Magnetic Sponsoring broke down network marketing like no one else... It actually made sense!

"Magnetic Sponsoring was the first book I read that actually made online marketing make sense" 
- Ray Higdon

Magnetic Sponsoring Re-Released 
The Revised & Expanded Edition Reveals:

"The Greatest Recruiting Shortcut in the History of Network Marketing"

How to Attract Endless New Prospects and Team Members to You Automatically

Magnetic Sponsoring broke down network marketing like no one else... It actually made sense!

Plus $732.00 Worth In Free Bonuses

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 New Book Reveals

How To Attract An Endless Stream Of Ready-To-Join Prospects... Starting Today

This one simple idea helped scores of struggling network marketers build ​massive teams and hit the top ranks… and you’re about to discover how to use this same secret to tap into an endless stream of red-hot prospects, eager to sign-up and join your ​team today.

Tim Erway

From the desk of Tim Erway
Melbourne, Florida

Dear Friend,

If you hate prospecting, dealing with rejection and feel uneasy approaching people about your business…

If you’re sick and tired of copying and pasting opportunity messages and spamming your friends’ newsfeeds with product pics…

And yet want to build a huge team, make a big income, and create a lifestyle business that can take care of you for the rest of your life… this will be the most important book you’ll ever read.

Because inside you’ll discover how to sidestep years of ridiculous marketing tactics, like cold-calling, buying leads, posting flyers, putting stickers on your car or spamming the Internet… and instead use a…

Proven Blueprint Anyone Can Use
To Build A Wildly Successful Business

I call it the greatest recruiting shortcut in the history of network marketing.

And if you’re serious about achieving massive levels of success, this revolutionary idea could literally change your life.

In fact…

I used this powerful strategy to go from complete failure in network marketing and drowning in debt to…

  • Sponsoring over 1,700 distributors into my business in less than 30 days.
  • Building my first million-dollar business in less than 18 months.
  • Launching five separate internet companies and generating over $50 million in sales.
  • Creating a ridiculous amount of financial and time freedom in my life.

And here’s the important part - I did all that WITHOUT having to do home and hotel meetings, cold calling, prospecting in malls, or chasing my warm market.

There was only one problem. I didn’t know how to properly teach this to my team, and therefore couldn’t duplicate my success.

I was getting huge results and rank advancing at lightning speed, but my team was still struggling.

Which brings me to...

The Most Exciting Part Of This Story...

One of my students used a similar strategy to explode his network marketing business.

Only (unlike me) he cracked the code to duplication, and helping his team get results.

He wrote a step-by-step playbook explaining the strategy in great detail. And would hand this playbook to every new person on his team.

As a result, his business experienced explosive growth, and his income skyrocketed.

Mike Dillard

His name is Mike Dillard, and that playbook was called Magnetic Sponsoring.

The revolutionary new idea revealed in that playbook was attraction marketing. Which was and still is the greatest recruiting shortcut in the history of network marketing.

Magnetic Sponsoring was an eye-opening look at a radically different way to build this business. Word got out fast, and people from other companies wanted to get their hands on it.

A short time later, Mike unleashed Magnetic Sponsoring to the industry, and we partnered up to turn that book into a multi-million dollar publishing company, ushering an entirely new industry called “Attraction Marketing.”

We’ve trained and coached hundreds of thousands of network marketers around the world. Helping many of them make 6-figures, 7-figures, and some even 8-figures a year.

People who once struggled and couldn’t sponsor a soul if their life depended on it… were now breaking company records, dominating leader boards, and getting big checks.

To say Magnetic Sponsoring was a game changer, would be an understatement.

It single-handedly revolutionized and transformed this entire industry. It literally changed the lives of countless network marketers around the globe. And it forever changed the way people recruit, sell and build their businesses.

Here’s what some industry heavy hitters have to say about it…

​From Almost Quitting on a 6-Figure Business to Online Network Marketing Legends

A few years after hitting 6-figures in network marketing offline, we seriously considered quitting. We were always doing meetings and never saw our kids. That’s when we came across Magnetic Sponsoring and the idea of attraction marketing.

This is where we learned how to attract prospects online and went after it by taking action on the ideas in this book. Today, prospects come to us and we’ve been able to regain our time with our kids, while scaling our network marketing business to a 7-figure organization, creating massive duplication in an organization of over 11,000 team members, bringing in 10,000 customers per month and building a global brand and following resulting in multiple income streams. It’s been literally life changing!

John and Nadya Melton  //  ​7-Figure Network Marketing Leaders

​I Hit the Top Rank in My Company Within 18 Months

​Thanks to the ideas in Magnetic Sponsoring, I was able to become a Top Earner within 9 months of joining my company and hit the top rank in my network marketing company 9 months after that. The best part is that I have gotten these results without actively prospecting a single person.

Bec Sadek  //  ​​6-Figure Network Marketing Leader

I Have the Fastest Growing Team in My Company and a Following of 73,000 People

​When Mike Dillard said he’d show me how to have "prospects hunting me down with credit card in hand, ready to enroll onto my team”, he wasn’t kidding! I not only have the fastest growing team in my company, but over the past 3 years, I’ve also personally sponsored 6 six-figure and 7-figure earners into my organization, built a brand following of over 73,000 and passively attracted 2987 total customers to me.

I’ve also been able to create an incredible system for my team that creates massive duplication, which has helped me rank advance very quickly. I can't thank Mike enough for his wisdom and everything that he has shared with me to create the dream business that I was so desperately looking for.

​Brandy Shaver  //  ​​6-Figure Network Marketing Leader

The First Book I Read That Actually Made Online Marketing Make Sense

​Magnetic Sponsoring was the first book I read that actually made online marketing make sense. It was also the very first training product I sold online. Very grateful for Mike and his teachings!

​​Ray Higdon  //  ​​Network Marketing Trainer

Within 2 Years I Quit My Job and Became Top Earner in My Company

After struggling with home parties, hotel meetings, 1-on-1’s, warm market and cold prospecting, I found Magnetic Sponsoring at a point where I was ready to quit network marketing, but this book offered to teach me a NEW WAY to attract prospects and grow a team, so I hung in there a little while longer.

Within 2 years of reading & applying Magnetic Sponsoring, I quit my job and hit Top Earner in my company soon after, without using any old school methods. Within 5 years, I grew a 7-figure global personal brand and since I’ve helped build an 8-figure digital network marketing training company using the principles I originally learned in Magnetic Sponsoring. This book won’t just transform your network marketing business, it will change your life.

​​Ferny Ceballos  //  ​​Network Marketing Trainer

I Now Attract People Who Fill Out an Application to Join My Team… Instead of Having to Chase Them

​After years of struggling to find the right people to partner with, I applied the strategies I discovered in Magnetic Sponsoring and I now attract people who are filling out an application to join my team, instead of having to chase them.

It completely transformed the way I recruit and retail. This has allowed me to quit my day job and focus on my business full time and I’ve rank advanced to the top 1% of my company. The best part is, my pipeline is always full and I get to decide who I want to work with.  

​​​Dawn Sullivan  //  ​​Network Marketing ​Leader

​I Went From a Shy 2nd Grade Teacher to Growing a 7-Figure Business

​Magnetic Sponsoring will shift your philosophy on how you build your business and will leave you wanting to continually become a bigger, better version of yourself. I came across this book at a time in my life where my self confidence was at an all time low. I questioned if I, a shy previous second grade teacher, would ever be able to grow a successful business.

This book not only taught me the strategy I needed to grow a 7-figure per year business I love, it also helped me become the confident leader I am today. I will be forever grateful for this book and the impact it's had on me. It's an absolute must read.

​Kate McShea  //  ​​7-Figure Producer

We Went From an $80 Monthly Residual to Top Producers and Hit #1 Recruiters in Our Company

Three years ago, we were the definition of a struggling network marketer, and living Whit’s mom’s basement with two young boys, barely being able to afford to feed our family.

10 months after discovering the concepts inside of Magnetic Sponsoring we went from an $80 monthly residual to a Top Earners and recently became the #1 recruiters in our company. We haven’t had to cold prospect a single person - online or offline - in 3 years… and yet we are attracting our perfect prospects every single day online.

Whit and Cari Higham  //  ​6-Figure Network Marketing Leaders

From Living Paycheck to Paycheck… to #1 Recruiters in Our Company and Top Earners

Magnetic Sponsoring took us from living paycheck to paycheck and chasing down people who had no interest in our business or our products to becoming the #1 recruiters in our network marketing company and ultimately put us on the path to becoming Top Earners in a different company a few years later.

It also revealed the blueprint for helping us build an online global brand and social media following of over 100,000 and designing a business consisting of additional 6 figure revenue streams through affiliate marketing, product launches, our own training company and now, a marketing agency we both run together. 

Bill & Michelle Pescosolido  //  ​​Top Recruiters and 7-Figure Leaders

However, I’m shocked that some network marketers are still taught old-school outdated prospecting and recruiting methods.

I’m stunned that I still see people writing down their top 100 lists. Doing home and hotel meetings. Cold prospecting. And now using social media to push their products and opportunity on their prospects.

Sadly, many network marketers who are still using these outdated methods, don’t know any better. They were never taught differently.

And it pains me to break the news… but with these old-school methods, most don’t have a snowballs chance of ever making it in this business. Especially in today’s digital era.

Which is why I’m thrilled to offer you a unique opportunity to get your hands on the newest edition of this revolutionary book.

And for a limited time, get some very special bonuses worth $732.00, available for the first time ever as part of this exclusive Magnetic Sponsoring Digital Kickstart Companion Package.

I’ll tell you more about this special package and all the bonuses in just a moment.

First, here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover inside the pages of the new edition of Magnetic Sponsoring…

  • How to get red-hot prospects to reach out to you… and even pay you to get on your prospect list. (page 62)
  • The fastest way to start making more money. Most network marketers skip this and end up struggling forever… without making a dime. (Page 22)
  • The single most effective way to get new customers and sponsor more people… WITHOUT selling. Forget about fancy objection handling and high-pressure closing techniques. Simply do this one little thing and watch your prospects eagerly raise their hands, asking you to sign them up. (Page 60)
  • Escape rejection hell and never prospect again. Here’s how to easily trigger your prospect’s desire to connect with you and hang on to your every word. (Page 11)
  • 31 words guaranteed to turn you into a better recruiter and a much more effective marketer. It’s the secret to virtually effortless persuasion… and will forever change the way you promote your products and enroll new people. (Page 43)
  • The one thing you should NEVER do with a potential prospect or client. If you do, you’ll instantly ruin any chance of them buying from you or joining your team. Almost every network marketer makes this mistake. (Page 23)
  • You don’t have to convince people or use arm-twisting tactics to recruit them. Instead, here’s an “almost magic” way to have the highest caliber people automatically enroll into your business. (Page 66)
  • FACT: your prospects secretly desire to be around certain type of people… and it has nothing to do with charisma. Use this little-known secret to gain instant influence and automatically become the person others want to follow. Works even for hardcore introverts. (Page 12)
  • Why network marketers should stay away from traditional advertising… unless they do this instead. (Page 58)
  • How to create a 6-figure income without recruiting a single person. I guarantee not one in a thousand network marketers knows this, and yet it’s the secret sauce to creating an immediate and massive boost in your cash flow. (Page 64)
  • The #1 mistake almost every network marketer makes with advertising… that’s a surefire way to lose money. Here’s a simple way to avoid this, while making a profit at the same time. (Page 73)
  • The X-Factor to gaining instant credibility and authority with your prospects. It’s the main reason they’ll want to enroll with you, even if you’re brand spankin’ new and have little to no results. (Page 26)
  • What to do with your eyes to command respect from almost everyone you talk to. You can actually see this secret “in action” in most James Bond 007 movies. (Page 24)

And we’ve just scratched the surface.

Here are some more recruiting and money-making secrets you’ll uncover…

  • Where to find the very best and the highest quality prospects for your business. Most network marketers are fighting an uphill battle. But you can make your life easier and your business much more fun, by going after the ‘low-hanging fruit’. (Page 70)
  • The cold hard truth about what it takes to make a BIG INCOME. You don’t need to be pushy, salesy, or aggressive… and yet still have prospects line up and virtually beg you to take their money or join your team. (Page 18)
  • The best piece of advice about building a large team. You’ll never waste another moment with the wrong people… and create a real leadership factory by only attracting serious prospects. (Page 42)
  • A surprisingly simple way to generate an endless flow of high-quality leads with paid advertising – for FREE. That’s right, you can use paid ads to attract loads of new prospects without spending a dime. (Page 52)
  • How attractive members of the opposite sex can make you much more successful in business. You’re not going to have to prospect or talk to anyone. Simply use this “trick” next time you see a good-looking man or woman, and watch your natural ability to attract others skyrocket. (Page 13)
  • Using social media to build your business is great. But there’s one dangerous trap you need to know about. It’s easy to fall for it, but something you’ll definitely want to avoid. (Page 50)
  • Ever get skeptical prospects? Here’s how to quickly eliminate their doubts and melt away any resistance… without using hype, over the top promises or any kind of verbal jiujitsu. (Page 95)
  • Why “opportunity seekers” are the WORST people to sponsor. And how to find real business-builders instead. (Page 71)
  • How to recruit an army without saying a word about your opportunity. Crazy as that sounds, when you do this, people will be a lot more likely sign-up, even if you never ask them to join. (Page 31)
  • How to follow-up with your prospects, sell your products, and add new reps onto your team… literally with a push of a button. It’s by far the BEST way to leverage your time, and I’m shocked how few network marketers actually use it. (page 80)
  • Want to become an advertising pro? Here’s how to create powerful and compelling advertising messages for your business. Plus, a little trick to get the wheels turning and get your creative juices flowing… even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body. (Page 99)
  • Start making money on demand. This is how Mike Dillard launched a brand new business and made $3.2 million in 7 days… without advertising. And while there’s no such thing as “push button”… this powerful strategy is as close to “push-button” as you can get. (Page 49)
  • Enjoy complete peace of mind and never worry about money again. Here is how to make any financial issues you have a thing of the past. (Page 88)

You’ll discover all that and much, much more.

But most important of all…

You’ll know exactly what to do to recruit an army, build a large and productive team, and create a thriving business… without wasting your precious time chasing the wrong people.

Which is why I urge you to grab your copy of Magnetic Sponsoring.

In fact, I’m going to make this a complete no-brainer for you.

​I’ll Send You A Free Copy Of Magnetic Sponsoring Book... Just Cover Shipping

For a limited time, I’m giving away physical copies of this book.

If you cover the small shipping and handling fee, I’ll rush you a physical copy of the book, at no charge.

There’s no catch.

And in case you’re wondering, I’m doing this for two simple reasons…

1.  As I mentioned already, the ideas and principles in this book exploded my business and literally changed my life. As well as the lives of tens of thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide.

And I want to get this book into the hands of as many network marketers as I possibly can. The strategies revealed on these pages can be the difference between someone giving up… or becoming the next million-dollar success story.

2. By equipping you with attraction marketing principles that can help you rapidly grow your team and make more money, you might consider getting some of my advanced training to take your business to even greater heights.

In fact, reading this book and wrapping your head around these powerful ideas is a prerequisite for my students.

Also, I don’t want you to just read the book, get excited, and then set it aside on your bookshelf to collect dust.

Instead I want to arm you with everything you need to put the ideas revealed inside Magnetic Sponsoring, into action.

So, I’ve put together a special Magnetic Sponsoring Digital Kickstart Package, with a few additional bonuses to help you get results as quickly as humanly possible.

​Bonus #1 – Magnetic Sponsoring System Action Guide
($47.00 – FREE)


This bonus companion guide will help you get the most out of this book, and avoid information overload.

You’ll discover a powerful 5-step process you can use to launch your own magnetic sponsoring attraction marketing system.

I’ll show you how to use this system to build a large team and create a thriving 7-figure empire… without prospecting, home parties, or doing hotel meetings.

This is the exact same process I personally used to produce over $50 million in my own businesses. And taught to every one of my students who now make 6-figures, 7-figures, and 8-figures a year.

You’ll see the entire attraction marketing process in action… and how to use the secrets from the book to create your own evergreen recruiting, selling and building machine.

Bonus #2 – Magnetic Sponsoring Case Studies
($97.00 – FREE)

Want to see how top earners use Magnetic Sponsoring secrets to grow their teams?


In this special bonus you’ll get to hear from some of our most successful students.

  • What they’re doing on social media to passively attract lots of new prospects.
  • How they create a rabid following and consistently enroll new team members online.
  • How they generate additional commissions while they’re building their team.

We’ll do a deep dive and talk about how these superstars use attraction marketing to get insane results in their own network marketing businesses. And how you can use these same strategies too.

Bonus #3 – Lifetime Access To Attraction Marketing Community
($97.00 – FREE)

I’m giving you full around the clock access to our private mastermind and member-only community.


This is a place to connect, inspire and learn from the most successful marketers who are shaking things up and making money today.

I want to make sure you’ll never feel alone, and can always get your most burning questions answered by other members, including our staff and a number of high level marketers who are always eager to jump in and help.

Plus… For A Limited Time, I’m Going To Include 3 More FAST-START Bonuses To Accelerate Your Success

Fast Action Bonus #4 – Exclusive Interview With Mike Dillard 
($97.00 – FREE)

In this special bonus you’ll hear the author, Mike Dillard, explain how the idea of attraction marketing came to be and found its way into network marketing.

Mike reveals how he used attraction marketing to make 7-figures in 18 months (after six years of failure)… and how you can use it to turn your business into a real, cash producing asset.

You’ll also discover Mike’s hard-won lessons he learned from multiple businesses that produced over $60 million dollars. You’ll hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. These lessons ​helped Mike become the #1 earner in his company. And later one of the biggest influencers in the world of online marketing.

This may be one of the most eye-opening talks you’ll ever see.

Fast Action Bonus #5 – Recruit With Words 
($197.00 – FREE)

Imagine being able to send a simple email… and then watch notifications come flying in, as your prospects buy your products and sign up as new distributors… automatically.


Now, imagine having the skill to pull that off anytime you want to create a cash flow surge in your business.

This what you’ll discover in this 3-part interview with Mike Dillard and copywriting expert Ben Settle.

You’ll be a fly on the wall, as you hear Mike and Ben get into the nitty-gritty of creating words that turn prospects into customers.

Here’s a just little taste of what you’ll uncover…

  • A simple 4-part persuasion formula for turbocharging your sales and recruiting message.
  • ​Why some sales letters and emails work, while others fail miserably.
  • How to develop a unique, “under-the-radar” style that’s perfect to use when promoting your product or opportunity to even the most skeptical prospects.
  • How to write ads and letters that actually SELL your products and opportunity without using hype, lies or gimmicks.
  • The #1 mistake networkers make when sending emails to prospects that kills their chances of making the sale.
  • How to use Mike’s “passive-promo” technique to make money from your leads every single time you send an email, even if they never join your business.

And much, much more.

All in all, it was a 3 hour and 40 minute deep dive into the world of copywriting – the single most valuable skill you could possibly learn.

After going through it, you'll be light years ahead of where you are now. And well on your way to mastering one of the only skills in the world, that can literally allow you to turn your thoughts into a fortune, with nothing more than a pen and a piece of paper.

Fast Action Bonus #6 – Network Marketing Millionaire Success Series
($197.00 – FREE)


Finally, I want to give you access to 8 more powerful training sessions. Each one featuring a multi 7-figure earner, spilling the beans on how to build a giant organization and a huge income.

That’s 8 different million-dollar earners revealing some of their best kept secrets to massive network marketing success.

Here’s a tiny sliver of what’s revealed in this rare footage…

  • ​How to change your story and the direction of your life RIGHT NOW.
  • A simple 3-step recruiting process even the newest person can follow and get results.
  • ​How to build a high producing culture and community.
  • One little tip to help you build a massive organization, with a lot less effort than most network marketers put in.
  • How to properly train and turn new recruits into high performers.
  • 4 pillars for creating massive duplication… it’s the ONLY way to truly scale your network marketing business, without constantly spinning your wheels.
  • Want to multiply your profits and accelerate your success? This top earner made an EXTRA Million Bucks in just 3 months using this one secret.
  • Psychology of money and wealth creation… you’ll discover how to stop sabotaging your ability to create prosperity, and instead skyrocket your income, grow your business, and make an impact.

And a whole lot more business-building and income boosting tips, techniques and strategies from some of the biggest and highest paid leaders in network marketing.

This is a total of $732.00 of extra training I’m including along with the new edition of the book, as part of your Magnetic Sponsoring Digital Kickstart Package.

You’ll get instant access to all these bonuses in your secure members area.

But remember…

These extra bonuses are available for a very limited time. The ONLY way to get the entire $732.00 package along with your FREE BOOK… is to grab it during this special limited time offer of the new edition of Magnetic Sponsoring.

What Network Marketers Are Saying About Magnetic Sponsoring…

Khanyisa Mhlongo | Johannesburg, South Africa

​No More Chasing People… New Prospects Are Reaching Out to Me Now

“Before attraction marketing I was totally stressed with no hope of ever succeeding in my business. I was tired of chasing uninterested people to buy my product and have a look at my business opportunity. Now I get quality new leads daily. I make sales on autopilot. And I have people reaching out to me.“

Josie & Jeremiah Brauhn | Fairborn, Ohio

​150 New Prospects… $5,000 in Additional Income…

“Since we started using Attraction Marketing we've had 150 new prospects and made $5,000 in additional income. We even had new customers sign up automatically, while our whole family was hunkered down as 15 tornadoes blew through our city. Talk about passive income. This automated system is doing the work for us and gives us more time with kids.“

Mattie Miller | Millersburg, Ohio

​New Leads and Sales Before Having All the Pieces of the System in Place

“I started getting new leads and making sales before even having all the pieces of the system in place. I got rid of rejection and boosted my confidence like never before!“

Teri Hobbs Wallingford | Temecula, California

​Helped Me Become a Better Leader…

“Attraction Marketing has not only helped me generate leads and sales passively...but also has helped me become a better leader.“

Michelle Felicia | Copenhagen, Denmark

​New prospects Are Now Booking Themselves in My Calendar…

“I got an epic set of marketing skills and new prospects are now booking themselves in my calendar to hear about what I have to offer.“

Krissy Binversie | Summit Lake, Wisconsin

​Knowledge and Tools I Need to Succeed…

“This has given me knowledge and the tools I need to succeed in my network marketing business.“

Lee Ryan | Perth, Australia

​The Confidence and Skills I Acquired Are Invaluable…

“Before I found Attraction Marketing I had no idea why I was constantly failing in my network marketing business. The confidence I gained and the skills I acquired are invaluable and are helping me build my business.“

Carla Shaw | Calgary, Alberta Canada

​3 to 5 New Prospects a Day Ask What I Do…

“I hated how I was building my business before. It didn’t feel authentic and I was pouring hours into chasing people around, to have them quit. Attraction Marketing was the missing piece I needed to build a real business. I now have 3 to 5 new people a day ask what I do. And I haven’t sent an awkward message to someone in months. New prospects just book in my calendar now… and it’s people I’ve never talked to before.“

Ann Marie Sladek | Anchorage, Alaska

​Helped Me Create a Social Media Following…

“Attraction marketing has helped me create a social media following with an audience who is interested in what I have to say.“

Sarah Grannell | Bury, United Kingdom

​Created a Social Media Following and Have Lots of Perfect Prospects

“Before discovering Attraction Marketing I was lost. Thanks to the skills I learned, I created a social media following and have lots of perfect prospects. Prospects who are like minded and I actually want to connect with.“

Amber DeBruin | Arlington, Virginia

​I No Longer Have to Prospect, Hassle Friends and Family or Send Messages to Strangers

“After being completely burnt out, embarrassed, and ready to quit my network marketing business, Attraction Marketing has me excited to wake up and check my emails everyday. Having new leads and commissions come to me while I'm asleep, or out living my life is the most amazing feeling! I no longer have to prospect, hassle friends and family, or send messages to strangers on social media and I have learned how to ATTRACT my perfect customer and business builder to me.“

Julie Vance | Ancaster, Ontario Canada

​I’m Enrolling Business Builders and Getting Paid to Grow My Following

“Before learning Attraction Marketing I had burned through my warm market. I had no one left to talk to and cold messaging strangers wasn’t for me. Once I started going through the strategy, my business took off. I’m enrolling business builders into my team and also getting paid to grow my following. And I never run out of people to talk to. Now that’s gold!“

Helen Martin | Victor Harbor, Australia

​I Enrolled 286 New Teammates and Rank Advanced 4 Times...

“In the last 8 months 286 joined my Network Marketing Team and I rank advanced 4 times. Attraction Marketing helped me eliminate rejection, and create a constant flow of new leads.“

This is what you have to look forward to when you grab your copy of Magnetic Sponsoring and put this system to work for you.

Here Is My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Look, I have no doubt you’re going to love the book.

In fact, if you don’t… if you don’t think all the ideas and strategies you’ll uncover inside the book will help you recruit more people, make more money, and build your business faster… I’m going to do something crazy… I’ll refund your shipping fee and let you keep the book and $732.00 in FREE BONUSES anyway.

That's right. You don't even have to send it back. Just shoot an email to my friendly customer support, and you’ll get a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked.

So, you have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.

Go ahead and grab your copy of Magnetic Sponsoring right now, dig into all the extra training, and I can’t wait to hear about your success.


Tim Erway

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) and scrolled all the way to the bottom, here’s the scoop…

I’m mailing you a 132 page book, Magnetic Sponsoring (that retails at $19.95)… which will show you how to attract more prospects, recruit more people, and build your business by leveraging the internet, and with zero rejection.

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Plus, you’ll get instant access to $732.00 in additional training bonuses, which you can put to use immediately and start getting results TODAY.

There's not catch... no gimmicks... You will NOT be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that.

If fact, if you don't love the book - I'll even refund your shipping costs (and you don't have to ship the book back.)

So, Click the button below to get your FREE copy now. You won't regret it.

​More Network Marketers Are Raving About Magnetic Sponsoring...

Adam T.

Modern day network marketing manifesto

Magnetic Sponsoring is the modern day network marketing manifesto. This book changed my perspective and turned my business upside down - or you might say right side up. A must read for anybody on my team!

John R.

This book is a must read

This book is a must read for all network marketers who are tired of the “old school” strategies. All my downlines have to commit to implementing these strategies before they sign up.


Best book I’ve read on generating leads

Magnetic Sponsoring is the best book I’ve read on generating leads online. No fluff, all value. Forget highlighting. You’d have to highlight the whole book. I couldn’t put it down. There’s nothing but aha moments from beginning to end.

Zack M.

You really need to read this if you’re serious

You really need to read this book if you’re serious about building a successful home business with the residual income you really strive for. And without pestering your family and everyone within three feet of you.


This book is a game-changer

This book is a game-changer. If you're asking friends & family to take a look at what you're selling and you're gettin' slapped in the face with a buncha "No thanks", there's probably a thing or ten that you'll get from this book.

Mike S.

This book changed my life

I bought the original version and this book changed my life. This has new additional insights and will change your life.


Best information I’ve read on what works in network marketing

Best information I have read to date on what works in network marketing. This is a must read if you want to know the best strategy to acquire business builders in your organization and to put your lead generation on auto-pilot.

Sarah S.

Any person, at any stage in their business can completely revolutionize it

What I LOVE about Magnetic Sponsoring is how any person, at any stage financially in their business, can completely revolutionize it- easily and even on a shoestring marketing budget.


This book is simply amazing

This book is simply amazing. It approaches the Network Marketing profession (and every business) from a completely different perspective, allowing you to attract prospect instead of chasing them.

Salvador R.

You will read over and over again

This is an amazing read that you will read over and over again. Mike goes into mentality as well as a step by step process in how to succeed in this business and in a lot of other areas in life.

Sharon K.

Read this book

If you have any desire to change your life, read this book!

Anthony J.

Great read

Great read. I always wonder how the top producers seem to get leads, thanks Mike for sauce.

Kelaiah K.

Gold-mine for network marketers

An absolute must-read for anyone looking to build their own business and grow their wealth. Gold-mine for network marketers… thank you Mike Dillard for teaching us how to have the Midas touch!

Jacque P.

Mind changing ideas

Love this book! Mind changing ideas! Are you ready to upgrade your life? Start with this book.

Jan I.

One of the best resources for network marketers  

This book is one of the best resources I have read for network marketers who want to build a serious business.

Mike H.

Awesome book

Awesome book. Helped me to completely rethink the way I was doing things.

Amparo T.

A must have for any entrepreneur

A must have for any entrepreneur or business owner no matter if you are new the industry or an experienced business person. This is a book you will go back to over and over again. A book that will change your approach and have customers flocking to you.

Cassie P.

Wish I read it sooner

Great book! Wish I had read it sooner!

Steven H.

This is what works, why it works and how it works

A book to model your business after. This is what works, why it works, and how it works. Do this and you will WIN!

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