3-Bucket Strategy to Exponentially Scale Facebook Ad Campaigns

how to use social media for network marketing

If you gave Facebook a dollar and got $1.18 in return…

…you’d give Facebook as many dollars as possible, right?

This is what we call “scaling.”

And believe it or not, it’s the single most challenging aspect of any traffic campaign.

Because just because a campaign is successful with a budget of, say, $10 a day…

That doesn’t mean you can automatically expect the same results by scaling your spending to $100 a day.

Now, if you've been following Elite Marketing Pro for any length of time, you already know we teach traffic and lead generation using native advertising—which is essentially driving traffic to blog posts that are designed to convert cold traffic into leads and sales.

In fact, promoting and syndicating content on Facebook is currently the number one lead and customer generation strategy for us and our affiliates.

But there’s a catch…

33093_blogbanner_090916_400x400-03You see, even though native ads generate literally hundreds of leads every single day for our offers…

The process of scaling this strategy isn’t obvious.

And that’s where my close friend and business associate, Vince Reed, comes into the picture.

Who’s Vince Reed?

If you don’t know Vince already, I would unequivocally say he's the number one authority on all things related to traffic generation.

And not just in our niche, but in the entire world.

In other words, he's someone who really knows how to use social media for network marketing.

Recently, the entire EMP team masterminded with Vince for two full days—behind closed doors—to develop a proprietary Facebook scaling strategy for ourselves and our affiliates.

This traffic strategy, once implemented…

Generates consistent and predictable results as you smoothly guide your business from one level to the next.

What I’m about to share in this post is an abbreviated version of what Vince mapped out for us over the course of an entire weekend.

This information will make (and save) you a lot of money, so pay close attention!


Good, let’s dive in.


The #1 reason campaigns don’t scale is because audiences burn out.

So to remedy this, you’ve got to go beyond the audiences that are “hot” right now.

You know the ones—the obvious, “household names” that literally everyone targets.

For example, if you're in the network marketing niche, you’d usually target company leaders, major companies, or a popular author (or three).

Those are the typical “hot” audiences.

Well, what we've found is that it's actually harder to convert Fans of those Pages.

There’s simply a gap between us and them, because they don't know who we are.

And they likewise don't know who you are as an affiliate.

There's a trust issue.

And since they already follow a different company, they're resistant to your message.

You have to build trust first

33093_blogbanner_090916_400x400-06Now, a blog post goes a long way towards building that trust.

But you're going to go way beyond that.


The first step is to identify a list of 5 to 10 target audiences, which have not worked for you in the past, but you think are great targets for your offer.

That’s priority #1…

Pick 5 to 10 target audiences.

This is the first “Bucket” of your strategy to learn how to use social media for network marketing.

And it’s running a Likes campaign to these audiences.

Now, here’s how you plan out your ad budget…

This scaling strategy is divided into 3 Buckets.

And each Bucket is going to receive an equal share of your ad budget.

Thus, Bucket #1 receives one third of your daily ad budget, Bucket #2 receives another third, and Bucket #3 receives the final third.

Let’s say your daily ad budget is $15.

Then Bucket #1 receives $5 of that budget.

And what you’re going to do is rotate that $5 around your 5-to-10 audiences equally, in terms of targeting them with your Likes campaign.

Here’s how to write your ad copy…

33093_blogbanner_090916_400x400-04These Like campaign ads are simple.

The copy can go something like this…

Press “Like” for daily tips on [fill in the blank], from [traffic/marketing/recruiting] expert [your name goes here]

That's it!

An example of this would be what we’re doing ourselves here at Elite Marketing Pro.

The ad is just says…

Press “Like” for daily online recruiting tips, from online recruiting expert Ferny Ceballos.

It’s simple, it works, and it’s truthful—so if you want, just steal this formula and use it!

So that's Bucket #1…

Simply running Likes campaigns.

People sometimes think that, “Aww man Likes campaigns take a while to pay off!” and sure, while that can be true—you’ve still got two more Buckets!

The point of this Bucket is just to create relationships with audiences that you couldn't convert before, for whatever reason.

The Likes campaign is a way to get them to say “yes” to something from you.

So again, that's Bucket #1, and it should get 1/3 of your ad spend.

Now for Bucket #2, which receives an equivalent ad budget…


Okay, now in Bucket #2 you market your content to people who’ve liked your page

Those people basically said, “Yes I want to receive information from you,” so you should help them see your content!

That content can come in the form of videos or blog posts.

You're going to release at least one video or one new blog post (or both) over the course of a week.

So basically you need to create 4 pieces of content per month—at minimum—and it’s essential that you consistently deliver these pieces of content to your audience.

Now, what does this do?

Well, it brings you one step closer to generating leads.

Here’s how…

Every single piece of content you create—whether it’s a video or blog post—is going to have a call to action at the end where you invite users to opt-in and become a lead for your business.

Now, you must deliver valuable content, of course, because…

The objective here is to create rapport

33093_blogbanner_090916_400x400-copy-2And attract people with valuable information. That's the proper aproach and how to use social media for network marketing effectively.

As long as you do this on a consistent basis—so that you're actually delivering what you promised in Bucket #1—you’re golden!

Now, you’re probably not just going to do one piece of content, of course.

But at the very least, one awesome piece of content per week, in the form of a video or blog post, is necessary.

Note that if you’re our affiliate, you’re more than welcome to share Elite Marketing Pro blog posts and marketing videos to your fans (adding your own affiliate link, of course!) to take advantage of our material.

And we create multiple pieces of content each week for you to use as you please.

So even if you don't have your own content creation strategy yet, we've got you covered.

So that's Bucket #2—marketing content to the followers you gained implementing Bucket #1.

When you deliver content, you warm the audience up and then, and only then, is it time to proceed to…


Bucket #3 is where you directly focus on generating leads.

And you do this by creating a custom audience of all the people that clicked on your content and watched your videos…

And then you “retarget” them.

Your main goal here is to give people a lead magnet offer.

To do this, you can use a…

  • Blog post with a “lead box” opt-in (like you'll see below)
  • Capture page (as long as you're compliant with Facebook’s rules)

First though…Understand that not only do you need to know how to use social media for network marketing…

I highly recommend you read this blog post by Matt Baran about how to keep Facebook from banning your account.

Go through that before you start driving traffic.

Because there are certain terms you can't use, certain promises you can’t make, etc.

Okay, once you’re clear on compliance best practices…

You’re ready to run lead magnet offers to your audience.

And invite them to become a lead.

The trick here is to…

Offer something of value in exchange for opting-in

33093_blogbanner_090916_400x400-05This is where those people from the 5-10 audiences, the people that weren't converting before, now start to convert, because…

  1. They said “yes” to your Likes campaign,
  2. They've consumed your content (your videos and blog posts) as a fan of your page, and now…
  3. They’re going to say “yes” to your lead magnet offer, because at this point they obviously want more content from you!

Make sense?

This is, in a nutshell, what we strategized for our affiliates with the master of all things traffic, Vince Reed.

Again, you basically need to…

  1. Build your own audience (by getting Likes)
  2. Provide value to that audience (by promoting content)
  3. Make a lead magnet offer to that audience, which gets them on your mailing list

That's it.

Those are the 3 Buckets for scaling traffic campaigns with Facebook

Now, as I mentioned before, you are welcome to use our content—you can use our videos and our blog posts, you can use everything we provide you, and that's totally cool.

Honestly, we like it when you share our content, because it positions us as authorities, and you—our affiliate—as a savvy entrepreneur.

So, ready to dive in?

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Until next time,

Ferny Ceballos
Chief Marketing Officer
Elite Marketing Pro


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