Essential Listening: A Stealthy Way To Position Yourself As An Expert

This past Monday, we (Andrew and I) had our VERY first guest on our Monday “Blitz Into The Week” show.

(besides Ferny Ceballos of course… He’s the CMO though… So can we really count himĀ as a “guest?”)

Anyways, it was so good that I converted it into an “essential listening” audio for you to download and listen to on your computer, iPad, or iPod…

Just so you know: this isn’t your run-of-the-mill training webinar.

These are typically Closed-Door, Private hangouts that we host every week for our Elite Marketing Pro community… And I’ve never shared these multi level marketing tips outside of that context…

Breaking a BUNCH of “rules” right now huh?

Well, I hear people say “rules are meant to be broken” a lot lately…

I hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

We get pretty FIRED up on these Monday talks. I think you’ll dig it…


[WARNING] Strong language used throughout. (not a whole lot…) So, if you’re sensitive to this use of words, it’s not recommended that you listen to this. Also… Put some headphones in and put the kiddies away.

Click Here To Download The Mp3 Version

On this show Rebecca talks about…

  • Her #1 favorite way to attract leads to her (without appearing pushy or spammy)
  • How to OVERCOME that “monkey” in your head… telling you that “You can’t do it…” and “Someone’s going to hurt you…” when talking to people online and on the phone.
  • How to counter-offer a Facebook-message-spammer and completely turn the conversation around in your favor… This is ULTRA-stealthy.
  • What to do if you’re NOT an expert yet (this is what she taught one of her million-dollar coaching clients)
  • And so much more… (and a tad of “Zonk” as always)

Let us know what you LOVED most about this in the comments below.


Nick Haubner

After studying Physics & Chemistry for 3 years at University, Nick Haubner chose a different route. He started with Network Marketing, was turned towards Internet Marketing, one thing lead to the next and very soon after, he synced up with Elite Marketing Pro becoming the Lead Business Development Manager. Now, Nick Haubner is the Director of Marketing forElite Marketing Pro. When he's not conjuring up some high-converting Facebook ads, he's likely to be caught tinkering with HTML & CSS just for the fun of it.




  1. Nick Haubner

    In the best way :D haha

  2. Donald Berry

    This Audio is fantastic. Fun, Solid ideas, Stealthy Handling methods. Gimme more. Do it again!

  3. Ricardo Penders

    Hey Donald, I see that you are interested in the same things as I prefer.

    I want you to know that I’m watching your interests and what you are doing online because you are a member of my Community on Google Plus. If I’m right you know that I always watch my best members and you can expect that from me because you are one of the few that’s being very active and that’s what you need to do.

    I’m glad that you are listening at what successful people are giving away, you need to have a good filter to see through all the noise that you find online and I’m proud to see that you are doing the right thing Donald, keep up the good work and NEVER give up! You’ll see that it’s going to work what you do now at a later point in time…. You’ll be surprised what people connect to you and where they come from and that’s really great.