Here's How You Can Be a Speaker at the No Excuses Summit, Earn a Joint Venture Promo from Elite Marketing Pro's Email List and Make Up To $12,018.47 per Referral!

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Dear No Excuses Affiliate,

You're on this page, because you are one of our valued No Excuses Summit JV Partners and we once again want to give you the opportunity to make big money on the totally re-vamped and ALL NEW No Excuses Summit!

On behalf of Tim Erway, myself (Ferny Ceballos) and everyone at Elite Marketing Pro, we first want to extend our deepest, most heartfelt thank you for your support over the past 5 No Excuses events and this year, will mark the re-birth of our No Excuses event, which opens up the real opportunity to earn up to $12,018.47 per referral, even if they DO NOT buy a ticket to No Excuses!

No Excuses Summit Has Found a
New Home at Elite Marketing Pro!

Before I get to the affiliate program and how we will be creating the opportunity for you to earn some big 5-figure checks, let us fill you in on what is changing this year about NES and how this event and our new partnership will be a WIN-WIN-WIN opportunity for everyone.

In case you didn’t know, NES6 is already scheduled for June 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st at the JW Marriott in Las Vegas and will mark a HUGE turning point for our event, as this will be the first year of No Excuses Summit as the OFFICIAL community event for Elite Marketing Pro!

No Excuses 6 Will Produce the Results,
Amp Up the Fun and Will Put More Money
in Your Pocket Than Ever Before!

Our NEW 4-Day Format will improve on the INSTANT RESULTS our attendees got last year, while giving experienced marketers 2 1/2 days of intermediate to advanced training during the day and crazy Vegas-style networking at night!

Our OPTIONAL Pre-Event Workshops will help attendees build a sales funnel and start driving traffic within 24 hours before the event even begins!!

The goal of these workshops will be to give people a completely focused opportunity to have them setup their online sales funnel and drive traffic WITHOUT any distractions and away from anything, which might derail their ability to produce results.

Last year at No Excuses 5, we had over half of our attendees producing traffic, leads and some even sales before they hopped on the plane to go home!

This year we are going to deliver on this promise once again, except we’ll be conducting these workshops before the Main Event even begins!

On Friday Afternoon at 5pm, the workshops will be over, our workshop participants will have live lead campaigns running and then the REAL FUN, EXCITEMENT and NETWORKING will BEGIN!

For the Main Event, the ORIGINAL FORMAT for No Excuses makes it’s return, except this year, ALL SESSIONS of NES6 will be Intermediate to Advanced training from multi 6-Figure, 7-figure and 8-figure internet entrepreneurs!

Beginners who got their funnels at our workshops, will be joining our experienced marketers and the BIG SHOW will get under way!

Promote No Excuses 6 Through EMP’s State-of-the-Art
Affiliate System and Earn Up to $12,018.47 per Referral,
Even If They Don’t Go to No Excuses!!!

Now that No Excuses is the Official Community Event for Elite Marketing Pro, you will not only have the opportunity to earn commissions on tickets sales, VIP upgrades and recording purchases for No Excuses, should your referrals buy anything else from Elite Marketing Pro, you WILL EARN a commission!

So don’t worry if your referrals can’t go to NES6, because if they buy any product from us, starting at $7, they will be given access to our NEW Ignition Coaching Program, where they will be mentored by one of our marketing coaches and given the opportunity to become a paid member of EMP.

In fact, should one of your referrals decide to become a PAID member of Elite Marketing Pro, they will be tracked to you and you will have the opportunity to earn commissions starting from $1,018.47 for EMP VIP and potentially going all the way up to $12,018.47 should your referral join our PRIVATE 7-figure Mastermind Mentorship program.*

We have many affiliates earning FULL-TIME 6-Figure Incomes promoting Elite Marketing Pro products and No Excuses is now part of this EXCLUSIVE line-up of life changing offers!

Pricing and Potential Commissions per Sale

Because of the increased caliber and focus of the event, we will be raising the GA ticket pricing and offering some unique opportunities for continued education, mentorship and masterminds which will all be commissionable and could result in you earning $12,018.47 in commissions for a single referral!*

Ticket prices will start at $297 during the Early Bird promo with the option to get a VIP Pass for an additional $697 and upsell to pre-order the recordings of the event for $297.  Commissions on tickets, VIP passes and recordings will be 30% across the board regardless of your EMP Membership status.

*Sales of any other EMP products, memberships or offers, will be commissionable based on your membership level with EMP.

Whether or not your referrals come to No Excuses 6, they will be given the opportunity for one-one-one mentorship from Tim Erway, Matt Crystal and myself (Ferny), through the Elite Marketing Pro Coaching and Mentorship Program.

These upsells will be commissionable to you, based on your EMP membership qualification.

Live Stream Spots May Be Limited by Bandwidth!

As of now, we haven't set a limit on the Live Stream Accounts we can have, however, depending on when we hear back from our A/V crew, that may change.

So get your people to get Live Stream ASAP!

Your referrals to the No Excuses Live Stream will now be the best way for you to maximize on your commissions per referral, so be sure to a) get your tickets or live stream spot to No Excuses and b) get your entire team, friends and followers there as well!

Dates Info for Live Stream Push

We'll be making live stream broadcast accounts available for purchase up until the beginning of the event, unless we max out our lines.

  • Live Stream Push Begins Now!
  • 6/19 at 5pm PST: Live Stream Sales Closes

The Venue:

JW Marriot Hotel & Casino
221 N Rampart Blvd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89145

This year, we chose the JW Marriot in Las Vegas, because it is one of the most luxurious hotels in Las Vegas, while limiting the number of distractions for our attendees and allowing them to focus on producing results.

The facilities at JW Marriot are perfect for business functions, relaxation and evening libations and networking, which we are accustomed to experiencing at a No Excuses event.

JW_Marriott Las Vegas

JW Marriott Las Vegas JW Marriott Las Vegas

JW Marriott Las Vegas JW Marriott Las Vegas

Affiliate Prizes

First Place: Guaranteed "Speaking" Spot at No Excuses 7 Next Year & JV Promo with Us! (New!)

Finish as the top affiliate for No Excuses Summit 6 and we will guarantee a training spot at next year's No Excuses Summit and a Joint Venture Promotion to our email list to be scheduled at any point between now and the end of 2015.

These 2 opportunities are guaranteed to put any marketer on the map, world wide with the endorsement of 7-figure and 8-figure earner.

*** Must have 30 sales points to qualify.

Second Place: Joint Venture Promo with Us! (New)

Finish as the 2nd place affiliate for No Excuses Summit 6 and we will guarantee a Joint Venture Promotion to our email list to be scheduled at any point between now and the end of 2015.

These opportunity is guaranteed to put any marketer on the map, world wide with the endorsement of 7-figure and 8-figure earners.

*** Must have 30 sales points to qualify.

Top 10 Affiliates: Free VIP Admission to No Excuses 6

When all is set and done, going FULL VIP to No Excuses 6 could run you between $1100 - $1500 in tickets and VIP passes alone!

However, if you finish as one of the top 10 affiliates, your admission to the General Sessions and VIP events is on us!

*** Must have 10 sales points to qualify.

Top 15 Affiliates: Power Day Mastermind with US!

If you finish in the top 15 of No Excuses affiliates, you'll have proven yourself as a badass marketer and to help you top the affiliate list next year, you'll be invited to a private Power Day Mastermind event with Tim Erway, Ferny Ceballos and Matt Crystal.

The event will take place in Melbourne, Floriday at a location, yet to be determined.

*** Must have 10 sales points to qualify.

Get Your EMP Affiliate Account and Links

To get your No Excuses Summit Affiliate Links, you’ll need to sign up for a FREE Affiliate Account!

Email Swipe Copy

NOTE: Be sure to replace the default links with your affiliate ID in front.

Subject: Watch No Excuses 6 from Home!

Hey [fname],

So it looks like my buddy, Ferny, has given into the pressure and decided to broadcast the No Excuses Summit 6 LIVE and he’s inviting you to come watch!

Obviously, being there in Vegas with the most successful people online is the best way to experience the event, but if for whatever reason, you could not make it… now is your chance!

Right now, if you want to be able to watch the entire No Excuses event and learn the most cutting edge traffic and marketing strategies from multiple 6-figure, 7-figure and 8-figure producers, click here to lock in your spot!

{provide link}

As of now, Ferny hasn’t put a limit on the number of accounts they will make available, so it’s best you lock your in.  Last year, there were some bandwidth issues at the hotel, which limited their capacity and it might happen again.

Immediately after purchasing, you’ll immediately be given access to last year’s No Excuses Workshop recordings, which by itself, will give you everything you need to build your own lead generation machine and launch a campaign, before NES even begins!

And once NES6 does begin, they’ll be diving into intermediate to advanced traffic strategies, to use with your new funnel and offer.

If you want to have plenty of time to review these recordings, click here at lock in your Live Stream Account Today!

{provide your link}


[Your Name]


Coming soon

Subject: What if…

You could meet, shake hands, and shoot-the-shit with your favorite online marketing heroes? What would that be worth to you?


What would that feel like? What would that mean for your business… your personal inspiration… your LIFE?

Picture this… You’re walking down some random hall in a gorgeous hotel… palm trees, elegant fountains, and warm dry heat… right outside the windows lining this hall…

When all of a sudden… You spot him.

Ray “The rockstar” Higdon. The REAL guy. Right in front of you… You can, at this moment, literally walk up and shake his hand.

But, you keep walking… You turn the corner… And pow!

More of them.

In fact, you find yourself staring right at him…

Ferny “freakin” Ceballos…

The very founder of the No Excuses Summit (the biggest event in the industry). …And who is he talking to? Well, none other than Tim Erway, himself. The legendary businessman and CEO of Elite Marketing Pro.

There they all are. Within reach.

You can walk up to any one of them… or ALL of them, and meet them in the flesh.

But, what if it went even further than that… (oh yes… because it can) Now, you might find yourself at a private cocktail party with them… Face-to-face. Asking them your most pressing questions.

…And you might hear that ONE thing they’ve never shared online before. The real “secret.” Do you see it? Can you feel it? Well…

I’ve found a way to transform this fantasy… into a reality.

Check this out...

It’s gonna be awesome!

Your Name








Subject: honestly…

They’re JUST like you and I.

They don’t have any special secrets.

They don’t have any superhuman qualities…

In fact, most of them are quite “flawed” in their own right. It’s something else that “they” have…

You know… The top earners. The big hitters. The influencers!

And for the most part… It’s never ever handed to them on a silver platter.

That’s why stories like this one

How Ferny Ceballos, the co-founder of No Excuses Summit…

One of THE biggest events in this industry… went from over 60,000 dollars in debt to being a 7-figure earner in 28 months…

…Is so impactful.

It shows just how very possible it is to dig yourself out of a hard place…

and for most of us…

How much simpler it is when you’ve got the resources, the correct thinking, and an undying hunger for success.

This here is the story of how Ferny Ceballos went from an all-time low in his life… to RICHES beyond his wildest dreams.

Check It Out Here.

I’ll see ya soon,

[your name]







Subject: wow… this choked me up a little

Yesterday Ferny Ceballos, one of my favorite online marketers, revealed some pretty deep stuff about his life before No Excuses Summit…


He shared some stories he’s NEVER talked about ever before.

One of which was hidden from the public eye until now… You gotta hear it for yourself, but here’s a little hint:

He wasn’t anywhere NEAR ‘rich & prosperous’ during the first No Excuses Summit.

You Can Watch It Here.

Ray Higdon makes an appearance in the second half too!

Ferny brought him on a Skype chat and they talked about Ray’s rise from foreclosure to speaking on stage at No Excuses Summit and building a very successful 7-figure empire.

This video goes DEEP.

But, that’s what makes it so real. There’s no filters. No censors.

Even the RAW footage of Ferny shedding a couple tears made the cut. (somehow)

Check It Out Here.

Chat with ya soon,

[Your Name]







Subject: there was KUNG FU fi-ting!


So, I didn’t see that coming.

Looks like my fav internet marketer, Ferny Ceballos, is more awesome than even I thought…

Apparently he’s a black belt in one of the most difficult martial arts in the World, and instead of just talking about how powerful of an impact that’s had on his life and most interestingly… his business…

He took to the beaches of L.A. with his grand master.

You’ve got to see this! (so cool)

But, it doesn’t stop there.

While watching a “mini kung fu” movie is fun and all…

Ferny went deeper than that and dove into the mindset that pulled him out of near financial devastation into a 7-figure business… And how you can too just by tweaking a few little things about your thinking.

Check out the interview with Michelle Pescosolido at the end too!

Chat soon,

[your name]







Subject: Did you catch that at the end?

Michelle Pescosolido totally spilled the beans!

Ferny asked her what she’s gonna be teaching at No Excuses Summit this year… And by the looks of it…

Some things have been changing in her marketing world.

One little tid-bit she dropped was that things are going in the direction of n_ _ _ _ _ advertising… (so basically… sending people directly to a capture page and pitching them immediately isn’t the most effect way… hmm.)

I can’t wait to see her take the stage now!

Check Out The Interview Towards The End.

But, I wouldn’t skip all the way there…

As you’ll see in the first few seconds of this new video, there’s some really COOL martial arts scenes on a beach in L.A.

This is getting fun.

I’ll chat with ya soon,

[your name]







Subject: everyone?

Not sure what you’ve seen (or heard) but as far as I can see…

EVERYONE who’s ANYONE has gotten to their “super star” status through some kind of event-breakthrough… Usually more than one too.

It’s like every success story I hear about… There’s always that moment where they were in the audience and made the decision to be on stage.

They weren’t on the “in-crowd”…

They didn’t know some special secret…

They didn’t even have enough money (in most cases)…

…And yet, somehow, they did it.

They made the choice. They said things like, “I’m going to be on that stage next year.”

…And sure enough…

One year later, there they were… Speaking on stage, telling their epic story from rags-to-riches, and making a TON of money doing it.

The only difference, as far as I can see, between them and anyone else (who hasn’t hit those levels of success) is CHOICE. That one decision they made to stop letting their circumstances dictate their reality and to TAKE life by the horns and direct that bull where they wanted to go.

That’s it.

And that’s what I love so much about Michelle Pescosolido’s story. You Can Watch It Here by the way.

She didn’t make excuses. She didn’t let some B.S. phone call from her nut-so ex-husband stop her.

She said, “I’m going to make this happen.” And she did.

Look at her now!

You can do this too. She’s living proof that it can be done.

Watch Ferny Ceballos Interview Her Towards The End.

I’ll chat with ya soon,

[your name]







Subject: Everything is changing…

Hey [fname],

There’s a major shift coming to the industry… in fact, it’s pretty much already here!

Everything I’ve learned about internet marketing from my mentors…

Everything I’ve done up until recently…

EVERYTHING… is dying!

It’s NOT dead yet, but you need to be aware of the changes, which affects how money will be made online and how business will grow online, in the near future.

In the latest video from my friend, Ferny, he gets real about what you need in order to adapt.

The good news is that he’s willing to help.

Check this out...

This is no longer about Ferny’s journey any longer. It’s about YOUR JOURNEY and YOUR SUCCESS!

[your name]







Subject: HOLY cow!

Did you hear what they’re doing at No Excuses Summit 6 this year?

I was just watching this video and had to pause it half-way through… Couldn’t wait to share this with you.

Check It Out Here.

Apparently, they’re not gonna be “catering to newbies” during the main event this year.

No worries if you are new though… There’s a preliminary workshop 2 days prior to get you warmed up.

But, this is something else!

Ferny Ceballos, the co-founder and coordinator of No Excuses Summit, asked all of his speakers this year to teach “that one thing that you don’t want to share.”

So, instead of sitting through hours of “beginner level” training, waiting until day 2 and 3 for “the good stuff” we get to hear what’s HOT RIGHT NOW, the moment the first speaker takes the stage.

I’m beyond excited right now.

Don’t know about you…

But, I wanna know what these guys and gals are doing, that they keep secret and hidden from the public eye. (before it’s been used up and turned into a course)

Details Are Right Here.

I’ll see ya soon,

[your name]






NOTE TO AFFILIATE: Remember to place your ID in front of that link above.

I provided the direct sales page link (assuming that you’ve already got most of your list on the capture page) Here’s the capture page link for cold traffic and any lists you have that haven’t already opted in yet:

Facebook Swipe Copy

1. Tears will be shed… One of the most open, honest, and intimate videos my buddy Ferny Ceballos has ever filmed is here!

2. Can’t believe he opened up this MUCH! My favorite online mentor, Ferny Ceballos, is about to share some “deep” secrets about what his life was like before (and most surprisingly… during) the first ever No Excuses Summit LIVE event…

3. This is gonna be a “tear-jerker.”

1. Wow. This one’s definitely a tear-jerker. One of my favorite online marketers, Ferny Ceballos, just shared some pretty deep stuff about his rise from… “not so good circumstances” to 7-figs. Check it out here:

2. Did you see the 10 minute interview with Ray Higdon and Ferny Ceballos at the end of this?! PURE GOLD. Check it out: – I love this.

3. “…Your fear pushes you until your vision pulls you…” – Ray Higdon (definitely one of my favorite take-aways from this video here:

1. This one definitely hit me in the heart. Ferny went deep.

2. I really dug Ray Higdon and Ferny Ceballos’ chat at the end of this video. Whew! Some pretty profound words.

3. If you’ve ever been to a No Excuses Summit… this might blow your mind. First time EVER that Ferny has revealed this ‘truth’. Definitely a fun watch:

1. What does Ferny Ceballos sword fighting on a beach in L.A. and Michelle Pescosolido doing yoga have in common…? This ONE video.

2. When I clicked play… I was NOT expecting to see a bunch of deadly black belts fighting each other with swords on a beach… It’ll make more sense in a minute:

3. Michelle Pescosolido totally rocked this video with Ferny Ceballos at the end. I love hearing her & Bill’s story. Watch it here:

1. Are you letting your circumstance dictate your reality? This story will inspire you to take charge if you are…

2. Michelle Pescosolido rocks! I loved the interview with her at the end of this video… (the ninja scenes are cool too)

3. Hey, what are you doing right now? Wanna watch a little “Kung Fu” movie? (technically it’s Hwa Rang Do) Ferny Ceballos & Michelle Pescosolido are in it!

1. Want to know what’s happening at No Excuses Summit this year… Better catch up on the series!

2. Michelle Pescosolido just gave us all a little sneak-peak at what she’s going to be teaching at No Excuses Summit 6 this year. (it’s gonna awesome!)

3. Ferny & Michelle rocked this interview. Loved seeing Ferny get thrown around on a Dojo mat too. haha (did you see his face when his teacher put him in a choke hold?)

1. Ferny just changed the way No Excuses will be remembered… FOREVER. Get the REAL “secrets” from the top earners this year.

2. He told them he wants, “that one strategy or tactic that you DON’T want to share…” And they said “ok.”

3. It’s time to take your marketing game up a notch. This year… The ‘No Excuses’ guys are only presenting on what’s working right now. (it’s gonna be nuts!)

1. Wow, did you see video #3 of the 3-part documentary on the inception of the “No Excuses Summit” yet? Mind-blowing.

2. Who’s coming to NES6 this year? Can’t wait to get my ticket tomorrow. Gonna come party it up in Vegas with me??

3. Did you see the speaker line-up yet?! Sheesh. The guys at No Excuses Summit are bringing the “cream-o-the-crop” this year. Check it out…

Video Script Copy

Hey what’s up!? [Your Name] here.

Just got done watching the first video in this 3-part documentary on how Ferny Ceballos, one of my favorite online mentors, went from near financial devastation…

I mean he was in a pretty rough stop. Foreclosure. $60,000 in debt. Living with his mom…

To building a 7-figure online business in less than 28 months.

It’s a truly incredible story to watch.

He definitely gets real too… Couple points where he breaks down a little bit. Might wanna bring the tissue box if that kinda stuff gets you too.

Anyways, below I put a link to to the first video.

Click on that, and come join me on the other page. (think I might even rewatch this series)

It’s THAT good!

Click the link below, check out that first video, and I’ll chat with you soon!

Hey! [Your Name] here.

Just got done watching video two of the 3-part documentary series with Ferny Ceballos…

Jeez it’s good.

Starts off with some REALLY cool scenes of him and his Hwa Rang Do master sword-fighting on a beach in L.A. Waves crashing on the rocks in the background… a slight “fog of war” coming of the Pacific Ocean…

It WAS epic!

Anyways, I wanted to let you know about this super cool series because what we’re leading up to is the No Excuses Summit 6…

And from what I’ve been hearing…

It’s vastly different from what it’s been in the past.

I personally can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for us.

Below is the link to the first two videos (maybe even the third depending on when you watch this)

Click that link and I’ll see ya soon.

I’ll keep ya posted on any new updates they send my way.

Chat soon!

Hey! [Your Name] Here!

Just say the third video for the No Excuses Summit series…

And all I’ve got to say about that is… WOW!

This year is definitely gonna be a game changer.

In a nutshell, here’s what they’re doing…

Instead of catering to newbie marketers during the main event (which forces many of us to wait until day 2 or 3 to get the GOOD stuff)…

They’re gonna be hosting a 2-day workshop prior to the main event.

This’ll help bring beginners up to speed…

While reserving the MAIN event for the BEST stuff.

Get this…

Ferny asked his speakers this year to do something crazy…

He said, “I want you to teach that ONE thing that you don’t want to share this year…”

Basically, he wants them to share their biggest secrets from stage.

So, it’s gonna be leveling up to more intermediate and advanced stuff this year.

Gonna be CRAZY!

Below I put a link to this third video so you can get all the details for yourself.

Check it out and I’ll keep you posted with more updates as they come to me!


Facebook Swipe Ad Examples

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We thank you for your support, but most importantly, we look forward to cutting you some big checks!

To Your Success,

Ferny Ceballos | Tim Erway