe its because I stumbled across the Magnetic Sponsoring Web Site. I just completed watching Mr. Mike Dillard’s free 7 video bootcamp series and they were so enlighting and eye opening. I am a very interested prospect to joining you guys. And yes, I am a victim of trying many many different mlm businesses and work from home businesses in the last 15 years and have never been successful at it. Guess I just always figured I was not a good salesman. I gave it all up a few years back and surrendered to the Corporate Oilfield Lifestyle in South Louisiana. I’ve also managed to get myself into the great depression of financial debt. Making over $100k a year and having to live check to check just to pay the bills, notes, credit cards, etc. I told my wife not that long ago, that you when we were in college working little part time jobs at resturants, etc. Making a couple hundres a week tops… I felt like we had more extra money then than we do now. It is truly depressing and I want out! And I do want to learn how to take guidence from true leaders instead of just thinking my ideas will work better than what anyone tells me. But what makes it so sad, is that myself, probably like many others, pretty much wait till will are hitting rock bottom financially before we decide to do something about it. And today, I’m struggling to figure out how to get our vehicle repaired, and actually be able to make our family vacation this summer that has been booked now for over 6 months with 6 other family couple members. I keep asking myself, what am I’m supposed to do, what will I tell them, that I cant make it and bail because I can’t afford it when I’m supposed to be the one with the good job, etc., etc. Not to mention my kids not participating or doing anything this summer, so this is all they were looking forward too. My wife is so depressed and aggrivated with me, the kids, etc. And its all because of our current debt. Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand there are millions who are even in worst positions than I am. And I am grateful and blessed for everything we do have. But “have” is really the word here. I don’t have anything. The bank and credit card companies own everything. And I really want to figure out how to get myself out of this lifestyle on my own. Only me, myself, and I put me here. I hate giving you this long drawn out story about my downfalls and debt. But with all that being said. Reading your blogs these last few days has givin me hope! Given me Inspiration! Here we go with your above blog mentioning about the “I know” quote. I do know, or shall I say understand, that in order for me to change I have to DO! And take action! And soon! But Please be patient with me. I’m asking if you can continue to send me your great emails. Let me figure out how I can get through these next few weeks of mine. And get my mind right and a few dollars put aside so I can join your team! I’m not giving excuses here if it sounds like that. I’m just trying to figure out how I can have at least something to work with. Again, Sorry for this long story. I really just wanted to say Thank You for the great reads this week! Looking forward to reading more.

    Your new friend to be hopefully,
    Kevin M.

  • Graham Curwen

    This is a great post giveing sound practical advise on how to stop the demons of your mind creeping in to destroy your chances of success. This process DOES WORK. Thanks for reminding everyone of this!

  • Steve Myers

    Wow what a great and timely article. Thanks Vitaly and make it a great weekend!

  • Jay Carter

    Excellent post.
    Knowledge is virtually useless unless you take action and actually do something about it.

    A lot of innovative businesses were just ideas and they would stayed that way if no one took action, but once the action is taken………

  • Arnold Singson

    More power to you Mr. Vitaly…what a great post…and..MR. Kevin Mazerac…JUST DO IT..we’re actually on the same boat..