Julie Burke’s Top 5 Tips for Finding Work/Life Balance as an Entrepreneur

Balance between a network marketing business and life

Have you ever felt like you were BUSY all day?

But, when you look back and think, you honestly can't answer the simple question…

“What the heck did I DO today?”

Hey, I've been there!

And this article is all about work/life balance, which is so important for the small-business entrepreneur.

Take this example from just the other day…

I was taking my six-year-old son to camp, which I do twice a week.

He was crying heavily and saying that he didn't want to go, and just wanted to stay home with me.

He was shaking and hysterical

And my mind was racing…

“Is there something going on? Are you being bullied? Are they mean to you? Is the teacher…?”

But all he would say is…

“I just want to be with you.”

It took me 50 minutes to calm him down, all the while I'm thinking…

“Oh my gosh, what am I going to do?”

I sat there with a heavy heart and started crying after I left him.

I felt numb.

That was all I could think about all day long.

He's been very attached lately and if you're a parent, you can probably relate.

Children require and deserve a lot of attention.

This can be hard for entrepreneurs, because we're so driven—we see something and we go “all in” for it.

However, family comes first.

Which begs the question…

How do you find work/life balance?

The entrepreneurial road is not an easy one.

We must find balance, or we will live in our network marketing business, and never come out of it.

Here’s what I mean….

Often, when I look at what others are doing, sometimes it feels like I should be doing more.

I think, maybe I’m not moving fast enough or doing enough?

Then I start to drive myself into a spiral of feeling overwhelmed.

Or, let’s say I do reach one of my goals, but I don’t allow myself time to celebrate; I’m already moving on to the next goal.

I call it the “what’s next?” syndrome, where even though I've been successful, I feel drained.

Being completely transparent…

I've been unhappy at times on this entrepreneurial journey.

Because money doesn’t matter most and you have to get your priorities straight.


Are you all over the place or do you have a clear vision?

Sometimes, when we're starting out as entrepreneurs, we don’t have a plan.

We don’t have goals.

We don’t have a vision.

And we don’t even know sometimes what we’re doing.

We just know that we want “it”…

We see “it”…

And we have hopes, and dreams, and desires.

Do you sometimes think, “What the hell am I doing?”

I know exactly how this feels, because I’ve been lost and overwhelmed.

And it’s always this constant journey of trying to figure out what works for you, and your family, and your lifestyle.

It’s not going to happen overnight, but I want to give you 5 tips based on what I've been working on in my business…

balance network marketing business and life tip 1 create a rock-solid vision

First, you must have a rock-solid vision and a plan to execute it, or you'll just give up.

I promise you—you will want to throw in the towel.

Or you might hustle to hit a goal, but feel like crap through the process.

So you must have a clear plan to execute to feel confident about what you’re doing and when you’re supposed to be doing it.

As you’re creating your vision and your action plan, know what it is you’re working towards in terms of dividing up your time.

I had to go back and create a whole new vision recently.

I'd already created a vision board, and it was stale, so I had to go back and create a whole new vision and get more specific.

My vision board is now fresh and actionable.

That's the key.

balance network marketing business and life tip 2 establish a daily action plan

Next, you must create a daily action plan with your top three items so you don't create more chaos for yourself.

If I’m leaving my son at camp crying, it needs to be for something more important than scrolling through Facebook.

I’m need to make sure I'm getting stuff done that actually matters.

When you have to divide and prioritize your time, it forces you to get laser-focused and attack your daily list of tasks.

Here's a tip…

Your most important item of the day should be doing something that's going to produce income.

…whether it’s following-up with leads, following-up with possible prospects, enrolling them into your network marketing business, creating a Facebook ad, creating a custom audience list, etc.


You have to know people’s pain points and WHO you’re speaking to, so you know how to create your content.

Maybe it's your latest blog post or Facebook Live.

Or maybe it’s creating your first kick-butt webinar.

In fact, redoing my sales presentation is one of the main things I’m currently focused on.

Whatever it is that's going to help you produce income, that’s where you focus.

Not scrolling through Facebook, not learning how to use Snapchat, not getting hung up on reading a million emails, and following 500 people.

Focus on what you need to DO and get it DONE.

balance network marketing business and life tip 3 eliminate distractions

Next you need to set timers, put your phone on “Do not disturb” mode, and close all unnecessary browser windows.

Every day, I put my phone on “Do not disturb” mode for at least two to three hours.

It is amazing how much more I accomplish now that my phone isn't buzzing every two seconds.

Also, set a timer so you know you’re not going to check messages for two full hours.

Then dedicate a half-hour to one hour to checking messages.

Then get back to it.

This, as simple as it sounds, has been extremely helpful in my network marketing business for being more productive and finding balance.

balance network marketing business and life tip 4 stop judging yourself

Do you ever beat yourself up for not doing enough?

This might sound trivial, but you've got to stop judging yourself!

I wake up sometimes feeling like…

“I have to do this. I have to do that.”


You must focus at that moment in that time.

I allow myself to have my mornings with my kids.

If you don’t have children, allow yourself to spend your morning doing something for you.

Read a book or go to the gym.

Whatever it is, schedule it!

The start of your day creates your day, so if the start of your day is pure craziness, it’s probably going to be crazy the rest of the day.

I consciously make an effort not to look at my phone before 9:30am, because I know I’m busy with my kids.

If I’m looking at my phone, they will see me looking at my phone.

That’s going to trip me up, and hold me back, so I’m going to lose time, which isn't productive.

So plan your mornings and don’t add stress to your life.

Give yourself a schedule.

Messages and emails will be there later.

I know they’re going to pile up and it’s going to be more work, but it’s worth it.

Look into creating a support system if you can.

Obviously, as my business grew, so did my team.

I started with one virtual assistant for six months, before I made $1 in my business.

She helped me get organized, because let's face it, as entrepreneurs, we are not the most organized.

I was all over the place and she helped create a central hub for everything and it helped tremendously.

balance network marketing business and life tip 5 be patient

Finally, you need to be patient.

Now, truth be told, I really hate this statement, because it’s easier said than done, but it’s so crucial for your network marketing business.

Your business is ALWAYS a work in progress.

You’re not going to learn everything there is to know about Facebook ads, custom audiences, and sales funnels in a day.

This is an on-going, test-and-tweak process, not an overnight journey.

I’ve had my funnels up and running for eight months and we are constantly testing and tweaking.

It never ends, so you must be patient, and kind to yourself through this process.

Be conscious of what you’re working towards.

Also, be conscious of what is working for you and what isn't working for you.

And whatever isn't working, dump it.

I committed to focusing on building up my social media presence in July, 2016, so I’ll give you that as an example.

I consistently focused on building my Facebook Fan Page every single day

…always doing something to grow my audience, and to build a relationship with that audience.

I started at zero, just like everyone else.

And while it didn’t happen overnight, now, almost a year later, I have 28,000 followers on Facebook.

And it’s incredible.

I have an active community where I take the time to build relationships.

This is what works for me in my network marketing business.

Now you have to find what works for you

And again, be patient.

My email list didn’t grow to 50,000 subscribers in just a few days.

It took time.

So make no mistake…

You must commit to the process.

Learn it, implement it, and repeat it.

It’s not a sprint.

So please, give yourself some credit and start creating your own master plan.

Sometimes, taking a step back gives you the needed vision and clarity to be effective.

It’s so important to see the big picture.

Now, here's my best tactical tip…

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Cheers to your success!

Julie Burke
Top producer and creator of “Social Media Recruiter”


Julie Burke

In less than 4 years, Julie Burke leaped to the top of her network marketing company, built a huge team of 8,300 people, and made over $750,000 in commissions, overrides, and bonuses – all without putting together a "warm market list," making a single cold call, or struggling for a single day to make a profit in her business!
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