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Three Simple Steps to Write Effective Facebook Ads that Attract Your Target Market

how to read the minds your ideal prospects and write effective facebook ads for social media recruiting

When it comes to social media recruiting, there's a specific type of prospect you're looking for.

We call these folks your “target market.”

As you may know, these are the people who are most likely to become leads and customers.

But long before they even think about signing up or buying anything, though…

You need to learn how to effectively communicate with them, so they actually watch your videos and CLICK on your ads first.

So to help you attract more interested eyeballs and clicks…

We're going to reveal our three-step process for writing wickedly effective Facebook ads that will boost your social media recruiting efforts.

Starting with step #1…

effective facebook ads for social media recruiting tip 1) identify pains and struggles

We're going to use network marketers as the example target market because that's the industry we serve.

So first up, let’s list some of the pains and struggles network marketers face…

  • Rejection
  • Running out of leads
  • No friends left
  • Finding business partners
  • Retention
  • Attrition
  • No-shows
  • Feeling like you need to be everywhere at once
  • Getting tired of being around people all the time
  • Not knowing what to say
  • Never enough time
  • Running out of money
  • Being pulled in multiple directions
  • Judgment from others
  • Unsupportive friends and family
  • Searching for qualified people
  • Not knowing how to create duplication
  • Being avoided
  • Not knowing how to close the sale
  • Unmotivated downline
  • Cold prospecting strangers

Sound familiar?

Speaking of which…

Before we found Elite Marketing Pro, we were “mall sharks.”

We'd go to the mall and stalk people, trying to track down our next prospect, while other people were trying to shop.

It was painful.

Luckily, it was also a learning experience that helps us today be better at social media recruiting.

And just like we did, you too can discover a lot of your target market’s pains and frustrations by looking at your own past experiences.

effective facebook ads for social media recruiting tip 2) list desires and benefits

Next, let’s list the desires and benefits network marketers desire…

  • More prospects
  • Duplication
  • Money
  • Residual income
  • A home-based business
  • More freedom
  • Support
  • A big team
  • Rank advancement
  • Recognition
  • Bonuses
  • Customers
  • New recruits
  • Consistent income

Sound right?

Okay, so now that we've identified the pains and struggles, as well as the desires and benefits, let’s talk about how this relates to your advertising.

As I mentioned above, when you're looking at a certain type of person or a target market to advertise to, you must speak THEIR language.

Because if you're talking in a language they don't understand, they're not going to click on your ads.

Which brings us to the final step…

effective facebook ads for social media recruiting tip 3) pinpoint words and phrases

So what are some words or phrases that only a network marketer would understand?

  • Downlines
  • Uplines
  • Recruiting
  • Comp plan
  • Stalking
  • Home parties
  • Three-foot rule
  • Rank advance
  • Cross stage
  • Top earner
  • Three-way call
  • One-on-one
  • Prospects
  • Showing the plan
  • Follow-up
  • Corner market
  • Circles on a napkin

Making sense so far?

Now, I know, I know…

This feels a bit like “homework.”

After all, no one really wants to sit down and make these types of lists.

However, this exercise is one of the most cost-effective things you can do, and it massively kickstarted my Facebook ads.

Once you understand this process, get really good at telling your story, and talking to your target market, you're going to be able to sell anything.

Let's return to how you're going to use this information to advertise to your target market.

Now, remember…

Your “target market” is the people who are most likely to buy

In our case, network marketers are the target market.

This is a big space, though, right?

There are a whole bunch of people and literally thousands of different companies.

So let's narrow our social media recruiting down a bit.

In the beginning, most network marketers are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and happy to get started.

However, reality eventually sets in, and they start feeling those above-listed pains.

Therefore, our target market is the people who have discovered – and experienced – those pains, NOT the newbies who joined last week and think they're going to be overnight millionaires with very little work.

Make sense?

This is how to understand the mindset of your prospects and connect with them on a level they can relate to.

That's what's going to write effective Facebook ads.

Now let's give you a killer tip for how you can use your list of pains, benefits, and phrases in your advertising.

Here's a simple, yet powerful formula for coming up with compelling headlines

It goes like this…

  • “How to ____________ without __________. “

When I sit down at my computer to come up with an ad to direct my target audience of network marketers to a blog post or a Facebook Live, I’d choose one thing from the desire list and one thing from the pain list, like so…

  • “How to get (the desire) network marketers want without (the pain.)”

For example…

  • “How to find more prospects without rejection.”
  • “How to prospect without chasing your friends and family.”
  • “How to rank advance without doing home parties.”

Those would be something a network marketer would click on, right?

This simple trick will help you super-quickly write effective Facebook ads to attract your target market.

You’re getting inside their heads, feeling their pain, and telling them you can provide a solution—in just a few words!

Okay, here's a little bit more homework to make sure you're getting this…

When you’re done reading, I want you to come up with three to five potential headlines using this formula.

Don’t just think about it – do it!

Write them down.

Tweak 'em.

And start using them!

You can use this exact method for whatever market you're targeting.

Here's the big takeaway:

The key to successfully recruit using social media is to connect with people who might already be interested in what you offer, based on their pains and desires, using a language they understand.

Using this process you'll immediately be well on your way to crafting more effective ads.

Now, if you're a network marketer and you'd like to learn more about building your business online (…instead of pitching friends and family, or stalking strangers at the mall like we used to), then…

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