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Higher Standards Policy


To define a clear policy to create a more effective relationship between all members of the Elite Marketing Pro community regarding involvement in and promotion of products, services, and business opportunities.


To enlist our valued members in maintaining the integrity of the Elite Marketing Pro Community and keeping it a safe place for all members, free from solicitation, recruiting, or promotion of any kind. While this document at times references “EMP Leaders” (Top Affiliates, Mentors, Sales Coaches, and other producers who have been elevated by Elite Marketing Pro), these policies apply to all members of our Elite Marketing Pro Community, as we are all striving to be EMP Leaders.

Zero Promotion Policy:

  • No public (direct or indirect) promotion of products, services, or opportunities intended to target any EMP community members, unless they are your own leads or customers generated from your own cold market advertising.
  • No private promotion of products, services, or opportunities to any EMP community members referred by others.

A simple guideline for acceptable interaction in the EMP Community

  1. Sharing about how any EMP training or mentorship has helped you is acceptable and greatly appreciated. So long as there’s a clear intention to just be helpful and NOT to recruit or promote products, services or opportunities to other members, publicly or privately.
  2. Discussion of external products, training or solutions is acceptable insofar as it’s not a disguised way to promote, recruit, or “siphon off” community members with the intent of benefiting in any way from the sale of these products.
  3. Sharing or discussing results using Elite Marketing Pro strategies to promote a network marketing company is acceptable insofar as the intention is very clearly to add value, not promote your opportunity in any way. SEE ABOVE ZERO PROMOTION POLICY.
  4. Sharing or initiating discussions about your own products, services or coaching programs within the Elite Marketing Pro Community are not allowed. Regardless of the intention, this may be perceived as self-promotion. Even case studies and sharing results about a specific product, service, or program has the obvious effect of attracting the attention of fellow students.
  5. Customers, clients and students of EMP Leaders who post or share their results or testimonials of the EMP Leader’s own products, services or coaching programs within the Elite Marketing Pro community is not allowed. Again, we take the stance that anything that draws community members to a product, service or program owned by an Elite Marketing Pro Leader or Representative is a violation.

EMP Leaders As Brand Representatives

EMP Leaders are representatives of our brand, and therefore must adhere to our core values. We invest in arming them with skills and strategies for success because it is of a direct benefit to our team, community and each of the students that coaches or mentors are entrusted with.

Please understand, our goal is not to limit or hinder EMP Leaders from creating, promoting or selling their own products and services. On the contrary, we want to see them grow and evolve as entrepreneurs.

There are literally millions of potential prospects outside of this EMP community, and our education and hope would be for you to use the skills you have learned to find, attract and convert them from outside this community.

The problems arise when an EMP Leader whom we give a platform, has a product, service or business opportunity, and they are openly or privately promoting it. The conflict is clear and the potential repercussions are considerable.

Because the EMP Leader has a high degree of exposure and influence within our community, there is an automatic association of that leader with the Elite Marketing Pro brand.

It’s a considerable problem when that brand representative uses that influence, intentional or not, to promote external offers to our community members.

Competitive Mentorship Or Coaching Programs

We invest hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in training, updating, fulfilling, refining, and improving our systems and processes to continually improve the experience of our Coaching and Mentorship programs.

Simply put, it’s very unlikely an EMP Leader, no matter how well-intentioned, will come anywhere near the standard we demand for the fulfillment of coaching or mentoring of our students outside of the Elite Marketing Pro ecosystem.

For these reasons, we DO NOT allow EMP Leaders to offer any kind of coaching program to Elite Marketing Pro community members, (unless the member was originally referred by the EMP Leader themselves), where a fee is being charged to teach Elite Marketing Pro concepts, principles, strategies or tactics.

Higher Standards Policy – Handling Uninitiated Student Contact

This addresses the question of “How do I handle the situation if a student or community member approaches me and wants to work with me?” (i.e., Buy my products, join my company, etc.)

In light of what we already discussed regarding the considerable influence EMP Leaders have, and the fact that they are leveraging our brand and platform, we simply must demand the absolute HIGHEST standards and practices are met.

There is no doubt that the Elite Marketing Pro Community will see our EMP Leaders in high esteem and want to follow their example. They will very likely join your email lists, follow you on Facebook and even actively reach out to you and ask you to enroll them into your company.

In such a case, we recommend using the utmost care in handling this situation so as not to unknowingly violate the Higher Standards Policy.

First, if you are under employment or contracted as a coach, mentor, facilitator or internal team member, you are required by your contractor agreement to gently turn away the prospect and support them in helping them understand how the EMP community and programs can help them create skills to be successful with what they already have. You may not enroll or sponsor them into any program.

If you are not employed or contracted as a coach, mentor, facilitator or internal team member, here are the 7 required steps to follow before proceeding:

  1. Ask any prospects if they are a customer or member of Elite Marketing Pro (something you’re probably already doing),
  2. If they are a member, ask who their Elite Marketing Pro referring affiliate is and get their contact info. If they don’t know, help them find out or ask Elite Marketing Pro support.
  3. Contact the referring affiliate directly yourself and notify them directly of the member’s desire to join your team or purchase from you and your desire for transparency.
  4. Allow 72 hours for the referring affiliate to contact the member and have a discussion around the situation.
  5. Upon contacting the referring affiliate, also contact Elite Marketing Pro’s Customer Support Team with a message addressed to the “Elite Marketing Pro Affiliate Manager” with the details of the situation and of the actions taken above.
  6. If the member still wishes to join your team 72 hours after your message to their referring affiliate, they may proceed.
  7. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING: keep records of emails, notes of phone calls and make sure you CYA (cover your ass)
  8. In every step, approach all communication with the care you would take with a close personal friend or family member. No matter how you slice it, this is a delicate matter and should be handled accordingly.

Again, we ask you to take all 8 of these “higher standard” steps so nobody can call into question your integrity or the integrity and safety of the community overall. Both your reputation and our brand reputation are at stake, so please if there is any doubt, ASK US first.

Unaddressed Or Indirect Violations

Not all issues can be addressed directly with such a policy. There are always loopholes and workarounds to be found, however, we ask that you respect the spirit of this policy.

Just as an example, if an EMP Leader or Community Member has a distributor in their network marketing business who is not an Elite Marketing Pro member, the temptation may be to try to skirt the rules by referring potential Elite Marketing Pro members to that individual. This would be an obvious violation of the spirit of the policy, and would therefore be handled as if they were directly recruiting people themselves.

As another example, if an EMP Leader or Community Member friends people in our community on Facebook and then posts promotions for a competing offer or opportunity on their personal profile with the intention of enticing the EMP community members they friended to their offer or opportunity. This would also be a violation of the spirit of the policy and would therefore be handled as if they were directly recruiting people themselves.

There are probably dozens of other ways to bypass this policy, which is the reason I hope you’ll take these next paragraphs to heart.

Whenever if you’re in doubt about whether or not something violates this policy, here’s some helpful tips to consider:

1: When In Doubt – Ask Questions

Ask your prospect who referred them to Elite Marketing Pro. Ask our support team to look it up if they don’t know. Ask the person who referred them if they would reach out to their referral directly. Ask us if you need clarity or help problem solving complex situations. We want to help you!

2: Err On The Side Of Generosity

Please be courteous and generous to your fellow community members and go out of your way to “over-communicate” with them if their personally referred Elite Marketing Pro member is asking to join your network marketing team.

3: Be An Ambassador For Elite Marketing Pro

Many traditional network marketers consider Elite Marketing Pro a threat. We can make a considerable contribution to the industry when we demonstrate that we’re not only not a threat, but we have tremendous value that can lift up the entire industry. When you act with integrity, others will notice and you will gain respect from other leaders in the industry. Take the “long game” approach and continue to adhere to the strategy of preeminence. You will bring great credit to the Elite Marketing Pro community and network marketing industry as a whole.

No Back Channel Policy


The No Back Channel Policy is designed to maintain good order and discipline among EMP Leaders and ensure open lines of communication are established and maintained. Back Channel communication happens when two or more EMP Leaders and/or Community Members speak about policies, fellow teammates, Students, EMP staff members, or other members of our community in a negative or damaging light behind their backs or without their knowledge. This creates a toxic environment that erodes trust, decreases team effectiveness, and disrupts the mission of Elite Marketing Pro and the Mentorship Team specifically.

Process for Reporting Violations

If any member of the Community and/or any Coach/Mentor/Facilitator Team witnesses or perceives a violation of Team/Company culture and this Higher Standards policy, inappropriate or concerning behavior, or other concerns, please take the following steps:

  1. You may address the person of concern directly and respectfully and make them aware of our higher standards policy and proceed to Step 2. If you feel that directly addressing the person of concern may create an unsafe situation, proceed directly to Step 2.
  2. Address the concern directly with our support team by reporting the violation at Please be prepared to provide the following information:

1. The specific name of the person in question,

2. Specific facts surrounding the violation (dates, times, specific details, any documentation of the violation, screenshots, recordings, people affected, etc); no guesswork or speculation, facts only.

3. Specific recommendations for how the violation might be addressed; be a partner in the solution.

3. In some cases, we may reach out to you to gain more clarity. Don’t worry, your identity will be kept confidential.

As you can see, we encourage and appreciate when members of our Community bring concerns or documented evidence of infractions to our attention. We will take these concerns seriously and promise a safe “recourse free” environment for those conversations.

This cooperation will assist us in addressing infractions quickly to create our desired environment “Education focused and safe neutral recruitment free zone” for all our students and community members.


This is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy. Any violation of this policy will be taken seriously and will be enforced. Depending on the seriousness of the violation, the first violation may result in a conversation between the offender and an EMP support team member and a warning will be issued. For serious infractions, the above step may be skipped and will be treated as a 2nd violation.

After a warning, the 2nd violation will result in immediate dismissal of the EMP Community Member from the EMP Community, and revocation of all access and benefits of the program(s) the Member has purchased or subscribed to without refund.

Here’s What You Agree to as an EMP Community Member:

I understand as an EMP Community Member, I have a part in maintaining the integrity of our Community and the safe space for all to build their business, and therefore will be held to a higher standard.

I understand that in the event of a violation of policy, or otherwise not adhering to the core values of Elite Marketing Pro may result in termination, and potentially being dismissed from the community regardless of my past or current relationship with the company.

I understand this policy supersedes any other contract or agreement with Elite Marketing Pro, (with the exception of employment or contractor agreements with Elite Marketing Pro), and in the case of a violation, Elite Marketing Pro will not be required to issue a refund for any monies paid as a part of any other agreement.

I agree to the Higher Standards Policy and promise to adhere to the standards and be an ambassador for the Elite Marketing Pro brand and the industry.

Questions And Answers

Q: What about other leaders who are actively recruiting from the Elite Marketing Pro community?

A: This type of behavior is not tolerated from any member within our community. Please document any instance and bring it to the attention of our compliance team.

Q: Why are we expected to uphold the standards that other companies aren’t?

A: This is called the “Higher Standards Policy” because you are held to a higher standard. You are given more authority, more training, more trust, and more influence with our students and community. You are representing Elite Marketing Pro and our brand, while other companies and distributors are not.

Q: What prompted this sudden policy change?

A: We’ve always had a similar policy. But more recently community members' rising concerns have prompted us to revise this policy and make the consequences for violations crystal clear fro everyone.

Q: What is the process to report an infraction?

A: As shared above, please send us your concern description, and with the documented evidence to our compliance team here:

Please note: Your name will be held in confidence and not be released anywhere in this infraction report process.