The Seven Principles of Ethical Persuasion

Turkeys and polecats are natural enemies.

(Polecats are European weasels, by the way.)

So how do you imagine a mother turkey responds to the sight of a hungry polecat threatening her young?

If you guessed squawking, clawing, and gnashing of beak—you’d be right!

In fact, in an experiment by animal behaviorist M. W. Fox…

Turkeys flew into an uncontrollable rage and attacked their lanky predators in self-defense…even when the “polecats” in question were actually fake, stuffed replicas.

Which makes sense, right?

Turkey sees polecat-looking shape—turkey becomes alarmed and enraged!

Well, here comes the twist…

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The Three Acts of Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Let’s play a game.

You’re about to read the story of someone you know all-too-well.

Someone who’s a household name; someone you grew up idolizing.

And make no mistake…

This someone’s journey is key to unlocking a never-ending flow of leads, sales and profits on your own journey as an entrepreneur.

But, I bet you won’t know who I’m talking about after reading the next 40 lines.

Let’s see if you can prove me wrong…

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Proven Shortcut to Create Compelling Ads, Emails, Videos, and More!

You’re about to learn how to quickly write a compelling sales message, EVEN IF you’ve never written a word of sales copy in your life.

That’s a tall order, huh?

Okay, so first let me say that your ability to sell is the single most important skill you can develop as a marketer and entrepreneur.

At the end of the day, it’s all about getting the customer. Don’t you think?

By the way, I’m talking to myself here as well.

Anyway, where were we?

Oh yes, being able to create compelling ads, emails and videos using a proven shortcut.

Now before I reveal the shortcut, let’s talk about the structure of your message. There are a number of formulas. But I want to keep things simple.

There’s a persuasion formula that’s as old as dirt.

It’s called…

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15-Minute Formula for Writing Irresistible Headlines

One of the world’s greatest copywriters – Gary Bencivenga – said that if you can improve yourself by just 1% per week, you’ll quickly become an expert in your field.

And what better skill to master than the art of crafting an irresistible headline.

Here’s why…

If you can create juicy, must-read, action-generating headlines for your ads, articles, blog posts, emails, capture pages, and sales letters … it doesn’t matter what you’re selling, what company you’re representing, or even what the economy does.

You WILL consistently make money hand over fist.

It’s that simple.

The techniques you’re about to discover will light the fire under your tookus and help you improve your headline-crafting “know-how” by a minimum of 1% weekly (if not daily)…

If you practice these regularly, one day at a time, by the end of the year you won’t even recognize your writing.

Now, before we dive into the nuts-and-bolts…

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The 3 Magic Letters that Will Skyrocket Your Sales

There are three magic letters that will swing the doors of opportunity wide open and bring you more success, happiness, and prosperity.

Sounds like a tall order. Doesn’t it?

Yet I assure you, that only 3 letters can do all that and much more for you.

Once applied, they will make you a better salesperson, and they will change your life.

Now before I reveal what they are, let’s talk about the above sentence for second—the part about being a better salesperson.

Some people might go…

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