"Elite Marketing Pro Will Be Right Back!"

Elite Marketing Pro Highlights...
Keep 100% Of The Sale
($5,000 Value)
I get to keep 100% of the profits from all the sales made through my funnels and professionally created websites which you set up for me.
Elite Marketing Pro System
($197/month Value)
I get the rights use your entire suite of best-selling information products to market and sell, while you do all the order processing and customer support.
Elite Marketing Pro Multi-Channel Marketing
($297/month Value)
I get to profit from your "Automated Follow-Up Marketing Machine", where you do all the follow up for me using a number of marketing channels, including email, direct mail, postcards, and even telephone follow-up to close my leads and make sales for me.
Elite Marketing Pro Marketing Funnels
($297/month Value)
I'm also getting an exclusive Elite Partner Only additional opportunities to sell even more products and make as much as $18,497 per customer.
Here's Everything You Get
When You Join...
Multiple Streams Of Residual Income
Total Value: PRICELESS
I get additional monthly commission checks from your membership programs that are automatically marketed to my leads.
"Name In Lights"
Total Value: $500
I get instant credibility by co-branding my name, website, and bio inside your products sold to every single one of my leads.
Automated List Building
Total Value: $97 Per Month
I'm getting your tested, proven and high-converting capture pages to build my list with my own autoresponder.
EMP Member Only Capture Pages
Total Value: $97
I get your highest converting capture pages linked directly to my personal autoresponder account giving me direct access to my leads!
Elite VIP Receptions
Total Value: $1,000
I get to hang out and rub shoulders with Tim Erway, the entire Magnetic Sponsoring Team and other Million Dollar Earners at industry events.
Elite Training
Total Value: $147 Per Month
I get advanced Elite Partner Only training with exclusive monthly coaching webinars, Q&A call in days, and a special 3-Step Fast Start training that can get me my 1st sale by tomorrow morning.
VIP Support
Total Value: $97 Per Month
I get fast answers to all my questions and any help I need from a dedicated in-house support team.
FREE Tickets
Total Value: $997 Per Event
I'm getting two free tickets to attend any training event hosted or co-hosted by Magnetic Sponsoring.
Done For You Traffic
Total Value: PRICELESS
With this "Lazy Commissions Plan" I can have you do all the work for me and drive a stampede of traffic to my websites. There's nothing for me to create, figure out, or set up.
The ULTIMATE Leader's Reference Library (ANNUAL ONLY)
Total Value: $8,653 + $97 Per Month
Get every digital prodcut in the Magnetic Sponsoring Library when you order Elite Marketing Pro Annual Option.
Take a look at all of the products you receive!
Turn-Key Instant Blogging System
Total Value: $30 Per Month
I get my own fully hosted blog I can use to build my brand, create an ever growing asset, and establish authority in my niche.
5-Minute Capture Page Creator
Total Value: $47 Per Month
I can put my list-building on cruise control by getting my own state-of-the-art capture page software. I can create an unlimited number of capture pages with built-in conversion boosters and full analytics. Plus it's all 100% hosted for me.

If you were to add all of those monthly values up, that comes to a whopping $27,261 per year in total!

What Others Are Saying...
... I made $11,390.70 so far...
Just to give you an idea of what's possible with this... I made $11,390.70 so far. Still within my first 90 days. I don't have the biggest list. You'll rarely find me on the leads board (I'm on there now, but I'm not usually) but I'm consistent and I'm always driven by the best ways to help my ideal clients.
- Rebecca Woodhead
10x Better Than What I Was Able To Create...

I spent over $200 getting the basics set up, purchasing a domain name, and hosting.

I then had to hire a guy through Elance to do some fine tuning and such...another $150.

I spent countless hours with the guy getting things set-up the way I wanted and to optimize the site.

I wasn't his only client so there were times where I just had to wait for a response. In addition he took off for a 3 day seminar.

And even now the site is not what I had hoped for either functionally or aesthetically.

It doesn't begin to compare with what we have here with EMP.

Bottom Line: The EMP blog and lead capture system is 10x better than what I was able to create...it's fantastic and so much better than 90% of the business building blogs out there.

We at EMP are blessed to be have such a remarkable tool to use to build our businesses.

- Rich Rotford
...Produced Leads The Very First Day!

I was trying to do Internet Marketing since 2009 and I bought about every single course out there. I was so overwhelmed by all those "fake gurus" stuff that I almost quit on I.M. because I was unable to product even one single lead.

Then Tim came with this EMP project and I've finally seen the light at the end of the "funnel" and produced leads the very first day! Thanks TIm and Thanks EMP!

- Olivier Gilz
EMP Is The Best Thing That Has Happened For My Business...

Elite Marketing Pro has been the answer to a long haul in finding the right product for me. I struggled in the past and i just didn't get why. Now I know it's because I didn't truly believe in what I was selling.

In my opinion, EMP is the best thing that has happened for my business - 100% commissions on fantastic products to help anyone in their business, choose what it is. Being part of this great group of Elite marketers is amazing, supportive and the best thing I have done.

- Lynda Kenny
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