Eight Ways You Might be “Torpedoing” Your Own Success

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve been building your network marketing organization, generating some leads, getting some sales, plugging right along.

There’s at least a little evidence you’ve doing something right.

But your cash flow could be better, you could use a few more high-performing reps on your team, and predictable, consistent results are still elusive.

If that’s accurate, let me ask you a serious question…

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6 Surefire Ways to Make Your Message Irresistible

If you’re advertising on Facebook, you already know there are MILLIONS of advertisers out there.

And guess what…all those advertisers are also competing for your prospects’ limited attention.

Yep—unfortunately, you’re not the only one showing up in their News Feed.

Far from it.

I mean, just scroll through your Feed and just notice how many ads you see.

It’s just about every 6th post, right?

Which begs the question, given all the noise and endless distractions out there…

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Seven Steps to Become an Extraordinary Entrepreneur

There are two types of entrepreneurs in the world…

Average entrepreneurs and extraordinary entrepreneurs.

And there’s a BIG difference between the two, especially in terms of how much money you can make and the kind of lifestyle you can achieve.

This post is intended for entrepreneurs who aren’t content to settle for average.

And are willing to put in the work to become extraordinary.

So if you’re willing to do whatever it takes, here are the seven steps to take the path less traveled by.

Starting with…

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The 5-Step Formula to Compel Your Prospects to Take Action (…Without Being Pushy, ‘Salesy,’ or Obnoxiously Aggressive)

Most people think to win in sales you gotta be pushy and aggressive.

In fact, when I got started in direct sales, I was told over and over again…

“You’re not going to succeed because you’re not aggressive enough!”

Spoiler alert: they were wrong.

I went on to have a successful career in sales for many years (…before leaving that world behind to build businesses online).

So I can confidently tell you from personal experience…

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3 Devastating Landing Page Mistakes

How about we kick this off with one of the most important pieces of your sales funnel…

Your landing page.

This is a page where your prospects enter their email address and get on your list.

Now of course all of the components of your sales funnel are important; but without a good landing page, you’ll never be able to build your #1 asset – your list!

Your list is what creates what we like to call “cash on demand,” whenever you send emails to them.

It all starts with the landing page–the gateway into your funnel.

In the past, a landing page would most likely have been of the “capture page” or “opt-in page” variety, which are usually pages with no more than a headline, maybe a few bullet points, and a form to capture your prospects’ names and email addresses.

However, today, we’ve found that…

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