Little Different Teaser Videos to Hook Your Prospects!

Kate McShea - how to use social media for network marketingAre you using Facebook to build your business? Want to learn how to use social media for network marketing?

Better yet, are you using short “teaser” videos on Facebook to hook your prospects and drive traffic to your blog or offer?

These easy-to-create clips are essential to increasing the click through rate on your ads, and ultimately your conversions.

If you're curious to learn more you're going to love this quick interview with Kate McShea.

Kate McShea is a force with Facebook marketing. After struggling for 4 years in the home business profession, Kate and her husband Andrew went from Zero to growing a multiple 6-figure business in less than 12 months through leveraging video marketing and social media.

They’ve generated over 40,000 leads online, signed up over 1,000 people into their home business on autopilot (in just 12 months), and are top affiliates within two online marketing systems.

If you didn't know, video has become of the fastest growing segments of online marketing and in the video below, Kate reveals one of her biggest secrets to effectively using video on Facebook.

Did you catch the biggest secret to beating out your competition? Kate and I talk about it toward the end. Worth watching again if you missed it.

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Andrew Draughon
Director of Content
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