How Video Ads + Duct Tape = Massive Leads

Terry-Lamb - attraction marketingAre you using YouTube for lead generation?

What about in-stream video ads?

At No Excuses Summit Six we learned some big secrets from Terry Lamb about how he’s leveraging YouTube videos.

Terry Lamb is a 21 year veteran of the online affiliate market space who has mastered the concept of online video advertising and the phone and sales closing skills to make high ticket affiliate sales possible—leveraging these skills to the tune of $50K to $100K per month in many top online affiliate programs.

In the following video you’ll discover the power of NOT targeting your audience or following the recommendation given by YouTube.

YouTube marketing is extremely powerful…IF you do it right.

Otherwise you’ll come off looking clueless and even annoying… and that’s a modern trend you don’t want to hop on!

What’s cool is that like Terry, you don’t even have to get on camera!

Before you even think about recording your first video, you’ve got to make sure you understand attraction marketing.

YouTube + attraction marketing is by far the most automated way to create a never ending stream of red-hot prospects ready to buy your products or join your business.

But it’s have to be done it right.

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Andrew Draughon
Editor, What’s Working Now


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Andrew T Draughon

Andrew T Draughon

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Andrew T Draughon