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Dr. Stanley’s Top 10 Success Factors of Millionaire Minds

Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Millionaire?

Dr. Stanley, author of the best-seller “The Millionaire Next Door,” spent years studying and researching the wealthiest segment of our population.

In his 2nd book “The Millionaire Mind,” he uncovers a lot of the “secret” thought processes, attitudes, habits, and much more that the affluent have in common.

And I've always told people that success leaves clues.

If you want to be successful in ANYTHING, then find someone who is, find out what they did to get there and… COPY THEM!

So after years of research and actually interviewing a large number of them, here's the list of…

Millionaires' Top 10 Success Factors

  1. Being honest with all people
  2. Being well disciplined
  3. Getting along with people
  4. Having a supportive spouse
  5. Working harder than most people
  6. Loving my career/business
  7. Having strong leadership qualities
  8. Having a very competitive spirit/personality
  9. Being very well organized
  10. Having an ability to sell my ideas/products

Now isn't that a cold slap in the face of almost everything you see and hear on TV about the lives of “rich and famous.”

Interesting how the top ones are all about having integrity, moral values, and a great work ethic.

Those are the foundation of success.

Loving what you do… that's a BIGGIE.

Do you know how many people out there are miserable in their jobs?

Even some of the ones that look like they've got it all together?

I personally know doctors and attorneys, who can't stand what they do.

From the outside, it seems like they've got it all.

A great career, nice income, big home, cars, etc….

But when you have to wake up every single day and do something you don't enjoy, is that worth it?

Yet the cream of the crop of our society put that as one of the top factors contributing to their success.

And if you notice every single one of these is an attitude and a choice that you make, none of them are skills you need to learn…

Except for one…

The Ability to SELL

When it comes to actual skills…

NOTHING is more important than your ability to sell your ideas to others.

Think about the people in your life.

Do you know people who are full of integrity, love what they do, work harder than most, get along with others…

… yet they're struggling financially?

Chances are, they're either lacking the fire in their belly (don't have the competitive nature) or they don't know how to sell.

Being competitive is absolutely crucial to success.

You and I know that, and there's really not much to say about it.

You either have it or you don't.

But selling that's a whole different issue.

Your ability to sell and persuade others to your way of thinking will greatly impact EVERYTHING in your life.

Your network marketing business, your relationships with others, and ultimately your quality of life.

Those that possess the ability to influence others, simply get MORE out of life.

But the problem most people face is this attitude that influencing is manipulation…


Nothing Can Be Further From the Truth!

Are there people out there that know how to manipulate others to get their way, REGARDLESS of what's in the best interest of the other person?

Of course there are.

And that's what I call manipulation.

Influence is something completely different.

If you believe something is truly in the person's best interest, then I feel it's your moral obligation to help them make the decision that's truly good for them.

Some may argue that people are capable of making their own decisions.

And I absolutely agree, and you need to simply present them with all the facts so this decision isn't based on some preconceived notions, or worst, lack of proper facts and information.

In selling and persuasion, that's exactly what you do.

You make a logical case for your product, service or network marketing business so the person has all they need to make that decision.

Only you see, there's a small problem and most people don't know it.

NONE OF US, not a single human being makes their decision based on logic.

We Make ALL Our Decisions Emotionally!

If you're a technical or analytical person, it's hard to accept that.

But it's 100% true.

We are emotional beings.

And most of our decisions come as somewhat automatic responses from our subconscious mind, based on the information we receive (or I should say perceive.)

Because perception is everything.

How we interpret internally what's happening to and around us, is what dictates our decision-making process.

And it's all driven by emotions.

Now logic comes into play as well.

As my favorite sales guru, Tom Hopkins says…

“People buy emotionally and justify the decision logically.”

Now, how true is that?

Think about the car you drive, the clothes you buy, the house you live in and so forth….

Look at all the people who buy iPhones, Androids, and all the other latest gadgets.

Do you logically need to have a friggin' computer in your phone?

Do you really need to have a certain brand of clothes, just because it says North Face or whatever on it?

Do you really need the kind of car you have or could you have gotten a cheaper one and saved money? (a more LOGICAL choice)

All these decisions were based on nothing but pure emotion.

And when you DECIDED to buy, you came up with a dozen of logical and rational reasons why it makes sense.

When you master the ability to tap into the emotional part of the brain of your prospects and nudge them to make the decision that's truly in their best interest…

…is the moment your persuasion powers will start adding dollars to your bank account.

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