The MOST Important Marketing Strategy In The World (your success depends on your ability to do this or not)

If Facebook shut off ads tomorrow. Google’s servers crashed. Twitter became extinct. (that’s a bird pun if you didn’t catch it)

What would you do?

What could you do?!

Well, if you’re an intelligent marketer, and you’ve been hard at work building your list… then you’re HALF way there.

But, only half.

See, most “marketers” are only doing half the work. Building their list.

But, what’s a list if you don’t talk to it?

And that’s where the most important strategy in the World comes into play… Follow Up.

Here’s a quick ‘n easy follow up template for you to swipe and deploy into all of your lists…


Hey, smart move!

Your free [PDF, Video, Samples, Back Massage] is ready for you to [download, watch, eat] down below…

Click Here To [Download, Watch] Your Free [PDF, Video]. (*turn into a link)

Before you go, though, I’ve put together a list of blog posts that I think you’re really gonna like.

These are 3 of my most popular [videos, posts]

1. First Post
2. Second Post
3. Third Post

Feel free to leave me a comment on your favorite one.

Talk soon,
[your name]


It doesn’t have to be difficult. But you do need a follow up of some kind.

See ya next week,
Nick Haubner

Nick Haubner

After studying Physics & Chemistry for 3 years at University, Nick Haubner chose a different route. He started with Network Marketing, was turned towards Internet Marketing, one thing lead to the next and very soon after, he synced up with Elite Marketing Pro becoming the Lead Business Development Manager. Now, Nick Haubner is the Director of Marketing forElite Marketing Pro. When he's not conjuring up some high-converting Facebook ads, he's likely to be caught tinkering with HTML & CSS just for the fun of it.
  • Alexandre Sa

    Hi Nick!

    Wonderful video full of great content.
    Thanks for sharing the swipe follow up.
    God bless you.

    • Nick Haubner

      You got it Alexandre!

  • Chuck MacIntyre

    Great advice and for me timely reminder… Thanks..

  • Johnny Friesen

    Great advice man… I’ve been looking for a solid answer to this question for a long time. I never thought of it, but the marketers that e-mail me everyday have kind of lost the “curiosity” factor on my part. Scarcity should work great, thanks for this