10 Reasons You Must Start Blogging Today

Start Blogging

Can you name one successful online company that doesn’t have a blog today?

Yet as shocking as it may be, there are still lots of people who haven’t made it a priority in their business. And they are missing out BIG TIME.

If you’re serious about creating a REAL online business, putting your time, effort and energy into a blog without a doubt one of the most important things you can do to drive your business forward.

10 Darn Good Reasons You Absolutely Must Start Blogging Today:


1. Powerful Branding

People trust brands they are familiar with. While big companies spend Millions and even Billions of Dollars to build their brand, the little guy can use blogging to build up their brand.

As a blogger, the more valuable content you create the more visibility you get. As well as position yourself as a thought leader. Think about authors. When you see someone who has published a book, this automatically gives them credibility.

There’s simply no easier and faster way to brand yourself than with a blog. But you must know how to brand properly and effectively!

2. Create Engagement

Here’s some sales 101: People will NOT do business with someone they don’t like or trust. As a marketer, this needs to be your NUMBER ONE goal. Get them to like and trust you.

Creating dialogue and conversations instantly increases engagement. And engagement helps you connect and create that unshakable trust with your audience.

3. Get Search Traffic

Did you know that some huge brands rely solely on their blog to attract visitors?

Every post you publish, every video, article and piece of content is an opportunity to show up for terms your ideal prospect is searching for. Regular posting is like casting a wide net. The more content you have floating around the net, the more visitors you’ll attract.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should post for the search engines, you need to first and foremost write to people you want to attract, however keep those search terms in mind when creating titles.

4. Get Social Traffic

The Law of Reciprocation says that when you share value, people will do the same, by liking and sharing your content on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and others… thereby getting you more traffic and comments.

Another side benefit is it boosts your search engine rankings. Because all this social activity makes your blog look like an authority website in the eyes of the search engines. And this is KEY to getting more organic traffic, or Google Luv as we call it.

Here’s a little tip: Next time you post (and really every time), you should also share with all your friends and followers to kick start this process.

5. Get Referral Traffic

When you buy something you like, go see a movie you enjoyed or have some kind of a positive experience don’t you feel like sharing it with others?

This natural human tendency can help you explode your referral traffic, because just like with social traffic, your readers will share your content with their friends or link to your blog from their blogs or websites if they get a lot of value out of it.

Which as with social traffic, also has the side benefit of boosting your rankings.

6. Grow Your Email List

The money is in the list. Ever heard that before?

It’s also the biggest reason to have a blog in the first place. Use it a lead generation tool that will turn visitors who like your content into subscribers and eventually raving fans.

Blogging the right way can help you put your list-building on steroids, and actually attract much better quality leads.

So many people miss out on all the opportunities to do this and they don’t know how to combine their blogging strategy with an effective list building strategy.

7. Discover Opportunity

As a marketer, you always want to be on the lookout for ways you can improve and serve your market better. Blogging allows you to gather valuable intelligence about your market’s problems and challenges.

This can lead to more opportunities to create additional revenue by finding or creating solutions for your people. Solutions that often you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

8. Sharpen Your Sword

This is perhaps one of the largest “non-tangible” benefits you’ll get from blogging. To create valuable content requires you to research, study and learn.

Additionally, you get to practice writing or creating videos, which only increases your skills as a marketer and entrepreneur. And builds your intellectual capital.

9. Cultivate Relationships

Another huge advantage to creating valuable content and participating in discussions with your prospects and customers is the relationships that come as a result.

It’s not just about getting people on your list. It’s about keeping them interested and wanting to hear and see more of what you have. There’s a big difference between a customer and an advocate. The way you build loyal following is with relationships.

As you continue to give and share, you create a bond with your subscribers and many of them will become your biggest advocates.

And that’s how you build your tribe!

10. Make More Sales

Isn’t this our number one goal as an entrepreneur or marketer? It’s kind of obvious, yet unless you have a blog you’re missing out on a huge chunk of your sales.

Here’s a startling statistic… Businesses that blog on a regular basis, estimate that about 60% of their sales come directly from their blogging efforts.

How about them apples?

So here’s the Million Dollar question…

WHY Isn’t Everyone Blogging?

After doing some digging and asking, here are the top 5 reasons people give for not blogging, and why they’re complete bullshit:

Don’t have the time – You don’t have the time to get more traffic, leads and sales? That’s crazy.

Don’t know what to write about – Later, I’ll show you how to get hundreds of ideas.

Don’t like writing – Then don’t! Who said blogging is all about writing? You can still be a blogger and get all the benefits by using video or even creating your own podcast.

Don’t know how to create a blog – In today’s day and age that’s a lame excuse. If you can point and click, you can create a blog in just minutes.

Don’t know anything about graphic design – Me either, but I created the graphic above and it was easy. We actually have a tutorial on our blog on how to use this free resource to create any kind of a graphic.

Look, here’s the bottom line. If you’re not blogging, your competitors who are blogging, are most likely snatching up your customers.

SHOCKING CONFESSION: Though I’ve been blogging since 2005 and I’ve had a single blog post that’s literally generated 6-figures for us, I’ve been neglecting this strategy for YEARS. It’s time to change that, and to that end, the team and I are going to be publishing valuable content quite a bit more often.

Until next time!


P.S. I want to remove every reason and help you create a profitable blogging strategy that’s fun, easy and fast.

Can you do me a quick favor? It’ll only take 60 seconds or less…

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Tim Erway

Tim Erway has been a successful marketer since 2002. In 2004, Tim launched his first internet company offering financial educational products and consulting services. Today, Tim is CEO and co-Founder of Elite Marketing Pro. He has authored or co-authored nearly a dozen courses on the subjects of internet marketing, copywriting, website monetization, and information publishing.

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  1. Calvin L. Sloan Jr.

    What is the best way to get my blog viewers to purchase the offers I blog about?

  2. Gabriel Mampone

    Hi Tim.At one stage, I was South Africa’s top media person until I was removed abruptly and consequently dismissed from my position. I used to work for the country’s top national broadcaster. For the past 4 years, no-one wants to touch me. I have written a book which I strongly launch me into the conference and motivational speaking industry. But I seriously don’t know how to rebrand and relaunch myself back into the spotlight as a credible trusted “brand”. Please He Me. Regards Gabriel Mampone.

  3. jonathan bell

    might be getting a job working for aaa motor club as an insurance

    agent , Can blogging assist me ?

  4. Maudine Brubaker

    Tim I like your blog very much. I’ll keep trying and maybe some day I will get as good as you!!

  5. Dave Gardner

    It is amazing how easy blogging can be as well as how beneficial and yet people complain that it is too difficult…If my 12 year old can start doing it, anyone can!

    She has to learn a thing or two still, but she has already taken action with written plans and ideas of what she is going to be blogging about in the future! It is all about taking consistent action to have growth.

  6. Donna

    What do you think is the best platform to blog from ? My website has blogging platform…should I use this… can I use something like wordpress to publish to my own website ?

  7. Dave Gardner

    Gabriel, Just taking a quick look at your website, you could give a free sneak peak at your book by collecting email opt ins in order to access, then possibly provide more of the book for when they share (There are wordpress plugins that allow for this)

    Create your own branding by sharing and reaching out to others in social media, other blogs and such and follow the guideline that the folks at Magnetic share as they work.

  8. Terry Clark

    My blog is not really up to par at the moment…I always wondered what “creating valuable content” even means.

    Thanks, good read,

  9. Elizabeth Smith

    Hi Tim, I like your blog. It kicked all the props from under me and the rewards aren’t bad either.

  10. Craig Morrison

    Tim, thank you for this article. Love the encouragement to all readers that you too can blog! Looking forward to you delivering on your promise to “share hundreds of ideas later” in providing a catalyst for content.

  11. teo

    How exactly can I generate more traffic and in effect earn more sales from my site. Do I need to create a new blog? (that seems to take eternity to make for me as a newbie).

  12. teo

    How exactly can I generate more traffic and in effect earn more sales from my site. Do I need to create a new blog? (that seems to take eternity to make for me as a newbie).

  13. Tim Erway

    Thanks for the questions so far. If you haven’t posted yours yet, I’d like to know how I can help you.

    If you already have a blog, what do you feel would help you reach your goals faster?

    If you don’t yet have a blog, what’s holding you back from getting started?

  14. Julie Day

    I haven’t got any sales yet from my EMP blog, but it has helped me realise what I want to do – help others get discovered as a marketer like me. I try to use PS messages to help me get sales. I like my EMP blog, as I now have thousands of comments and hundreds of followers.

  15. Lynda Kenny

    Fabulous article Tim. I absolutely love blogging and I am always looking for better ways to write articles, do videos etc.
    I also love the Elite Marketing Pro Blog with all the extra features. I write on both blogs every week.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  16. Randy Berg

    I could blog all day long… biggest problem is “how do you get people to read your blogs?”… it is like the age old “chicken or the egg, which comes first.
    comments appreciated.

  17. jason

    Looking forward to your emails re: blogging.
    As a ADD dude I’m always in search of quick results and blogging just didn’t seem a match.
    If it wasn’t quick then it needed to be outsourcable.
    Glad to have read this info.

  18. Carsten Webering

    Great Images with a lot of value. It’s difficult to set blogging in the right perspective. Why blogging, what’s in it for me. Great Tim !

  19. Charles Holmes

    Blogging has changed my life. I read Magnetic Sponsoring five years ago last month. Within a year of reading the book, I started a huge MLM related website that is now close to 1500 pages. I finished that website almost 15 months ago. After finishing the website, I transitioned to blogging.

    My blog is now one of the most popular MLM Blogs in the world. I don’t win any awards, but I have tons of traffic and loyal fans.

    I’ve worked my ass off, spending hours and hours every single day. But now I have about 40 income streams, I’m frequently on the MS Leader Boards, I get tons of leads every day, I sponsor people without chasing anyone, and I have a global presence.

    If you have a big desire, a lasting commitment and some perseverance, you can build a high power blog within a few short years. Yes, it’s hard work at first, but once you’ve got a large presence it’s very easy to maintain.

    I love Magnetic Sponsoring, Attraction Marketing, the MLM Industry and blogging. I fired my boss long ago and now live the laptop style. If this guy can do it, so can you.

    Just don’t think it will be easy or fast. Nothing in life worth accomplishing is.

    Chuck Holmes

  20. Robin Morton

    Thanks for this prodding Tim, always needed! I love our great EMP blog platform and I ‘ve used it to top lead tables before. I guess like most people, what I really want to be able to do is get more traffic and then let the EMP system convert like crazy! Looking forward to further developments! Robin

  21. Tim Erway

    My Pleasure! :)

  22. Tim Erway

    Couldn’t agree more Charles. Congrats on your success!

  23. John Bontempi

    I got Magnetic Sponsoring 4 years ago, read it, put it on a shelf, and read it again last week. I realized I’ve been chasing my tail for 4 years. It’s time to put it all into practice, including a blog. Better late than never!

  24. Ndakakanu Masegi Tryphon

    I have no Website address. I really ould like to become a blogger.

  25. Evan Dimitrakopoulos

    That’s 10 great reasons to start blogging today. But it’s not just about creating content, it’s about creating engagement and learn how to rank your blog.

  26. Rod Cleveland

    I recently saw a state that a company that blogs at least 15 times a month gets 5 times the traffic and are 63% more likely to influence a purchase versus traditional print. However, it still creating an effective message. How do you do that

  27. GottaWorkFromHome

    Hey Tim, I will say “Amen” Great article…. I am surely guilty of the 1st 3 out of 5 excuses used for not blogging. Trying to be Internet Marketer who is unknown without blogging is CRAZY, WHACKED and the ODDS are STACKED against you… Many bloggers are stacking up valuable monetized relationships, memberships as they blog and sail on cruise ships. A month ago I decided to get a grip and stop doing non-blogging flips and decided to make blogging for me become just as easy as jogging is for me is.

  28. james waheire

    Thanks Tim. I couldnt have agreed more. This is why I am now seriously learning through EMP to do just that and the future sure looks bright!

  29. james waheire

    That is really encouraging Charles. Thanks!

  30. Ricardo Penders

    You know, I really like to write and I’m used to it because I’ve been busy with program code and for that you have to write a lot…hahaha.

    You are right to say that the excuses people give that they don’t know what to write about because they just started blogging, I’m doing this for just over one Month now and I’m almost everywhere with my comments or reviews, my blog is growing every week with valuable content I write…

    …And the ideas to write another post are coming so quick to my mind that I’ve to store them on my PC for a while before I can publish because if I would post them all at once I would have a very big list….

    …man I could write all day about this stuff for days on end and still don’t run out of ideas to write about. :)

    You could say that I’m a fanatic, and the best part of that is that I didn’t know that I like to write until I started with my blog a Month ago.

    Thank you TJ, Ferny, Nick, Mike and Kate for helping me starting my online marketing business.

  31. Richard Brokenshire

    The most difficult thing about blogging is getting started. Most people, including me, think that they have nothing to say or at least nothing to say that anyone would interested in reading about. You would be surprised by how much you really have to say and how many people will be interested in reading it.

    It will be tough in the beginning. You’ll struggle to write 300 word articles, but that’s okay! A couple of weeks in, you’ll be banging out 500 words and soon you will write an article and wonder how you wrote 1,000 words.

    The best time to get started blogging was a few years ago. The second best time to get started is NOW!

  32. Jumair Macabago

    I’ve been always visiting EMP blog to learn… cool blog, and exactly the 10 reason why.. thanks for sharing…