$10k in 60 Days with ZERO Paid Advertising

attraction marketing

You are not special.

Now, forgive me for being so blunt…and hear me out.

If you’re like many people in this industry, you likely followed a familiar trajectory:

You wanted to earn a li’l extra on the side—maybe to afford a new car; pay down debts; or just to have a cushion, so you weren’t having stress about living paycheck to paycheck.

Naturally, you joined an opportunity, or two (…or three), had little results and lots of confusion, got disillusioned, and maybe even a little angry at the company, system, or your upline.

Hey, we’ve all been there! (Believe you me.)

Case in point…

Sonny Lanorias, one of our newest rockstars here at Elite Marketing Pro, danced this waltz for YEARS.

In fact, from 2008—2013 he grossed around $2,000 TOTAL in his business (which probably didn’t even cover expenses.)

And in 2014 he made a grand total of $1.40.


You read that correctly.

One dollar and forty cents.

But in 2015 something changed.

He started to approach his business from a different mindset (which caused a MASSIVE shift in his marketing and prospecting strategies.)

And in the past 60 days he’s generated over $10k in commissions.





Now…make no mistake, Sonny’s a awesome guy, and a proud husband and father.

But he’ll be the first to tell you he’s not lucky, special, or different in any way from you.

He just knows a thing or two you don’t.

Watch our informal chat to learn the ins-and-outs of exactly what Sonny’s doing, step-by-step, every single day to build his dream lifestyle…

I should have told you before you watched that just a few months ago Sonny’s back was against the wall, his house was in foreclosure, his cars were being repo’d, and he was having to sell all his electronic assets and live exclusively off cheap noodles and canned goods.

…but I wanted that to be a surprise.

So if you’re cheating and reading ahead, go back and finish the video! ;-)

Okay, you now know the specifics of Sonny’s active and passive blogging and prospecting strategies.

And you also got great tips on how to differentiate yourself from all other affiliates, and ensure your prospects follow through and commit during the crucial “abandonment” phase.

One of the biggest takeaways Sonny revealed was how asking the right questions and offering the right solutions is responsible for his sudden success.

If you do it right, don’t have to sell anyone anything. Ever.

Your prospects will convince themselves that YOU are the leader they want to JOIN and follow.

This is the power of attraction marketing.

And if you’d like to learn how to set up a completely automated attraction marketing funnel that will build your prospect list and create new customers around the clock, 24/7, even while you sleep, eat, or are out at a movies with the ones you love…

Sign up for our 100% free 10-day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp.


To your success,
Andrew Draughon


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Andrew T Draughon

Andrew Draughon is the Director of Content at Elite Marketing Pro. Yet not long ago Andrew was hauling shingles and hanging drywall for paltry wages in the frigid winters of upstate Pennsylvania. Making the decision to never wake up before sunrise in sub-zero weather again, Andrew moved to Florida, discovered his passion for marketing, and has been working via his laptop ever since.



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