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Controversial Headline Formula Ethically Exploits Your Prospects’ Secret Addictions

So I have a simple question for you:

How has this year been so far in your network marketing business?

  • Did you grow?
  • Did you make more money?
  • Did you hit the goals you set back in January?

If the answer is YES…


You’re obviously “walking the talk.”

But if you haven’t yet achieved what you set out to do this year, then it’s time to get to work!

And to help you I have some marketing “tricks” up my sleeve you can use.

Actually, they’re not really “tricks,” but more like strategies and tactics.

But doesn’t “tricks” sound sexier?

Of course it does!

And that’s an important part of marketing your MLM.

Use words, phrases, and language that make things sound more interesting – making your product, service, or business opportunity a heckuva lot more compelling.

We’ve talked in past issues about different ways you can do this.

But today I want to talk to you about another quirk of the human mind.

This is one of the BIG SECRETS to successful network marketing

I know, I know, this word “secret” has been way overused in our circles.

However, to many this IS a secret.

I know, because all I have to do is look at their ads.

So let’s jump right into it, shall we?

Now first, let me just warn you: this is going to be a bit controversial.

But if you want to make more money, pay attention.

I don’t care how positive you are, or how many positive thinking books you’ve read…

Your mind (and your prospect’s mind) is always looking for the NEGATIVE

Now notice I didn’t say, dwell or focus on the negative.

Because if you’re anything like me, you avoid the news and eliminate most negativity from your life.

Yet there’s a little part of our brain, called the reptilian brain, which is always scanning for problems.

Back in the prehistoric times, the cavemen and the cavewomen had only a handful of goals:

  • Stay alive.
  • Don’t get eaten by the saber tooth tiger.
  • Don’t starve to death.
  • Protect the kids from danger.

Life was very simple, but they lived in constant danger and fought for their very survival

Their brains were trained to look and pay attention to danger, threats, or anything that could present a problem.

Seemingly negative stuff.

Fast-forward to today, and even though we’ve evolved as a species, we still have this part of our brain looking and scanning for danger, threat, or problems.

You might even say we are addicted to it.

This is exactly why the news and the media is so negative.

They know the scoop.

Negative, bizarre, problem-ridden stories draw people in.

“If it Bleeds it Leads”

When you see a headline about:

  • A serial killer caught.
  • A fatal accident involving multiple cars on a major freeway.
  • An armed robbery in your part of town.
  • Another mass shooting somewhere.

You have to work HARD to resist the temptation to read or watch the whole story.

Most people can’t do it and get sucked right in.

This is why I avoid the news like the plague (and you should too), because I know once I start seeing those headlines, it’s very hard to fight the urge to read or watch it.

Ok, I don’t mean to get you all stirred up inside on all the negative stuff out there, but you can use this very effectively in your marketing.

A good example is used by financial newsletters, health publishers, and the survival market.

These guys create some of the best headlines and very compelling ads to leverage what I just described.

Here are a few recent ones I found from websites and emails.

Keep in mind these are from very successful, multi-million-dollar marketing companies who have the very best copywriters working for them.

  • “Terrorist group warns at press conference that ‘Jihad’ is coming”
  • “Two hostile nations with no concern for mutually assured destruction… 650,000 soldiers – many under the control of Al-Quada… and 230 nuclear warheads ready to be fired over”
  • “These 4 things happen right before a heart attack”
  • “The real truth about Ebola”
  • “You’re in far more danger than the pundits say”
  • “Don’t become ANOTHER statistic”
  • “Revolution SHOCKS White House”
  • “The biggest SCAM you’ve never heard of”
  • “This plant food HARMS your metabolism & heart (caused heart attacks in New Zealand study)”

Did these make you want to find out more?

Of course they did. It’s almost impossible to ignore them.

Not only are they curiosity-provoking (that’s crucial), but they’re also implying fear, danger, threat, and problem.

And our reptilian brains are always looking and scanning for problems, remember?

So when you create your ads, emails, sales letters and videos, keep this in mind.

Because using this approach you’re giving your prospect’s brain exactly what it’s already looking for.

I’d read that sentence again because it can make you a LOT of money.

Now before we wrap up, let me address something else here.

A few years ago, I was sitting in an Internet marketing seminar, and one of the speakers—a very smart marketer—said something I absolutely disagree with.

He said, and I’m paraphrasing…

“Many marketers focus on negative marketing, pain, and fears to sell their products. I don’t want to add to the pains and problems already existing in this world. So I’d rather focus on marketing with the positive. Even though I know they will sell a lot more than I will.”

At the time, for a moment I thought he had a good point.

However, today, I’m telling you that NOTHING can be further from the truth!

If you have a GOOD product that HELPS people, and you don’t do everything in your power to help them say “YES” and buy it, you’ve hurt them more than you helped them.

Even if you have to sprinkle some fear, threat, danger, and problems into you ads.

Just do it morally and ethically, NOT in a manipulative way.

As far as I’m concerned, if I sell more of my product that solves people’s problems, how could I possibly be adding more to the world’s problems?

Use all this wisely and profit wildly.

And help your prospects get what THEY want.

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Vitaly Grinblat
Chief Copywriter & Director of Monetization
Elite Marketing Pro


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