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Afraid of Getting Scammed by Solo Ads? Here Are 3 Surefire Ways to Prevent Being Ripped Off!

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A few weeks ago I woke up to a bit of a “different” morning.

As I rolled out of bed at my usual 9:30am, checked Facebook, logged into my Infusionsoft account, and checked my e-mail…

I noticed there was a strange voicemail in my Google+ account…

It was from a distraught member of a home business opportunity I used to be a member of, who was unfortunately in a rough spot…

“Hey Misha, I need help. I don’t know what to do moving forward… Solo Ads are the only form of traffic generation I’ve ever felt comfortable with, but I just got scammed out of nearly $2,000. I hear you use them in your business. Please help! I don’t know what I did wrong, and I don’t know what to do moving forward. I can’t believe I just lost all this money… And don’t know where to go moving forward.” 

Now, in case you don’t know what a “solo ad” is…

A solo ad is simply when you pay someone to send an e-mail to their list

46898_blogbannerrequest_120616-08…with your ad in it, to promote your network marketing business of course!

So, for example, if I were to pay Tim and Ferny to e-mail their list with my ad contained within, that would be a solo ad.

Now, back to the story…

I called the woman (whose name we’ll leave anonymous for privacy's sake) immediately… as I wanted to understand the full story, and needed to see where things had gone wrong in her solo ad journey.

She explained to me how she had just upgraded to the highest level in her opportunity, and how she thought that was the key to creating profits with her advertising.

She took action and got “all in,” and needed traffic to jumpstart her business.

She had heard that solo ads could work well and liked the simplicity that they presented (there’s really nothing “techie” about solo ads)… so she took immediate action and jumped in head first.

She reached out to 2 vendors she found in Facebook and Skype groups…

46898_blogbannerrequest_120616-09And ordered as much traffic as humanly possible.

She was hungry for a fast start in her new business, and was willing to spend the last of her budget in order to get going quickly.

She ordered 2 separate 1,000 click packages, then sat back and waited for the sales to roll in.

What happened next, though, completely crushed her…

Only one of the two 1,000 click packages was ever delivered, and she made ZERO sales from the total $2,000 invested.

The vendor that delivered his clicks claimed to have done his job, and the other vendor went completely “missing in action.”

She managed to generate about 100 leads, but most of them weren’t even from English-speaking countries (which are the countries, which have the majority of people who are most likely to buy).

The e-mail list that she build with the ads was good for practically nothing, and she was stuck at “Point A,” having been ripped off and out of $2,000 from unethical solo ad vendors…

Vendors that had zero intention of sending her real, quality traffic, whose sole goal was to take her advertising dollars, and leave her with nothing to show for it.

She was blatantly scammed!

46898_blogbannerrequest_120616-07And was on the verge of quitting the industry all together.

I talked her down off the cliff, and explained that unfortunately, this type of learning experience tends to be part of the process…

“At one point or another, we were all exactly where you are right now. We’ve all lost money on Advertising campaigns, and with solo ads, if you don’t take necessary precautions, chances are you may very well get scammed. It happened to me when I was first getting started, and while I know it hurts, you shouldn’t hold it against yourself for having it happen to you. It really is just part of the process.

I then asked her if she wanted to hear what she should have done differently in order to have better results with her solo ad marketing…

She reluctantly agreed…

What came next, was a “mini solo ad masterclass” when it comes to the vendor selection process…

And something that anyone who’s trying to use or wants to learn solo ad marketing can learn from.

There are three main steps to my process…


Firstly, you NEVER want to purchase clicks as blindly as she did to promote your network marketing business.

You want to take each solo ad vendor through a very specific and rigorous “quality assurance” process, in order to know that they’re the “real deal”:

  1. Connect personally with each vendor over Skype or Facebook.
  2. Review their sales pages and look for realistic testimonials (opt-in rates of 35%-45%, and sales conversion rates of 1%-2% ) from individuals in similar home business opportunities to what you’re promoting.
  3. Look for pictures of the vendor themselves, and ideally look for a video of them on their sales page. Then try and match the photo to their social media profiles in order to ensure that they’re actually a real person.

If a vendor has all of those things going for them on their sales page, and are easy to connect with on a personal level, chances are they’re in business for the long haul, and aren’t just looking to take your money and run.

Bottom line…

Do your due diligence when it comes to the vendor selection process

As outlined above.

It pays dividends!


Next, double check that the vendor is willing to use YOUR solo ad “swipe copy” for congruency purposes, and ONLY purchase from vendors who agree to do so.

Never buy without being able to use your own swipe copy!

And if the vendor refuses, move onto the next.

Make 100% sure that you ONLY purchase from vendors who will send your swipe copy!

Ask the vendor if they can deliver 80%-85% top tier traffic (traffic from the primary English-speaking countries), and let them know that you’ll be tracking those metrics.

Tell them that if they under-deliver, you’ll want either more traffic, or a refund.

Double-check with each provider that they’ll be sending your ad to their own in-house e-mail list, and won’t be using any exit-pop traffic, traffic exchanges, click rotators, safe-lists, or brokered lists.

Tell them that you don’t just want traffic, but more specifically you want a solo ad!


Lastly, double check that the vendor hasn’t sent the offer you’re promoting to their list very recently (from another affiliate).

Chances are if they have, their list will be immune to your offer, and you won’t make many sales whatsoever.

If they have sent my offer out recently, I like to wait at least 3 weeks from the last send as to ensure that their list isn’t immune out on my offer.

Make SURE you double-check that their list isn’t burned out on your offer!

After you’ve found a vendor who matches all the criteria listed above, buy a “200 click” package to test responsiveness and promote your network marketing business.

I like to buy 200 clicks, because if your capture page is converting at 40%-50% (which it should be), that will give you 80-100 leads.

With 80-100 leads coming through your funnel, you should see at least one sale after follow-up.

When you see those numbers: 40%-50% opt-in rates, and a sale from every 80-100 leads…

Then its time to scale.

The main thing to remember is not to rush the scaling process.

Scale from 200 clicks to 300 clicks, and look for the same numbers in relative percentages.

Look for 40%-50% opt-in rates, and at-least one sale from every 80-100 leads added that come through your funnel.

If your numbers continue to stay consistent across the board, then continue to scale.

If they don’t, stop immediately!

Usually for those with tight budgets, I don’t recommend to scale above 250 clicks, as with the smaller packages you for more control, and the vendor is more likely to send his best clicks to your offer.

He/she will want to impress you into coming back for more business on a bigger level (where the real money’s at for them).

Scale slowly and incrementally as your numbers stay consistent

One of the main things to focus on is the “vendor selection process”…

Because if you focus on finding high quality vendors, everything else is easier from that point forward.

If you buy from the wrong people though, and do it without any real structure, you’ll lose money almost every time, and may even get out-right scammed.

After our conversation, and with a refreshed sense of optimism, she thanked me for my time, and asked me how I learned solo ads myself.

I told her that I had been lucky enough to get some good mentoring at crucial times, and that from there I had optimized the process myself.

She thanked me for my time, and we went on our way.

In Conclusion…

The fact of the matter is that no matter what source of traffic you pick to use, if other people are having success with that same traffic source, you can too.

It just comes down to learning the skills necessary in order to properly promote your network marketing business.

With solo ads, there are 3 primary things for you to focus on executing upon, if you want to create a solid ROI, virtually guaranteed…

  1. The vendor selection process (to ensure you get good traffic)
  2. The swipe copy formula (to ensure that you DON’T attract “freebie seekers”)
  3. Knowing what and how to track your solo ads (so you know when you’re winning and when you’re losing).

When you select the right vendors in order to ensure that you get high quality traffic, write your own swipe copy which attracts high quality leads vs. freebie seekers, and when track your ads in order to know when you’re winning and when you’re losing…

It’s hard to go wrong.

And when you do go wrong, you can immediately straighten your sail and get back on track.

The key is to use ALL THREE “secrets”

Versus just one or two.

Because if you're lacking even one, the others won’t do anything for you.

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To the top,

Misha Wilson
Super Affiliate & 7-Figure Earner


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