Routine, Habits, & Defeating The Descent

Regardless of whether you were at No Excuses Summit this past weekend, or not, you felt the VIBES.

Everyone did!

I was impossible not to…

So, this puts us all in the same “boat.”

We’re all at the top of ‘the curve’ – this is where those VIBES are at their highest.

Bad news though – the other side of that curve is NOT a bed of fluffy sheep…

It’s your old routine… Waiting for you to fall back down into it’s deep crevice so it can consume you and dull your inspiration.

That old routine that’s pulled you back into your comfort zone…

So, it’s at this point that you need to be on your toes… more than ever before.

You’ve gotta be more aware of what you’re doing… What you’re thinking…

When you wake up in the morning, are you doing the same stupid things you used to do before? Are you thinking the same self-defeating thoughts that you were thinking before?

…or are you changing those old and harmful patterns?

Step back for a second…

Admit with me that what you were doing and thinking before was not serving the BIGGER, bolder you. (you can always go BIGGER…)

I was there too. There were some really powerful moments…

But, now, we’re all in the same boat.

No Excuses Summit served as the GREAT EQUALIZER.

You’re either falling back into your old habits, or you’re rising out of the dust and into the light – an uncomfortably brighter place… But, much more promising than the former.

So, what kind of new habits are you forming?

What are you willing to do to dust yourself off?

What kinds of new strategies are you developing to make your processes easier and more efficient?

It’s time to go to work and BUILD!

You’ve gotta rise now.

I’ll see you at the top.


Nick Haubner

After studying Physics & Chemistry for 3 years at University, Nick Haubner chose a different route. He started with Network Marketing, was turned towards Internet Marketing, one thing lead to the next and very soon after, he synced up with Elite Marketing Pro becoming the Lead Business Development Manager. Now, Nick Haubner is the Director of Marketing forElite Marketing Pro. When he's not conjuring up some high-converting Facebook ads, he's likely to be caught tinkering with HTML & CSS just for the fun of it.




  1. Rebecca Woodhead

    Well put. Appreciate you and your work, by the way. Yours and the whole team’s.

  2. Dave Gardner

    It is always about taking action and doing things that others do not want to do…I am ready to keep doing it to make it happen!

  3. Dave Gardner

    Yes, the whole Magnetic Sponsoring and Elite Marketing Pro team is and always has been awesome.

  4. Wayne Kenney

    The awakening! Running two businesses is tough to bridge over to a leveraging system that one knows works but doesn’t prioritize the time to achieve the success of time and money freedom that is so close to reaching! Well said Nick and an inspiration to dig deeper into the heart to push forward. Thank you so much for being you!

  5. Ricardo Penders

    EQUALIZE Your Life, Great Stuff….Thanks Nick