Triple Your Webinar Conversions in 13 Simple Steps

“I was never in his league.”

That’s a quote from Bill Gates, in reference to Steve Jobs’ presentation skills.

High praise, indeed!

Yet, if you’ve ever seen one of Jobs’ legendary keynotes, you know exactly what Gates is talking about.

In fact, Jobs is roundly considered one the most gifted orators of our time—his influence reaching far beyond the confines of the corporate world.

But here’s a no-so-obvious secret of Job’s “natural” gift of speaking from stage…

Gates continues, as told in the book Becoming Steve Jobs…

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7 Steps to Profitably Hosting Your First Webinar (Even If You Don’t Have a List)

Want to quickly convert your subscribers, followers, and fans into customers?

Who doesn’t, right?

Well, the single most effective way to get your prospects off the fence and making a purchasing decision is through hosting a live webinar (…as you probably guessed from the title of this post).

In fact, there’s no other form of content marketing with a higher ROI.

Blogging, email, social media—these are all foundational to online business.

Yet nothing compares to a webinar when it comes to conversions.

Everyone agrees…

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