Free Graphics Pack: 5 Borders & Buttons PLUS A Short Demo For How To Use Them In Canva

Over the last 2 or 3 weeks I’ve been sharing with you how to create successful ads on Facebook…

I haven’t left ONE single detail out.

However… Even though I’ve shown you everything, including how I build my ad images, there still seems to be a little trouble with the aesthetic design of ads. (a few of you have expressed your problems)

So, I’ve created a “Borders & Buttons” pack for you to download and use in Canva. Below is a quick demo showing you how to use them. This should cut down on time (and headaches) while building your ad images.

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Essential Listening: A Stealthy Way To Position Yourself As An Expert

multi level marketing tips

This past Monday, we (Andrew and I) had our VERY first guest on our Monday “Blitz Into The Week” show.

(besides Ferny Ceballos of course… He’s the CMO though… So can we really count that as a guest?)

Anyways, it was so good that I converted it into an “essential listening” audio for you to download and listen to on your computer, iPad, or iPod…

These are typically Closed-Door… Private hangouts that we host every week for our Elite Marketing Pro community… And I’ve never shared one outside of that context…

Breaking a BUNCH of “rules” right now huh?

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Campaigns Getting Heated Up! (150 leads in 5 days… How I did it and how you can too)

Recently I launched a 3-part series, showing you a very precise step-by-step process for creating and deploying you own custom Lead-Gettin’ funnel… Using the Elite Marketing Pro tools of course.

In the 3rd video, I cracked open our internal Ad account, and let you peak inside… Shortly after, we dug into the creation phase of the campaign and built an ad together.

Now, I wanna show you just how successful those campaigns have been over the last 5 days.

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