Curt Critiques: How To Scale Your Ad Campaigns (plus a deeper look at your “real” avatar)

featured-image-how-to-scale2 - social media for network marketing

Using social media for network marketing can be pretty hard to figure out.

This past Friday I hung out with my good buddy and “Inside Ad Man” Curt Maly.

We planned to hop on Skype and go through all of my campaigns… to see how I could scale these up…

And after talking for 10 minutes, decided to hit record.

It’s pretty RAW considering it’s a conversation between the both of us, and he was guiding me through some specific actions within the ad account… But the stuff he shares is PURE gold.

Check it out!

Also, I’m going to be hosting a LIVE virtual workshop this Saturday, where I’ll be going through these campaigns and showing you what worked… and what didn’t work.

THEN… we’re going to crack open your ad account and I’m going to tweak and optimize your ads right there on the spot.

Stay tuned for more details on that.



Nick Haubner

After studying Physics & Chemistry for 3 years at University, Nick Haubner chose a different route. He started with Network Marketing, was turned towards Internet Marketing, one thing lead to the next and very soon after, he synced up with Elite Marketing Pro becoming the Lead Business Development Manager. Now, Nick Haubner is the Director of Marketing forElite Marketing Pro. When he's not conjuring up some high-converting Facebook ads, he's likely to be caught tinkering with HTML & CSS just for the fun of it.