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On June 18th – 21st, 2015 In Las Vegas History Was Made, As 24 TOP Marketing Experts Revealed Their Very Best Traffic Getting… Lead Generation… Sales Conversion… and Income Boosting Tips, Techniques and Strategies

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No Excuses Summit
The Venetian

No Excuses Summit
The Palms Resort

No Excuses Summit
The Cosmopolitan

No Excuses Summit
The MGM Grand

No Excuses Summit
The JW Marriott

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Cesar L.



Chef Katrina
van Oudheusden










Dean & Meagan


Kate & Andrew

Gomez III




Taejoon Lee



Dear Internet Entreprenuer

If you want to seriously compress the time it takes you to go from ZERO to 6-Figures and start raking in huge profits from your online business… THIS IS IT.

June 18th – 21st we’re going to roll up our sleeves (once again), taking 500+ people on the most exciting business building and profits boosting journey.

In just 4 days you will…

  • Instantly Cure Overwhelm, Frustration, and Information Overload.
  • Start Generating Leads (and possibly sales) Before You Even Leave The Room.
  • Build An Automated Marketing and Sales System Right From The Chair You’ll Be Sitting In.
  • And Discover How To Create A 6-Figure Money Making Machine in Less Than 12 Months!

Does that sound like a big, ballsy promise?

Absolutely. And here’s why we’re making it…

Last Year We Pulled Off The IMPOSSIBLE

Here’s the scoop.

Our closed door, 25 people only, 6-Figure workshops have become the secret launching pad to some of the biggest success stories recently hitting our industry. Producing staggring results for our students. We’re talking an astonishing 100% success rate.

People getting traffic, leads, and some even sales BEFORE the workshop is over. Which is unheard of.

The only thing is… these workshops are $5,000 to $10,000 per person to attend. Not chump change exactly. And there’s a waiting line to get in because each time they sold out quickly.

So last year, we decided to pull it off in a room with HUDREDS of students, at the same time. This would allow us to hand the exact same blueprint to anyone who could make it to Vegas, without charging an arm and a leg for it.

However, truth is, the event was nerve wrecking.

Yes, we have hosted many workshops over the past three years. And yes each time we had 100% success rate, with amazing success stories flying out of the room. Helping launch new 6-figure earners fast.

Yet we’ve never attempted to do one on such a massive scale. NOT working with a small group of students, but instead with HUNDREDS of newbie online marketers, all expecting results!

Basically, last year’s No Excuses Summit was an expirement to take our proven formula for helping entrepreneurs achieve instant results, coupled with our revolutionary teaching process, to see if we can replicate the same kind of success from our small workshops, but do it on a massive scale. Something which has NEVER been done before.

So what happened?

Instead of us rambling about it, here is a tiny sliver of unsolicited testimonials posted on Facebook by some of these online business owners in attendance. (BTW, these are just the ones we were able to find through our newsfeed on Facebook and posted during or immediately following the event.)

Literally, These Guys Got Leads Within Hours &
Even Minutes of Hitting the GO Button at NES5!

"In 3 Days Generated 1000 Clicks, 100 Leads and Enrolled 2 People"

-John Lemont

And That Was Just the Beginning...


-J.R. Nobel

"Got 8 leads!"

-Darryl Frazer

"14 leads so far with Facebook!!"

-Minna Palaquibay

"Got 5 Leads Today on a Facebook Ad!"

-Brandon L. Cranford

"...last time I checked had 17 leads..."

-Sam & Cindy Malinowsky

"...already got 2 leads!!"

-Minna Palaquibay

"Less Than 12 Hours of Applying What I Learned... Generated 3 Leads!"

-Brandon L. Crawford

"12 leads so far..."

-Sandy Pettway

"40 opt ins into my funnel"

-Brodi Aiguier

And More Leads...

"16 leads in 27 hours"

-Yonatan Aguilar SUNDAY

"3 leads already baby."

-Yonatan Aguilar SUNDAY

"Lead #1 from today's ad!"

-Michael Farley SUNDAY

And Then the Sales Started Rolling In...

"First commission just 36 hours after leaving #NES5."

-Penny Smith Kelley

"1 sale today!"

-Zack Scott

"I received my first commission!"

-Steve Kehler

It Was Also a Fun & Mindblowing Experience!

"This event is blowing my mind!"

-Zack Scott

"You damn well should listen."

-Michael Greenwood

"Gave me the knowledge and strategies I needed to understand the business and how to make it work."

-Solene Huchon

"Had some breakthroughs."

-Raymi Reynolds Lynch

"Feeling more empowered..."

-Richard Ramirez

"This is great stuff!"

-Kristy Lynn Stieber

"Worth 10 times more than the $40k spent on College..."

-Michelle Seitz

This Was Just the Tip of the Lead & Money Gettin' Iceberg!

There are literally stacks of case studies and testomonials sitting on our desks right now.

Business breakthroughs happening right in front of our eyes. And it was truly moving to see the "cloud of confusion" lifted for so many after spinning their wheels for months and even years.

People Getting REAL Results For The First Time!

Picture a room full of hundreds of people jumping up and down - NOT because of empty hype and motivational speeches, but because of REAL tangible results.

People running up to us, jumping with joy because they just generated leads. Some of them, for the first time EVER in their online career.

Several were virtually bouncing off the walls because they not only generated leads but made sales.

And what's even more impressive is that many of them were brand NEW to the online world - having always been fearful to "try it", as well as frustrated and overwhelmed by the internet, technology, and a information overload.


For the First Time EVER in Their Online Marketing
Careers, In 3 Days Only, We Did What No Other
Program, Teacher or Event Was Able To Do For Them!

But I gotta tell ya... the most moving part of the weekend for us, was at on the last day of the event when people were coming up to us in tears, as we were greeting folks in the hallways and saying goodbye.

These folks had spent many months and some even YEARS… PLUS tens of thousdands of dollars spent trying to "figure it out" and "piece it all together." And for the first time ever in their online careers, No Excuses Summit V in 3 days did what no other program, teacher, or event was able to do for them.

Most arrived on Thursday confused from information overload and stuck on what to do next. And they walked out Sunday afternoon with…

  • Clarity.
  • A step-by-step plan of attack.
  • Full confidence and power.

Yes, folks were absolutely EMPOWERED from the weekend.

And we wish you had been there because you would have gotten results too.

Which is why…

You Get Last Year’s 6-Figure Sales Funnel Workshop As A FREE BONUS

Imagine having your automated marketing funnel and sales machine built in just one day. In this workshop you’ll discover exactly how to do it.

In fact… you’ll watch us do the whole thing.

AND THEN… During the 2 ½ day RECORDINGS…

You’re going to hear from 20+ 6-figure, 7-figure and even 8-figure entrepreneurs revealing their most jealously guarded money making secrets, cutting edge marketing strategies, and business building techniques… some of which you’ll never hear outside of this event.

On Friday, June 19th at 5pm, we kicked-off the No Excuses Summit 6 Main Event as you’ve come to recognize it with the big stage, high-end production, big ballroom, TONS of fun, and evening networking activities!

However, this time, the 2 1/2 days of NES6 were be dedicated to delivering intermediate to advanced marketing training. You’re going to hear from 20+ 6-figure, 7-figure and even 8-figure entrepreneurs revealing their most jealously guarded money making secrets, cutting edge marketing strategies, and business building techniques… some of which you’ll never hear outside of this event.


Main Event
Friday Afternoon Thru Sunday Evening
(2 1/2 Days)

Once you got your funnels built and traffic flowing, it time to get your hands on more advanced strategies, methods and tactics for optimizing, scaling and minimizing your advertising costs, while increasing your results. These sessions will feature the biggest names and income earners in the internet marketing space.

If you are an experienced marketer, this is where the most cutting edge marketing strategies for 2015 will be revealed, We are still in the process of selecting speakers for this event, however here are just some of the topics we’re going to cover...

  • Email Marketing & Copywriting
  • Copywriting for Sales Letters
  • Turning Simple Webinars Into Massive Paydays
  • Retargeting on Facebook and Beyond
  • Video Marketing
  • Designing 7-Figure Sales Funnels
  • Mobile Marketing & Optimization
  • Media Buys & Email Traffic
  • Advanced Facebook PPC
  • Advanced PPV
  • High-Ticket Phone Closing
  • Direct Response Advertising
  • And Much More...



($47 Value)

All Buyers

To all NES 6 Recordings Buyers... we’re going to give you a full 30 day access to our marketing and sales machine.

You’ll get a capture page creator you can use to whip up squeeze pages in just minutes, and start building your list FAST. Even if you don’t have a technical bone in your body.

You’ll get a complete custom blogging system to help you develop authority in your niche, brand yourself, and even generate organic search engine traffic by forcing Google to virtually send gobs of high quality visitors to your offers.

You’ll also get full access to our automated marketing and sales machine. Simply drive traffic to it, (as we’ll teach you) and our automated system will do the rest. Generate leads. Follow-up with them. Turn them into sales. And send you checks on a monthly basis.

Lastly, you’ll get access to our private EMP community, where you can connect with others, get your questions answered and receive any help you need, ANY TIME you need it.


($297 Value)

All Buyers

The ONLY true shortcut to building a successful online business.

You get 12 step-by-step modules with Tim Erway personally walking you through the system which has generated over $30,000,000 in sales for him. And HUNDREDS of Millions in combined profits for his students.

You’ll discover the mindset and the skillset you need to creating a true Lifestyle Business. As well as wealth building secrets to help you become totally Financially FREE.

PLUS… you get THREE 1-on-1 calls with a business coach to help you take action and implement every step of the process.

This is as close as we can possibly get to virtually GUARANTEE your success. And you get this as our gift to you with your NES 6 Recordings today.



All Buyers

Included with your purchase, you will be given access to a marketing curriculum, which up until now, was ONLY available to our $10,000 - $40,000 Coaching & Mentorship Clients! We call this our 6-Figure Workshop training, which is the foundation for ALL our coaching and mentorship clients as we help them build the business of their dreams.

If you want to come prepared to immediately be able to implement the HIGH LEVEL & Cutting Edge strategies we’ll be sharing at NES6, you’ll want to go through this before the event!

Inside this training, you’ll actually learn how to do market research, construct your customer avatar, build your first lead getting funnel, drive traffic and get leads for your business! No one outside our $10k+ coaching and mentorship students and the people at the event where it was recorded, has ever gotten access to this training.

To me, aside from connecting with your Ignition Coach, this is the most important BONUS you can get with your purchase because it will empower you to start producing results ASAP!

Order Your No Excuses Summit 6 Recordings Today!

Special Offer for a Limited Time Only

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NES 6 Recordings
ONLY - $497

Buy Now!

NES 6 Recordings
3 Payments of $177

Buy Now!

Here's What Happens After You Start Driving Traffic and Generating Leads... The MAIN EVENT Begins...

The event is designed so that you not only get into action and results in one weekend, but you also can benefit from Advanced Marketing training from elite marketers, as well!

So while your traffic campaigns are running and as you start gettin' leads, the main No Excuses event will begin with advanced training on cutting edge marketing strategies from current 6-figure, 7-figure and 8-figure producers.

Here's a preliminary list of confirmed speakers, which is likely to grow to between 20 - 30 trainers over 2 1/2 days!


Curtis Broome

While studying Mechanical Engineering in college, Curtis determined that he enjoyed people more than numbers. Once out of school he entered the hospitality industry in 1981 and in 6 short years became one of the youngest General Managers for one of the largest privately held hotel companies in the world at the age of 27.

He had started his first business the previous year in the area of telecommunications marketing. Taking advantage of the deregulation of long distance services in the United States, Curtis created his first entrepreneurial business success as a reseller of commercial telecommunication services for some of the biggest and fastest growing long distance telephone companies in the US at that time.

In 1997, Curtis also became the co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Profit Systems, Inc., a company specializing in web-based employee benefit solutions for businesses. The business went from receipts of $3 million in 1997 to in excess of $40 million in 2001. The business was sold in 2002 to a large insurance and employee leasing group.

Curtis was introduced to network marketing in 1989. The concept of creating marketing teams through person to person relationships, that achieved success by helping others grow and succeed, caught his imagination. In addition to his traditional businesses, Curtis teamed up with various friends and partners over the next 12 years and was able to be a part of building international teams of thousands of members while gaining an understanding of the needs, hopes, dreams and desires of diverse multi-cultural teams.

Today, Curtis is continually asked to speak and train around the world for the benefit of companies and their fields.


Tim Erway

How a Total IM Newbie Can Still Rock It
with the ‘New Internet Marketing'

Tim Erway has been a successful affiliate marketer since 2002. In 2004, Tim launched his first internet company offering financial educational products and consulting services. Then in 2005, he started his second educational and training company teaching online direct response marketing to small business owners. Many of his top students have gone on to create multimillion dollar internet companies in several different industries.

Best known for his skills as a copywriter and website conversion expert, his number is on the speed dial of many of the top internet marketing experts in the world. His sales letters and sales optimization services have resulted in millions of dollars in additional revenue that would have otherwise been lost due to poor performing websites and unsuccessful advertising campaigns.

Today, Tim is CEO and co-Founder of Elite Marketing Pro - EMP (formerly Magnetic Sponsoring), founded by one of his most successful students, Mike Dillard, from whom he later purchased it from and re-branded as EMP. He has authored or co-authored nearly a dozen courses on the subjects of internet marketing, copywriting, website monetization, and information publishing.

  • With a Click of a Button, You Can Immediately Outsource Content Creation, Retargeting and Closing of Your Leads, Without Spending a Single Dime or Talking to Anyone!
  • Receive the ONLY Secret Key to the ‘Back Door’ of Our Marketing Inner Circle, So You Can Be Privy to the Latest Strategies, Tactics & Information, Months or Years Before the Rest of the Industry Knows About It!
  • Learn How Selling a $47 Product With NO OTO’s or UPSELLS, Can Help You Earn an Extra $120,000 This Year with As Little as 10 Sales

Ferny Ceballos

Introducing the New Order of
Internet Marketing

Ferny Ceballos is an anomaly in this industry, having graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Southern California, in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, respectively. He had the prestige, income & respect from peers, but lacked happiness as an engineer, which motivated him to turn to network marketing and internet marketing now having earned multiple millions of dollars online.

He and his business partner, Raymond, were the first to introduce Search Engine Optimization to this industry in a big way. Their consulting clients include multi-million dollar companies in direct sales such as Magnetic Sponsoring, PRO U,, The Elevation Group, and countless others.

  • Why Driving Traffic to Capture Pages to Get Leads, Will Soon Be Almost Impossible and Require You to Change or DIE!
  • A Side-by-Side Case Study of the ‘Old Way’ of Getting Leads & Sales VS. the ‘New Order of Marketing’ and Why the Latter Out Sold the Former, By 1000%!
  • Learn How ‘Native Advertising’ Can Turn a $300 Investment in Advertising into a $3000 ROI, in Just 1 Week - Like It Did for Ferny on His First Try!

Mike Dillard

How To Scale from 7-Figures to
8-Figures to 9 Figures

Mike Dillard is an entrepreneur in Austin Texas. He built his first million-dollar business by the age of 27, teaching small business owners how to effectively market their products and services online using “attraction-marketing” strategies.

In 2010 he founded a financial education company called, “The Elevation Group” in order to teach others how to achieve financial freedom through investment strategies commonly reserved for the wealthy. The Elevation Group has over 50,000 clients in 60 countries around the world. Combined, his businesses have produced more than $50 Million in revenue without outside funding.

Today Mike dedicates his time to mentoring other entrepreneurs, and developing technologies in the aeroponics industry that will give people around the world access to clean, healthy, organic food at a fraction of today’s current prices.

  • Take a Peek Inside Mike Dillard’s New Business and How He Plans to Scale It to a $100 Million Dollar Company
  • Creating the Ultimate Lifestyle Business - Learn How You Can Spend Most of Your Time, Racing Cars, Going on Vacation, Shooting Guns, Spending Time with Family, Running a Ranch and Hanging with Celebrities - While Separately Grossing $50 Million Online
  • Discover the Key to Forming Strategic Relationships and Partnerships with the World’s Most Influential People and Entrepreneurs, To Accelerate Your Growth and Profits

Tyson Zahner

How To Build a $28,000 per Month Affiliate
Income with Elite Marketing Pro

Tyson Zahner is known as the authority on branding and marketing automation. He is recognized in our community for engineering one of the fastest online success stories in recent history with his amazing ability to create instant goodwill and loyalty with cold prospects, which in turn, has allowed him to
make sales effortlessly without being hypey and "salesy".

Tyson struggled in 3 different MLM companies over a period of 15 years before he finally started having success using attracting marketing strategies on the internet. In less than 12 months, Tyson was making over $20,000 per month all with free residual traffic strategies, and he did it part time while continuing to run his full time photography studio (and being a husband and a father).

  • The 3 Pillars of my automated 6 Figure Business
  • How to Maximize your Leads and Sales with Multiple Funnel Entry Points
  • My Secret Weapon for content ideas
  • How to Create a VSL that not only makes Sales, but makes prospects LOVE you
  • How to increase attendance and sales on your webinars
  • How to re-purpose existing content into a multi-day follow-up sequence that sells like crazy

Ray Higdon

The $5,000 per Day Video & Blog
Content Creation Formula

Ray Higdon is a sought after speaker, trainer and blogger for the direct sales and network marketing profession. When the real estate bubble burst, Ray's investments and wealth were completely wiped out leaving him with only $300 in the bank. In personal foreclosure with his girlfriend paying his utility bills, he "got serious" and built a $50,000 a month income in his network marketing company within 10 months. He has since earned over a million dollars in Network Marketing, in personal coaching, in selling his own info products and in affiliate marketing respectively.

He teaches networkers and marketers how to get more leads and sales by personally branding themselves and building their following. He is also a two time best selling author and his blog gets close to 100,000 unique visitors per month and his podcast now gets over 150,000 downloads per month as well.

  • Why Retargeting, Cold Traffic and Native Advertising Will Fail, If You Don’t Do This One Thing Correctly!
  • How To Produce Videos, Podcasts & Blog Content, Which Can Exponentially Multiple Sales, Profits and Lead Flow, Working Only 30 Minutes per Day
  • Discover How You Can Turn a Small Email List, Into a Multi 7-Figure Monster and Crush BIG TIME Internet Marketers in Affiliate Contests
  • How To Get Leads & Sales From OLD Blog Content You Created Months or Years Ago, With a Few Clicks, Without Any Extra Work!

Cesar L. Rodriguez

Advanced Persuasion & Closing Strategies

Cesar Rodriguez is a 14 year direct sales and network marketing veteran who earned his first million by the age of 29. He was one of the youngest people to ever hit the top level of his company and is known for his innate ability to routinely close $20k-$40k sales at a 40% closing rate from cold contacts he’s never met before.

Cesar is an entrepreneur, innovator, and the creator of, The Immediate YES Formula™, Reality Networker™, and B10xB™.

His mastery of prospecting, closing, sales psychology, and NLP have made him arguably the most skilled prospector, recruiter, and closer in the direct sales industry today, willing to be tested at the drop of a dime.

  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Lines That Melt Away Fear & Buyer Apprehension
  • 3 Strategies That Made Us One of The Top 5 Recruiters in our Primary Company Our First Year
  • How to Turn Close Cold Contacts into Hot Prospects and Have them Wanting to Buy and Join You Immediately
  • The 6 Steps You Must Have in Place to Eliminate Buyer Objections and Close High Ticket Programs

Tanya Aliza

The Complete Half-Million Dollar
Branding Blueprint

Tanya Aliza is a former burnt out corporate slave who finally escaped and now lives a life that most people dream of. Tanya got busy in the Networking Marketing Profession in 2009, took her Business online in 2010, and now is one of the Top 5 Recruiters in her company and wins almost every single recruiting or affiliate contest she enters. Tanya’s passion is teaching Marketers how to position themselves as an Irresistible Authority that people can’t resist. Get ready to see how Tanya shows you how to have that Unique Brand Positioning Online and How to Make a 6 Figure Income with as little as 15-20 Leads a Day!

  • The 5 Ingredients to Building a Results Producing Online Presence.
  • How to Pull Off a $250,000 Product Launch and Steps You Want to Implement
  • Brand Positioning and How to Do it Right.
  • What to Post on Social Media to Generate Brand Interest, Traffic and Sales.
  • How to Make High Level Connections and Partners in Our Industry.

Michelle Pescosolido

How To Use 'Native Advertising' & 'Retargeting'
in Safe Way To Grow Your List, Sales and
Income on Facebook

Michelle’s journey began back in 2010 when she discovered network marketing through a friend who said she had a product that was changing lives. Michelle saw the vision from her friend, who introduced her network marketing and signed up immediately hoping to change her current situation. She was recently divorced and had always been a stay at home mom. But, after the divorce she was forced to find a job which yielded her a measly 10.00 an hour. The pain and reality of not being home with her kids drove her to find a solution. After discovering network marketing she quickly realized recruiting the “old school” ways was not her cup of tea.

That’s when she discovered online marketing and within 6 months she hit $10K a month and retired her husband from corporate America 1 year later where now her and her husband Bill work the business together as a team.

Michelle is known for her marketing skills on Facebook, where she has now built multiple 6 figure businesses online using Facebook. She has consulted on Facebook with some of the top 7 & 8 figure earners in our industry. She currently speaks and trains home based business owners how to successfully build their business online using Facebook. Michelle’s is passion is all about helping people achieve success online through building successful brands online using Facebook.

  • Are Capture Pages Dead?!? Why Ditching Your Capture Pages and Driving Your Cold Traffic to Content (w/ No Optin) Can Reduce Your Ad Costs and Exponentially Boost Your Sales - OVERNIGHT!
  • Discover the Secret Ninja Tool You Can Use to Launch 240 Simultaneous Ads in Just 3 Clicks, Instantly Split Testing - Gender, Interests, Image, Title, Description, etc. - to Quickly Find the Ads Which Behave Like Magic Slot Machines
  • How to Build a “Secret Invisible List” of Prospects & Leads Who Have Visited Your Blog But Never Registered, Which You’ll Be Able to Make Money From, Even If They Never Join Your List

Kate & Andrew McShea

What’s Working Now with Facebook PPC, Video Ads & How To Avoid Getting Booted By Zuckerberg's Ad Nazis

Kate and Andrew McShea specialize in training other home business owners how to leverage the power of video marketing combined with social media to generate more leads, make more sales and create a massive following online.

After struggling for 4 years in the home business profession, Kate and her husband Andrew went from Zero to growing a Multiple 6 Figure business in less than 12 months leveraging video marketing and social media. They’ve generated over 40,000 leads online, signed up over 1,000 people into their home business on autopilot in just 12 months, are top affiliates within two online marketing systems and recently had their first 6 figure launch for their Facebook Video Ads Course.

  • The Quickest Way To Build A Cult Like Fanpage Following Begging For Your Offers And Your Leadership For As Little As $.09 Per Subscriber
  • Monetize Your “Facebook Fans List” - Discover Our 3 Step Video Ad Formula Which Generates An Extra 346 Red Hot Webinar Attendees Pre-Conditioned To Buy Your Stuff with Just 3 Days of Promotion
  • Swipe Our “30 Second Video Ad Teaser Formula” That Instantly Creates Authority, Curiosity And Urgency, Leaving Prospects No Choice But To Click On Your Video And Visit Your Site
  • FREE Facebook Marketing Is Not Dead! You'll Discover The Newest FB Video Tweak Which Generated an Extra 68 Free Leads In Less Than 2 Hours

Grandmaster Taejoon Lee

How to Build an Army of Advocates & Loyal
Followers, By Learning to Master Yourself

To know Grandmaster Taejoon Lee is to know the martial & healing art, Hwa Rang Do®, founded by his father. He is a 8th Degree Black Sash in Hwa Rang Do® with a title of ‘Grandmaster’ and the 59th generation heir to an ancient tradition, dating back 2,000 years of a Korean warrior class known as the Hwarang Knights. He’s been featured on dozens of covers and published articles in Black Belt Magazine, countless other industry publications and in 2012 was inducted into the Martial Arts History Museum Hall of Fame.

Today, Grandmaster Lee is the President of the World Hwa Rang Do Association, a humanitarian non-profit organization, extending his influence beyond the martial arts to affect change around the globe. Over his 30+ year career, he’s mentored company CEO’s, business owners, Ivy League graduates, university professors, celebrities, personal development gurus, members of the Special Forces and high ranking US military officers & commanders. This list includes, No Excuses Summit Co-Founder, Ferny Ceballos who has studied under Grandmaster Lee for over 8 years.

  • How to Find Peace and Productivity, When a Negative World Around You Seems to Be Caving In on You!
  • Learn the #1 Thing You Can Do Every Day, With No Special Skills, Which Has Boosted the Productivity & Success of Everyone from Company CEO’s to Celebrities to Personal Development Gurus
  • When You are Feeling Overwhelmed, Frustrated and Confused, Learn How to Regain Focus and Clarity, So You Know What You Need to do Next and Reach Your Goals Quickly

Lisa Grossmann

The Intangible Skill of Creating Community,
to Create a VERY Tangible 7-Figure Income

Lisa Grossmann is a multi-million dollar earner and sought-after consultant, trainer and speaker within Network Marketing and Business in General.

Her brilliant engaging story telling, effective teaching and the simple way Lisa breaks down the most fundamental, key elements that are essential to success for anyone building a business will help you and your team understand exactly what it takes to build a large, global community and business.

  • Discover the 9 Key Decisions You Will Need to Make to Foster a Unified and Productive Community
  • Learn the 3 Things You Need to Have in Place in Order to Duplicate Success In Your Community
  • How To Keep Your Community Members Engaged, Happy and Productive with Monthly Promotional Campaigns

Matt Baran

Sneaky PPV Hacks That Will Create A
Tidal Wave Of Dirt Cheap Traffic To
Your Website

Matt’s journey began in 2013 when he was introduced to the industry as a complete newbie at No Excuses 4. It was there he approached his soon to be mentor Ferny Ceballos and declared that he would return in a year and speak on stage (which he happily did at NES 5). 

Since that time, Matt has dedicated himself to mastering the art of traffic while generating hundreds of leads per day using various forms of traffic including Facebook, PPV, YouTube and Organic. His passion is finding underground traffic loopholes to create massive amounts of dirt cheap leads and conversions. 

He now coaches other entrepreneurs on how to drive traffic to their websites and teaches at Acceleration masterminds where he reveals his traffic hacks and latest test results of what’s working now in the world of online traffic.

  • A quick and deceptive way to crawl into your market’s head, discover their passionate “sweet spot”, and make them beg to buy your next product!
  • An underground method that targets actual ready-to-buy people just moments before they purchase, and make them buy from you instead!
  • A ninja ppv tactic that will allow you to triple your ROI with just the click of a button!
  • The 4 highly psychological elements your capture page must have in order to get MAXIMUM CONVERSIONS!
  • A powerful retargeting technique you can use to combine PPV and Facebook traffic to get dirt cheap leads!

Stefan Dessalines

How To INSTANTLY Have 100 - 300 Targeted
Prospects Ready to Buy or Join YOU!

Stefan Dessalines is a husband and father of 2 young children. 

Growing up in NYC with single mom as an actor he has appeared in 30 commercials, "The Cosby Show", an MOW with Alan Arkin, and a feature film called "Russkies" with Joaquin Phoenix. 

The film industry brought him out to California where he transitioned careers and learned the Mortgage business. 

In 2005 he opened a mortgage company and generated 60 million in origination with his partner in year one. 

After the 2008 collapse, he was left in a very bad situation. 

Having to short sell his home and give away 6 other properties as well as almost have his car repossessed, he was forced to find something new. 

After countless failures with many network marketing companies, he began learning about online marketing. After studying, implementing and failing time and time again. He stumbled on a strategy that changed his life and the industry. 

Within 15 days of implementing this strategy he had created a 6-figure income. 

In the next year he created a membership base of over 100,000 members in just one business. 

Over the next several years he co-founded another company and has since created a 7-figure business.

  • Discover the ‘Immediate Lead System’ Which Will Allow You to Literally 'Click a Button' and Have Your Inbox Get Flooded with New Leads and Prospects, Without Spending a Dime on Advertising
  • The ‘Immediate Lead System’ Works for ANY Niche and INSTANTLY & CONSTANTLY Provides You With Hundreds of Rabid Customers and Prospects at a Time - Ready to Buy from YOU!
  • See How Christopher, Generated 900 Leads in 14 days and Recruited 300 Team Members within a Month without ANY Previous Email List, JV's, Online or Offline Advertising
  • This Will Work So Well, Christopher, Will Actually Initiate the Generation of Over 100 REAL-TIME Prospects from Stage - During His Presentation!

Greg Gomez III

Build Your Sales Force
The Top-Sales Person Attraction Funnel That
Can 10x Your Net Profits In 90 Days

Greg Gomez III has been involved in network marketing and direct sales since 1996, has personally made over one million soliciting phone calls, and is regarded as the leading authority on Phone-Sales-Psychology, Phone Prospecting, Closing & most notably Objection Handling.

He got his start in sales at the age of 20 as a telemarketer for a small financial publications company. He quickly worked his way to the top as a sales associate and outperformed an office of over 80 agents. Many times producing 2 and 3 times more than the rest of the organization COMBINED!

He’s personally built teams that have added as many as 247 associates per week. Greg is also a highly paid consultant to some of the industries top leaders when it comes to Phone-Conversion-Funnels.

  • A Complete, Near-Automatic, 5-Step Process to Recruiting 3-5 Effective Sales Reps From Your Existing List, In 7 Days From Start To Selling
  • The EXACT Way I Break Down My Selling Funnel to Allow For More "TRUE Duplication" Entry Level Reps To Top Closers
  • Where & How To Find The "Best" Closers To Work Your Business EVEN If You DON'T Have a List
  • 3 Simple Questions To Get TOP Sales Pros Working Your Business, For FREE!
  • Leads, Leads, Leads: The Only Proven Way to Get More Leads For Your Team Than They Can Dial
  • Why Hiring "The Best Closers" Can KILL Your Business Production...

Vince Reed

The 3-Step Seven-Figure Multi-Platform
Traffic Strategy

Vince Reed is an internet entrepreneur, traffic expert, and 7-figure success story from the original No Excuses Summit. In 2008, when the real estate market crashed, he lost his real estate income, investments and depended on his girlfriend to pay his bills. From there, in an effort to recover from this financial black hole, he clicked on an ad which promised to show him how to make money online… and so it began...

No Excuses Summit in 2010 was the turning point, which took an unstable internet business to the 7-figure online empire he owns, today.

Founder of My Internet Traffic System, host of Internet Traffic Jam and creator of Internet Traffic Live Events, Vince now lives helping thousands of internet entrepreneurs learn, implement and master the most cutting edge advertising and traffic strategies today!

  • Discover the Top 7 Traffic Sources Vince is Currently Using in His Business, to Make 7-Figures from Cold Traffic!
  • The Fool-Proof Way to Keep from Overspending When Driving Cold Traffic to Content (i.e. Native Advertising)! (This Tip Has NEVER Been Shared Publicly & Can Keep You from Going Broke!)
  • Simple Strategies You Can Immediately Deploy to Increase Engagement on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, Designed to Turn Lost Sales & Prospects Into Rabid Buyers!
  • The Secret to Outspending Your Competition, Without Going Into Debt!

Chris Blair

How To Create a Multi-6 Figure Income
Selling Hard Goods, Without Building
a List or Interacting with Your
Customers - EVER!

Chris Blair started his online marketing career in 2010 and the first two years were a major struggle. Things started to change for Chris in 2012 when he decided to focus on FB advertising as his sole traffic source. He became a master of FB ads and has produced 5 courses on FB ads!

About a year ago, Chris discovered the eCommerce industry, i.e. selling physical products such as tee shirts, hoodies, etc. using FB ads. He immediate loved this business model and has since worked hard to become a leader I this industry. Due to his success as not only an online t-shirt seller but as a trainer and coach for tee shirt selling online, he was invited to be a speaker at Fabcon in London, which is the biggest tee shirt marketing training event ever held.

Chris will teach you the ultimate “Cash Flipping Bizz”. Selling physical products online done right, you can consistently turn $1 into $2, $3, and even more in some cases, with very low risk.

  • Types of Products That Can Be Sold.
  • How to Research Product Ideas.
  • How to Set Up Ads to Sell Shirts or Other Physical Products
  • How to Build a List From Your Fan Page
  • How to Create Contest on Your Fan Page To Sell Massive Amounts of Units.
  • And much more...

Terry Lamb

The Video Pay-Per-Click Formula

Terry Lamb is a 21 year veteran of the online affiliate market space who has only recently in the last 3 years unlocked the formula for high ticket sales online.

For the first 16 years of his marketing and online business career Terry was Captain for a major US Airline. Unsatisfied with his corporate salary and "punching the clock" so to speak Terry began running his online business in the background with hopes of early retirement from the world of trading time for money and instead living the dream lifestyle and freedom that so many come to the internet searching for.

Terry has mastered the concept of online video advertising and the phone and sales closing skills to make high ticket affiliate sales possible - leveraging these skills to the tune of $50K to $100K per month in many of the top online affiliate programs.

  • How To Begin Placing Video Ads Like A Pro
  • How To Avoid Beginners Mistakes And Ad Disapproval
  • Tools The Pros Use To Create Engaging Video Commercials
  • How To Turn Your Video Commercials And Ads Into Lead Generation Machines
  • Ninja Video Marketing Tricks Of The Trade


Diane Hochman (Moderator)

Diane Hochman stumbled into the home business industry 15 years ago as a desperate mom who was praying for a way to take care of her children and pay of $40K worth or credit card debt that was strangling her family. Over the course of 2 years Diane cracked the code to having a high volume business out of a spare bedroom while still being home with her kids and making dinner every night.

Diane has gone on to be a powerhouse in the social media and attraction marketing spaces perennially hitting the top of the leader boards in anything she does and teaches others EXACTLY how she gets it all done.

She’s been named the #2 recruiter and #3 recruiter in one of her opportunities, signing 102 people in only THREE DAYS by only 2 emails, achieved a rare achievement level in a top attraction marketing lead generation system and is consistently in the top 5 for affiliate launches in the home business and internet marketing industry.

This is Diane's FIFTH time gracing the stage at The No Excuses Summit....

She is a TRUE BELIEVER of the event mission and is looking forward to meeting all the attendees...

Especially the new folks who are ready to take it to a whole other level.


Vitaly Grinblat is a serial entrepreneur, a husband and a father of 3 girls. Before joining Elite Marketing PRO as a lead copywriter, he spent over 10 years in direct sales as a Top Producer, selling Millions of Dollars in financial services products face-to-face, as well as recruiting agents into his business.

In 2005 he decided to jump ship and go online. Since then, he’s created a number of info-products, generated tens of thousands of leads personally and has written sales copy in the Internet Marketing, Hypnosis, and Health niches, which has produced near 8-figures in sales for himself and a select few clients.

Bill Pescosolido

Prior to getting into the Internet Marketing industry Bill spent 16 years in Corporate America primarily in sales and consulting roles. From Deregulated Telecom to Online Advertising sales and then into Deregulated Energy, Bill spent the majority of those years honing his sales skills and becoming a master practitioner on the phone.

Today Bill and his wife are top affiliates and earners within one of the largest attraction marketing affiliate platforms in our industry. They are also amongst the highest earners within a separate top tier direct sales affiliate program.

Bill is an L6 Global leader and EMT member of My Lead System Pro. Additionally, Bill is a recognized leader and trainer on the topic of prospecting, recruiting, selling and persuasion and he has spoken at many industry events such as Live the Dream 3, No Excuses 4, Live the Dream 4, Live the Dream 5 events.

Bill, along with his wife Michelle are committed to helping online marketers and home baed business owners achieve success through coaching, mentoring and leadership.

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Katrina van Oudheusden a.k.a ‘Chef Katrina’ was first introduced to the world of network marketing by her Mom back in 2007. Like a good kid she signed up because her mother told her too. But after joining realized that there had to be a faster way to reach more targeted people.

She turned to online marketing and for the next 6 years struggled to build her business. It wasn’t until she decided to fire her boss, Mickey Mouse that she hunkered down and got serious. Chef Katrina created her first info product on Blogging and leveraged it as a way to get her first speaking engagements.

Chef Katrina has excelled at creating powerful masterminds and empowering entrepreneurs with the skills to build their brand & business. She is a sought after Speaker & Coach. Her best advice, “Build your tribe by believing in people and answering their questions”.

Aron Parker

Aron's journey began at the age of 18 when he joined his first MLM company... 15 years and dozens of companies later... spending way more then he made, Aronnever lost the dream, the vision, or passion that one day he would "MAKE IT". Working two jobs to support his family and also finding the time to build his business was not easy to do... but with the support of his wife, they pressed on making the sacrifices they knew were required to have the CHANGE in life they were looking for. 

After hearing about NES3, Aron really wanted to go but didn't think it would be possible to attend because Cathy was out of town and they were living pay-check to pay-check... but with a nudge from her, he made it happen. He credits the information, training, and experience from NES3 to have played a major roll in the turn of events that took place... Aron quit his JOB just 1 month after NES3 and went on to have his first 6-figure year in 2012!!

Dean & Meagan Broadwater

Dean & Meagan Broadwater are full time, online marketers, who started their journey almost 3 years ago in 2012. Dean & Meagan met back in 2007, two weeks before Dean was starting a 1 year deployment in Iraq. Upon returning, Dean spent 7 years in the corporate world as an Accountant, and Meagan split her time working their business online and caring for their young children. They struggled for two and a half years to make their online business profitable, but were lucky to barely break even from month to month. Like so many others out there, they struggled through multiple opportunities, bounced from one shiny object to the next, and were on the verge of quitting before they finally found their groove.

Meagan & Dean found their calling with affiliate marketing late last year, and have been focusing mainly on top tier products. They have developed a very unique strategy to recruit affiliates and makes sales like clockwork using Instagram. In the last few months since they developed this strategy, they have been able to sign up dozens of reps into their business and make thousands of dollars in commissions. Dean left his corporate career earlier this year, and they are now able to make what he was earning, plus the income that Meagan made when she had a full time job, solely marketing on Instagram!

Bert Bledsoe

Bert Bledsoe quit his job in late 2012 so he could chase his dream of becoming his own boss. After spending many years in both construction and the food and beverage industry, HE CALLED IT QUITS so he could become an Urban Homesteader...

He founded the FreeDailyCoaching Hangout and has gone on to win several affiliate contests and become one of the Top 5 Producer within his company.
Using attraction marketing Bert has created his own coaching program for both on and offline clients.

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