What To Do If Your Downline or New Recruits Are Lazy & Not Producing

I recently had a conversation with a top earner in network marketing whose business had flatlined and she was troubled by the fact that most of her downline team members seemed to be lazy, not producing, and not following through on what they said they’d do.

She wanted to know how she could find more people with even a quarter of her drive, so her business could grow faster.

The answer I gave her, was NOT what she expected!

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7 Facebook Ad Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Today’s topic is a basic one, but it’s the most important lesson ever on Facebook ads…

…if you want to run profitable ads for a long period of time, that is!

Here’s the deal…

The way you need to run Facebook ads in 2016 and beyond is…

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The 90 Minute Blitz Formula: 4 Steps to Produce More in Your Business in 90 Minutes Than Most Produce in One Week!

You can learn all the latest social media hacks, uncover the hottest new trick to generate leads, and discover the next “secret, underground” traffic strategy, but unfortunately, learning all of these “hot tips” means nothing…

…if you don’t make the time to actually IMPLEMENT them into your business.

I find that most business owners (including myself when I first started out) already have access to more-than-enough information to grow a successful business.

The training, tools, and resources are already at their fingertips, yet so many businesses are constantly stuck in the “red zone.”

And here’s the rub…

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How This Stay-at-Home Mom of Two Built a Network Marketing Downline of Over 9,000 People With Social Media

If you don’t have the ability to leave your family or home every evening to build your network marketing business using time-intensive traditional methods…

Learn how this stay-at-home mom of 2 kids, built a massively successful network marketing team of over 9,000 distributors on social media, resulting in a multi-six figure income…

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4 Steps for Writing Compelling Emails with Confidence and Authority

Finding the right approach to writing sales copy is incredibly important.

And it’s something that new business owners often struggle with.

I know this all too well, because here at Elite Marketing Pro, I review a lot of copy from our affiliates (it’s one of the perks of being a member of our mentorship program).

Want to know the biggest mistake most folks make when communicating with their prospects?

It’s not intentional, but often comes across like they’re…

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7 Surefire Ways to Overcome Your Prospects’ Skepticism

Famed showman P. T. Barnum once orchestrated a stunt so shocking…

It changed the face of the entire world.


And no, this’s got nothing to do with Barnum’s circuses, fake mermaids, side shows, or duping the public with his elaborate and infamous hoaxes.

In fact, we all owe Barnum a huge debt of gratitude for this unintentional act of public service.

Clearly that’s a bold claim…

So now it’s time to prove it, right?

Without further ado, here’s the story…

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How to Obliterate ANY Objection with Greg Gomez III

Welcome to this week’s attraction marketing “Biz Builder” lesson.

Today we have master closer & prospector, Greg Gomez III, revealing his “Objection Obliteration Method!”

Greg will be revealing why old school network marketing closing techniques don’t work and teaching you a new and better way of handling your prospects objections.

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The #1 Secret of Writing a KILLER Headline

How pure is your beer? 🍺

Probably not a question you fret too much about, right?

Chances are, when you’re at your favorite watering hole ordering a pint, you’re thinking about if you’re in the mood for something ‘malty’ or ‘hoppy,’ without a care in the world about how it was processed.

Yet, in the early 1900s…

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The Man Who Transformed Network Marketing & Brought It Into the 21st Century (Fireside Chat w/ Mike Dillard Part 2 of 2)

Welcome to this week’s attraction marketing “Biz Builder” lesson.

Today we have marketing legend, Mike Dillard, on how he single-handedly transformed network marketing forever!

In Part 2 of this ‘Fireside Chat,’ Mike reveals his biggest regret, what the future will bring for our industry, & how to build a brand without trying to build a brand.

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