Explode Your Business with Video Marketing

attraction marketing

How would you like to start stuffing your list with fresh leads in as little as 20 minutes?

It's entirely possible.

Picture this:

  • Generating 162 leads in a single day
  • Raking in $5,000 from a simple $27 Facebook ad
  • Making over $32,000 in a single evening

Kate and Andrew McShea achieved all of the above through focusing all their attention on one simple strategy:

Video marketing.

After struggling for 12 months with no success, Kate and Andrew got downright ANGRY and put together a rigorous 90 day implementation plan to kickstart their business.

It worked like gangbusters.

They went from sitting in the seats to the standing on the stage at the No Excuses Summit and have now achieve multiple 6 figures in this industry.

Recently, I sat down with Kate to discuss:

  • 9:49 – What services Kate uses to host her videos (Hint: it's not YouTube or Facebook)
  • 21:26 – The 30-second “commercial” strategy that drives more traffic from Facebook to your blog (and more effectively converts your audience into customers)
  • 21:27 – The single psychological trigger that forces Facebook viewers to stop and watch your videos instead of scrolling on to the next distraction (and how to target your most responsive and profitable audience)

Check it out right here…

Did you catch Kate's “concealed” sales funnel trick at 26:45?

This tactic compels your prospects to click from Facebook to your blog and immediately jump on your list.

It's a completely automated, purely attraction marketing -based method of creating a never-ending stream of red-hot prospects…ready to buy your products or join your business.

To learn more about the mechanics of attraction marketing and get your hands on the exact offer Kate uses in her funnel to maximize her conversions…

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Andrew Draughon
Editor, What's Working Now


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