Discover How to Use the Influencer Enrollment Method to Attract New Prospects and Build a Global Team with Social Media

This simple strategy will help you tap into the power of social media influence and sponsor new teammates like a pro. No need to spam your friends’ newsfeeds… no need to copy and paste cookie cutter messages... no need to drop your company links all over the place.

You can be 100% authentic, feel great about how you show up and absolutely CRUSH IT in your business… here’s how:

Imagine flipping a switch, and almost effortlessly attracting a stampede of new high-quality prospects to you.

You won’t need to pitch your friends on Facebook or stalk strangers and spam them with your messages.

These tactics will only send your prospects running for the hills. Which is a painful reality for many network marketers trying to build it online.

However, you can achieve massive success in your business, without showing up on social media with a hidden agenda.

And in just a moment, I’ll show you the #1 secret to making that happen.

But first, let me ask you…

Have you noticed how some people have no difficulty sponsoring new folks and rapidly growing their team… while most network marketers struggle to recruit a single soul?

Kinda makes you wonder if there’s some “secret” to recruiting people.

Well, whether you consider it a secret or not, there’s a very good reason why some folks build huge teams fast, while the vast majority spin their wheels and plow through a ton of rejection.

And it has little to do with talent, charisma or even your people skills.

Here’s the Missing Link to Attracting More Prospects Than You Can Shake a Stick At

Fact is…

The secret to attracting a slew of prospects and easily enrolling new people into your business has to do with one thing only – your influence.

The ability to get people to take action, without being obnoxious or using aggressive sales tactics.

What I mean is…

Instead of making new ‘friends’ on Facebook and bombarding them with your opportunity posts, hoping someone will bite…

You can attract new, high-quality prospects, who are eager to see what you’ve got… without getting all weird on social media.

You can get HUGE RESULTS by building your business with class and being REAL with people without having to fake it.

Doesn’t that sound like a much better plan?

Now here’s the good news…

Influence is not something you’re born with. There’s no “influence gene” you can inherit. It’s a trait you develop. And with the right training, you can acquire this leadership skill pretty fast.

My name is Kate McShea.

I came into this industry as a shy 2nd grade teacher, who turned into a top earner thanks to what you’re about to discover.

And before I go any further, I have to make an…

Embarrassing Confession:
“I Was a Social Media Spammer”


When I got started in this business, back in 2012, I didn’t know any better.

I heard it was a good idea to post links all over Facebook, and I did it like a champ. Even got a trophy to prove it.

When a big name leader caught wind of my naughty social media behavior, she sent me this little message…

Gosh… how embarrassing. My face still turns red when I think about this.

And to be perfectly honest, even before this leader called me out, I already felt pretty slimy doing it.

I don’t know about you, but I never liked the idea of hitting up people on Facebook. Pretending like I want to connect with them, but secretly trying to rope them into a virtual opportunity meeting.

Ughhh… I can’t believe I used to do this kind of stuff.

I mean seriously, don’t you just hate that creepy feeling of having to stalk people on social media… hoping and praying someone will join?

Truth is… this whole social media prospecting spamfest never felt right to me.

I love helping people and I’m passionate about teaching network marketers how to succeed. But I like to do it in a professional way that doesn’t make you cringe inside.

Which is why I’m thrilled to announce this brand-new training with my friends and top-ranked leaders – Cari & Whit Higham.

You may have heard their names echo across the interwebz.

This power couple has been making big waves in our industry, with the fastest growing team in their company.

However, that’s a far cry from where they were just a little while ago.

In fact, three years ago, Cari and Whit were on the verge of total financial devastation.

Whit lost his job and they were forced to move into his mother’s basement with their two boys.

They had no money. Stacks of credit card bills. And were failing badly with their network marketing business.

Cari and Whit live in a little town in Utah.

After quickly running out of their warm market they hit the streets. They’d talk to anyone literally within 3 feet. And on weekends, they would hop in their car and drive 5 hours to Las Vegas, so they could cold prospect people on the strip.

Talk about commitment.

But after 2 years of striking up conversations with complete strangers, putting thousands of miles on their car, and doing countless home meetings… they recruited 2 people.

TWO PEOPLE after 2 years.

And had a whopping $80 a month residual commission check, from a handful of family members who signed up for the auto-ship.

Any sane person would quit at this point. And most people do.

But Cari’s and Whit’s never give up attitude led them to discover a strategy that radically turned their business around.

  • No more prospecting.
  • No more approaching anyone who can fog a mirror.
  • No more meetings trying to get people to sign up.

Instead they figured out how to use social media the right way to rapidly grow their business. Without bugging their friends or posting about their biz around the clock.

What Cari and Whit have uncovered is…

The #1 Secret to Attracting Top-Notch
Prospects on Social Media

They leveraged the power of social media influence to easily attract more prospects and sponsor them unto your team.

After years of struggle, the moment Cari and Whit put this method to use, their business soared.

It took them only 10 months to blast through the $100K level and join the elite ranks of Top Earners.

They’ve built a massive list of 75,000 new prospects, without approaching a single stranger.

And watched over THREE QUARTERS of a MILLION DOLLARS in commissions roll into their bank account in the last 3 years. That’s over $750,000.

Imagine what that would feel like.

Cari and Whit cracked the code to building their business with social media… and turned their strategy into a bulletproof system called – The Influencer Enrollment Method.

Which can help anyone rapidly attract new prospects, build a team and get paid.

In fact, they recently decided to build a new team and in the first 90 days…

  • Personally sponsored 35 new people. 
  • Enrolled 100 total teammates into their business.
  • And quickly created an additional $7,000 a month income.

All in just 90 days. Without prospecting a single person.

That’s some pretty impressive results in such a short period of time.

But here is what’s even more important… the Influencer Enrollment Method can help you achieve true freedom because it’s simple and duplicatable.

They’ve taught this system to their team and a handful of other network marketers.

And the results are nothing short of amazing…

Adrian Lindeen

Rank advanced 3 times in just 17 days...

"I struggled for 3 years with home parties, vendor events, cold calling leads, spamming my social media and sending out annoying “Hey Girl” private messages without getting any results.

After consistently applying what I learned from Whit and Cari’s Social Media Enroller strategy, I grew an audience of over 14,000 people on social media and rank advanced in my Network Marketing company 3 times in just 17 days. I enrolled my first TOP earning leader into my team. I now have 15-20 people consistently reaching out to me every day and even booking themselves on my calendar to be interviewed to join my team."

Jessica Davis

I now have 15-20 prospects reaching out to me each day...

"I struggled for over 4 years in my network marketing company. Ten months after implementing Attraction Marketing into my business, I became a top earner in my company.

Instead of chasing after friends and family, and trolling social media for new “friends” to talk to about my business, I now have 15-20 prospects reaching out to me each day and new customers and business partners enrolling daily. The strategies taught inside Social Media Enroller have given me my life back. My time is my own again and building my business is actually FUN!"

David & Debbie Dunford

We have a system and a business that works for us...

"We used to work for hours on end and not see much progress. We felt fake reaching out to old friends so we could pitch them on our products. Eventually we got to the point where we were ready to give up and we would have, if we had not found the strategies inside Social Media Enroller. Oh what a difference it has made!

Using social media prospects who are already interested are now reaching out to us and asking us about what we have to offer.

We have a system and a business that works for us instead of feeling like we always need to be "on the clock" wherever we go. Using this system, we have seen thousands of dollars in sales without prospecting a single soul."

Tim & Becky Graff

435 high quality prospects in just 30 days...

"We struggled building our business online for over a year using “traditional tactics” to grow our business. We spent 3-4 hours a day sending out personal messages and attempting to connect with people in groups but would get maybe 3 serious leads a week.

Once we applied what we learned in Social Media Enroller all that changed! We were able to bring in 435 high quality prospects in just 30 days, rank advance twice in 2 weeks and we did it all without actively prospecting."

Helen Martin

360 people have joined my team in the last 10 months...

"Learning about attraction marketing and modern social media strategies has been a game changer for my network marketing business. I no longer have to chase my family & friends or fear rejection.

Over 360 people have joined my Team in the last 10 months due to these strategies I have learned. I’m very grateful for discovering this new way to build my business online."

Kat Krasilnikov

I was finally able to quit my job and build a big team online...

"After I met Whit and Cari and started implementing the strategies taught inside Social Media Enroller, I was able to build an online following of 20,000 prospects versus needing to create a list of 100 friends who avoided me. I now have prospects reaching out to me wanting to join my team.

Yes, it seemed like a dream just a few months ago, but I finally was able to quit my job last May, build a big team online, rank advance 4 times in the last 3 months... all without bugging people, drowning in small talk or making fake friends."

I know every one of these incredible leaders, and have seen each one go from struggling network marketers to watching their businesses explode.

None of them got “lucky”.

Or I should say, the only part where luck played a role, is they were handed business-building strategies that actually work.

And now, for the first time ever, you have an opportunity to get your hands on the exact same social media strategies they all used.


In this training Cari & Whit reveal their powerful 3-step process for using social media to attract more prospects and build a high-producing team… FAST!

Here’s a taste of the business-building secrets you’ll discover…

  • How to STOP cold prospecting for good… and use the internet (the right way) to grow your business.
  • The #1 reason network marketers struggle and deal with rejection… both online and offline. It has nothing to do with your skills. Once you wrap your head around this idea – rejection and most objections you hear will become a thing of the past.
  • How to create a stampede of new prospects on social media… without spamming your friends or dropping opportunity links in posts and private messages.
  • The ONLY way to use your personal Facebook profile to promote your business… without turning it into a billboard. It’s 100% FREE and is perfect for brand new people to launch their network marketing biz and start seeing quick results.
  • How to position yourself as a leader from the get-go… even if you’re brand new. Most network marketers don’t get this, and unintentionally come across as desperate and needy. This is one of the keys to attracting prospects instead of chasing them.
  • 3 ways you can build credibility and automatically become the person others want to follow.
  • The BEST way to gain authority and create unshakable trust with your prospects on social media… in as little as 5 minutes. Car & Whit will show you exactly how to do it.
  • What you should NEVER ever do with a new prospect. Most network marketers fall into this trap and shoot themselves in the foot.
  • The biggest secret TOP earners and big-name leaders use to sponsor people. You can use their secret to sign up new people with ease... even if you haven’t had much success yet.
  • What to say to get more people eagerly saying YES to your opportunity, without any kind of high-pressure tactics.
  • Facebook advertising secrets… here’s the fastest way humanly possible to attract lots of high-quality prospects and build your team. In fact, when you do this right (Cari will show you how) Facebook will practically build your business for you.
  • What Facebook wants you to do to get the absolute MAXIMUM number of people into your pipeline.
  • Cari’s & Whit’s secret recruiting weapon for turning a whopping 8 out of 10 qualified prospects into customers and team members. This is pretty much unheard of in our industry.

And much, much more!

Here’s the bottom line…

By the time you go through this training, you’ll have a complete step-by-step game plan to attract new prospects on social media and sponsor a lot more people into your business… in as little as 7 days.

Plus, and this is a biggie, you’ll be able to teach this simple process to your team and duplicate your results, just like these superstars…

Brandy Shaver, Top Ranked Leader

I’m loving the duplication that’s happening with my team... we 5X’ed our group volume

"The strategies inside this course have given me a way to use Social Media to build my business without sending weird spammy messages to strangers or posting all over my profile about my products.

It brings me super qualified prospects daily asking me how do they get products or enroll in the team. I have taught my team this strategy and they have had tremendous results and as the leader I'm loving the duplication that's happening with my team. We 5X’ed our group volume in 90 days from implementing it.

I’d definitely recommend this to any network marketer that wants results for themselves and their team."

Tracy Chalmers

Rank advanced 4 times in less than 7 days...

"After implementing the strategies inside Social Media Enroller, I rank advanced 4 major leadership ranks in 1 week and added 19 People to my downline team these last 2 months alone. I also walked the stage last month being recognized as a Premier Leader inside my network marketing company."

Melanie McGinnis

From 9 to 200 social media followers in less than 2 weeks...

"In less than 2 weeks my Facebook Fan Page has organically gone from 9 likes to 200 followers because of the strategies taught inside Social Media Enroller. I've also gone from 800 friends to over 1400 targeted connections in less than a month!"

Alison Crosbie

Within 4 weeks I had people joining my team...

"Truth be told I had walked away from Network Marketing 6 months ago. I hated spamming my products on my Facebook page, making fake friends on messenger and being told to Go For No by my upline every day.

I had enough and thought Network Marketing just wasn’t for me, until I saw what Whit and Cari were doing and knew I wanted to find out more.

I started implementing the system they had in place at the end of July and within 2 weeks I had my funnel set up, within 3 weeks I was generating leads and within 4 weeks I had people joining my team.

I have only been implementing their strategies for under 3 months and in that short time I have rank advanced, people are joining my team every month and I’ve gotten over 200 qualified leads. These strategies work!"

Paul North

Rank advanced 3 times in just a few weeks...

"When I first started in Network Marketing, I was confident… but I was also naive. Naive thinking that everyone that had a pulse was my perfect prospect. Then I stumbled upon Social Media Enroller.

And not only am I no longer spamming friends, family or random strangers… I now use this simple, easy-to-use strategy taught in this course to build my own audience of followers, have people reaching out to me, and rank advanced 3 times in just a few weeks! Boom!"

Melanie & Collin Donohoue
New Mexico

We were able to attract 51 qualified prospects in 2 months...

"Since using this new system, we were able to attract 51 qualified prospects in 2 months wanting to learn more about our team and what we’re doing!!

And we even had someone reach out to us to enroll in our team! Not only does this system work to build our business, it’s helped give us back our family time!"

Tanya Humphrey

150 new leads & 7 business builders without prospecting anyone...

"I used to build my business with one to one wine & coffee meeting & networking events. Since finding Whit & Cari I’ve grown a team of 7 business builders without prospecting anyone. I have also brought in over 150 leads in 4 months."

If you ask me, this powerful system could be worth a fortune to you.

However, you’re not going to have to spend an arm and a leg.

In fact…

Right now you can get your hands on this training and a number of very valuable fast-start bonuses… — only $147.

Yes, I’m Ready To Use The Influencer Enrollment Method
To Attract More Prospects & Explode My Business

Plus, to make this offer even more valuable and help you get the most out of this training…

You Also Get the Following Fast-Start Bonuses

FAST START BONUS #1 ($67.00 Value – FREE):

Fan Page Profits

In this bonus video Cari & Whit will show you how to set up your Facebook Fan Page the right way.

Your Fan Page is the face of your brand on social media.

You’ll discover how to show up on Facebook like a PRO, by creating a page that attracts your perfect prospects, instead of repelling them.

FAST START BONUS #2 ($47.00 Value – FREE):

Social Attraction Swipe File

You’ll get Cari’s 12 best posts that have produced thousands of leads.

You can swipe & tweak these bad boys for your business, or use ‘em as inspiration to come up with your own sizzling posts.

Either way, with this smokin’ hot swipe file, you’ll have the right words and images to create and build influence. As well automatically sift and sort, so you can cherry pick the very best prospects.

FAST START BONUS #3 ($47.00 Value – FREE):

3-Way Messenger Scripts

3-way messenger is a powerful, rejection-free alternative to 3-way calls.

Here are proven word-for-word scripts you can copy and paste to connect with your prospects and make them much more open to take a look at your business.

This is a no-brainer way to simplify duplication and enroll more people into your team.

FAST START BONUS #4 ($97.00 Value – FREE):

Consultation Funnel Mastery

This is one of Car’s and Whit’s secret weapons – Video Chats.

In this bonus video, Cari will show you how she’s using this powerful tool to close as many as 8 out of 10 people to join their business or buy their products… without twisting anyone’s arm.

Nobody wants to deal with aggressive salespeople. Your prospects don’t want to be sold or pressured into doing anything. None of us do.

And the last thing you want to do with an interested prospect is to scare them away with some high-pressure tactics.

Which is why having a consultation process works like magic. It’s a no-pressure way to have a meaningful conversation with your prospect, and get them excited to take the next step.

FAST START BONUS #5 ($47.00 Value – FREE):

Irresistible Closing Scripts

We’re not just going to show you how to turn prospects into team members… we’ll give you word-for-word scripts as well.

These are Cari’s & Whit’s proven (no-pressure) scripts, which have prospects chomping at the bit to sign up.

You’ll also get the download of their complete closing process and outline.

This is exactly how they personally sponsored 35 new people and over 200 total team members in just 90 days.

FAST START BONUS #6 ($97.00 Value – FREE):

Social Media Enroller Video Walkthrough & Action Plan

In this video Cari & Whit will walk you through the entire Social Media Enroller process. You’ll see every single step of this powerful system in action.

Plus, you’ll have Cari’s 7-day action plan to implement everything you’ve learned, so you can get MAXIMUM RESULTS IN MINIMUM TIME.

A number of their students have produced new leads, and some even hit multiple rank advances, within 7 days.

If you follow the process, there’s no reason why you couldn’t start seeing fast results as well.

FAST START BONUS #7 ($341.00 Value – FREE):

Attraction Marketing Formula with 1-on-1 Private Coaching

You’ll get instant access to the #1 training playbook for network marketers and home business entrepreneurs.

Inside this step-by-step success manual, you’ll discover how to tap into the power of attraction marketing. And how to create your own automated online prospecting and recruiting machine.

You will quickly grasp the fundamentals of using online advertising to get leads, make sales and sponsor more people. All WITHOUT having to prospect, make calls or deal with any rejection.

As well how to create a strong brand and authority… so that you can build a MASSIVE FOLLOWING.

This system has been literally responsible for creating an entire generation of new leaders and top earners.

You can say it has transformed the entire network marketing industry.


To help you hit the ground running and get results in the quickest amount of time possible…

I’m going to hook you up with an expert business coach. Someone who’s going to show you how to put everything you’ll discover inside Social Media Enroller into action, and make it almost impossible for you to fail.

Each of our coaches has been hand selected from our pool of successful students of our system. And has a lot of experience with both traditional network marketing, as well as using the internet to generate leads and recruits. In other words… they walk the walk.

You get 2 one-on-one calls with a marketing expert. Someone who KNOWS how to get results and will help YOU take action, implement every step of the process, and accelerate your success.

The moment log into your member’s area, you’ll simply click on the coaching button to set up your first kick-off call. It’s that simple.

FAST START BONUS #8 ($197.00 Value – FREE):

Lifetime Access to a Private Mastermind & Member-Only Community

Finally, I’m giving you full around the clock access to our private mastermind and member-only community. A place for our members to connect, inspire and learn from the most successful marketers who are shaking things up and making money today. Including Cari & Whit, and the leaders whose success stories I’ve shared with you earlier.

I want to make sure you’ll never feel alone, and can always get your most burning questions answered by other members, including our staff and a number of high level marketers who are always eager to jump in and help.

As you can see, the value of this massive package is well over a $1,000.00. With $940.00 in bonuses alone.

And right now you can grab it at a fraction of that for just $147.00.

A tiny drop in the bucket, in exchange for getting your hands on a system that can consistently deliver high-quality prospects to help you grow your team and EXPLODE your income.

Yes, I’m Ready To Use The Influencer Enrollment Method To Attract More Prospects & Explode My Business

We Deliver a Top-Notch Training or You Don’t Pay a Single Penny!

I want to make sure you’re completely satisfied, fired up and ready to shake things up after the training…. with our IRON-CLAD NO QUESTIONS ASKED 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

After you watch the training, and for the next 30 days after… if you don’t think Social Media Enroller will help you to:


I demand you get a refund.

Simply shoot our friendly support desk an email and we’ll promptly and cheerfully return your payment.


So, as you can see, with our 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE you have absolutely nothing to lose… and a massive amount of business boosting ideas, tips, and techniques to gain.


We’re Donating A Healthy Portion Of The Proceeds To A Very Special Cause

This holiday season, we’re very proud to once again donate a good part of the proceeds to a very special organization - Heifer International.

Heifer is on a mission to help end hunger and poverty by providing relief and empowering struggling communities around the globe to become self-reliant.

Our goal is to help you get the training you need right now to grow your business… while raising a significant amount of money. Which will provide a number of communities around the world with livestock, education and empowerment to people who need help right now.

Since we started working with Heifer at the end of 2015, we've raised over $134,000.

What could be a better gift this holiday season, than helping fight poverty and hunger around the world… while learning business growth and success strategies at the same time.

The donation from your participation in this training will go a long way in helping someone not only have a meal during this holiday season, but put them on a path towards a better, brighter and more fulfilling future.

So… will you join us this Thanksgiving in helping with a worthy cause… as well as discover a NEW revolutionary way to attract more prospects, enroll more people and take your network marketing business to a whole new level?

Yes, I’m Ready To Use The Influencer Enrollment Method To Attract More Prospects & Explode My Business


We look forward to hearing about your success with this powerful strategy.


Kate McShea with Cari & Whit Higham

Kate McShea

P.S. In case you’re still wondering how much of an impact this system can have on your business… take a quick look at a few more comments we received from some of Cari’s & Whit’s students…

Erika Punchard

I recruited my first rep whom I had never met before...

"I have tried network marketing multiple times over the past 15 years but never had any success.

Within my first 3 weeks using Cari and Whit’s method, I recruited my first rep whom I had never met before. Not once did I have to plaster my products or business opportunity all over my social media or send spammy messages to strangers.

Did I mention I also ranked advanced my first month?! The best part is I haven’t had to harass, annoy or bug any of my friends or family like I’ve done in the past."

Fran Loubser
United Kingdom

Helping 19 teammates rank advance...

"After 2 years in network marketing, my entire team had dropped off and my business was failing. My friends and family avoided me like the plague and my husband was sick of me going out at night to do parties. He begged me to quit but I'm not a quitter and I was desperate to find a more effective way to build my business.

Once I started using attraction marketing on social media to build my business, my team and I brought in 36 new customers into our businesses and 35 new recruits! I have helped 19 of them rank advance, some a few times, without ever prospecting and I have rank advanced 4 times!

I have not prospected anyone in 2 years and I have people reaching out to me looking to work with me, not even knowing what company I'm with or what products we sell. That is the power of attraction marketing and building influence over my audience.

I am forever grateful for the Social Media Enroller strategies and that I can teach my team to do the same!"

Shayla Huber

Closing more sales than ever before...

"Social Media Enroller completely turned my business around. Instead of chasing deadbeat prospects, I’m actually attracting 10-20 new leads every single day, on autopilot.

I’m closing more sales than ever before and it’s allowed me to create a team system where people actually apply to work with me! My passion for this industry is back and the results I’ve created in just 1 year from implementing these strategies is a huge testament to what they can do for anyone."

Sarah Grannell
United Kingdom

Generated over 150 prospects...

"After being banned from social media groups for prospecting and being unfriended by many of my friends, I knew there had to be a better way to grow my network marketing business.

Since implementing the strategies inside Social Media Enroller, I now use social media as a tool with systems to help attract prospects to me. I have not actively prospected a single person since implementing these strategies and yet have been able to grow a targeted fan page of over 800 followers… Generate over 150 prospects… Make sales on autopilot...

And just this month I’ve attracted 4 prospects to chat via zoom and have grown my downline.

I’m eternally grateful."

Veronica Cacciotti

Attracting more people to me organically on social media...

"The strategies inside Social Media Enroller have given me an incredible system that I can leverage that helped build my brand and attract more people to me organically on social media.

Nowadays, I don’t have to chase strangers, I don’t have to call prospects and I am still amazed each time a new prospect asks to know more about my business without even knowing the company I’m in and the product I’m selling!"

Eric & Stephanie Stewart

Enrolling more people than we ever thought possible...

"Social Media Enroller has DRAMATICALLY changed our business. We spent the past 2 years driving around the Big Island of Hawaii pitching our products and our opportunity to just about anyone and everyone. Long story short; we did just about everything our upline told us to do, but didn’t have any results to show for our efforts.

We were about to give up altogether until we finally discovered the strategies taught inside this training. In the past 6 months of using the strategies inside the 'Social Media Enroller,' we are now enrolling more people than we ever thought possible.

But the best part of all... is that we are bringing people into our business without having to prospect anyone, which allows us to have more time to do what’s important to us… which is spending more time with our growing family."

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How Do I Access the Training?

You’ll have lifetime access to the entire training and all the bonuses inside your member’s area. After the checkout you’ll have full instructions to log in.

Q Will I Really Be Able To Get Fast Results?

You absolutely can and that all depends on you. This method, like any other, requires you put in the effort and implement it.

Sadly, most people in our industry do nothing. And as a result, they make nothing. If you go through the training, and apply what you learn, you will get results.

Take it for a test-drive for the next 30 days… and if for any reason you don’t think this will help you grow your business, let us know and we’ll gladly refund your payment.

Yes, I’m Ready To Use The Influencer Enrollment Method To Attract More Prospects & Explode My Business

Income Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to accurately represent our products and their potential there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in this system or any of these products. This is information designed to help you understand the specific information covered. It is not an attempt to render tax, legal, or business advice. We do not purport this as a “Get Rich Scheme”. This is not a business opportunity. How you use the information is entirely up to you. While every effort has been made to accurately represent the information along with my opinions and insights, any claims made or examples given, although believed to be accurate, should not be relied on in any way in making a decision whether or not to purchase.

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