How Heifer International is Fighting Hunger and Poverty Around the World

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Here at Elite Marketing pro, we are passionate about cultivating leadership and empowering entrepreneurs.

As such, we are honored to partner with Heifer International and help achieve their vision of helping hungry families live better lives, with your support.

Watch the interview below with Holly Derheim, a Senior Director of Philanthropy at Heifer International, to learn more about Heifer’s proven process to fight hunger and poverty, empower women and communities, help farmers flourish, and transform the world…one animal at a time.

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LIVE on Friday, November 24th, at 1:00pm Eastern/10:00am Pacific US time.

Yes, there will be a fee to attend, but a significant portion of the proceeds are going straight to Heifer International.

So you’ll be getting Gloria’s entire, in-depth training and simultaneously helping end hunger and poverty in the developing world!

CLICK HERE to get all the details and see how you can be a part of this special event.

See you there!

Andrew Draughon
Director of Content
Elite Marketing Pro


Andrew T Draughon

Andrew T Draughon

Andrew Draughon is the Director of Content at Elite Marketing Pro. Yet not long ago Andrew was hauling shingles and hanging drywall for paltry wages in the frigid winters of upstate Pennsylvania. Making the decision to never wake up before sunrise in sub-zero weather again, Andrew moved to Florida, discovered his passion for marketing, and has been working via his laptop ever since.
Andrew T Draughon