The 7-Step Lead Magnet Creation Guide

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Discover how to quickly crank out lead magnets that turn your website traffic into ready-to-buy leads

  • How to instantly create an "itch" your prospect has to scratch by grabbing your lead magnet and getting on your list. Page 14
  • How to get your website visitors HOOKED the moment they land on your capture page. Hint: It's NOT your headline. Page 17
  • 4 powerful ways to crank out emotionally gripping headlines and compelling lead magnet titles. Page 21
  • 12 ideas to jump start the process and help you come up with highly desirable lead magnets for ANY product, service, affiliate promotion or business opportunity. Page 26
  • PLUS… the #1 secret to turning a simple lead magnet into a raging customer acquisition and profit generation machine. Page 36