12 Mistakes Even Smart Bloggers Make

A well-to-do father once reproached his son for “shady financial dealings” and “improprieties with another workman’s wife.”

This prodigal son abandoned the opportunities afforded by his father, turning his back on higher education and government service to seek his fortune plundering foreign lands as a mercenary. His father wrote a letter lamenting the errors of his ways, pleading that he reconsider and return to the straight and narrow.

How does the story end?

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Instantly Become a Content Creation Machine

Ever notice the UFOs of ’50s look like…UFOs from the ’50s.

I’m taking about those grainy, black and white photos of flying saucers that look suspiciously like the early-NASA’s Apollo-era re-entry modules.

I guess we’ll never know if those “foo fighters” were capable of intergalactic flight.

But here’s the thing…

I’m willing to bet my not-even-latest-generation iPhone has more processing power than whatever you might find in one of their shiny cockpits.

After all…

It’s pretty crazy what you can do with your phone these days.

Speaking of, did you see all the recent NES6 speaker interviews posted here on the EMP blog?

All were filmed with a run-of-the-mill smart phone. Nothing special.

You know what’s cool about that?

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The Super-Simple “ILT” Formula for Creating a Multi-Seven Figure Business

Are you overcomplicating your business and how to make serious money online?

According to Ray Higdon, the answer may surprise you…

Ray is a foremost authority on blogging—generating multi-seven-figures with his blog alone—and keeping massive success super simple.

He teaches networkers and marketers how to get more leads and sales by personally branding themselves and building their following. He is also a two-time best-selling author, his blog gets close to 100,000 unique visitors per month, and his podcast now gets over 150,000 downloads per month as well.

Ray attributes his success to his super simple “ILT” strategy.

Learn all this and how to apply it to your business in the interview below.

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10 Ignorant Ways to Kill Off Your Perfectly Nice Blog

In 2012, Blogging.org interviewed 1000 US-based bloggers to measure their “success.” They discovered:

– More than 81% of the people who start a blog never earn $100 from it
– Only 8% earn enough money blogging to support their families
– 9% work 4-6 hours every day on their blogs and earn enough money to sustain their lifestyles
– Less than 2% achieve “freedom” – defined as spending as little as 1-2 hours a day blogging from exotic locations and earning over $150,000 a year
– Hmm… Look at that! 8% + 9% + 2% = 19% making money. 81% not making money.

Pretty close to that good old 80/20 rule, isn’t it?

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