The 3 Magic Letters that Will Skyrocket Your Sales

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There are three magic letters that will swing the doors of opportunity wide open and bring you more success, happiness, and prosperity in your attraction marketing.

Sounds like a tall order. Doesn’t it?

Yet I assure you, that only 3 letters can do all that and much more for you.

Once applied, they will make you a better salesperson, and they will change your life.

Now before I reveal what they are, let’s talk about the above sentence for second—the part about being a better salesperson.

Some people might go…

“But Vitaly, I’m not a salesperson. I got into this whole attraction marketing and online marketing deal so I don’t have to sell.”


You are a salesperson

salespersonEither an effective one or an ineffective one. But if you’re in business, you are indeed in sales.

Because no business can exist without an exchange of value for money between two people.

And that is sales, my friend.

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to actually do the selling yourself, as in face to face, but you are in fact selling and promoting through other media.

Makes sense?

Back to the 3 magic letters…

I first discovered this on the “mean streets” of one-on-one selling. Where every word you say either gets you closer to making the sale, or further away.

And here’s where almost every typical sales person drops the ball. They load up their presentation with too many words.

Talk, talk, talk.

Instead of doing the most important thing a good salesperson has to do…

Which is ask questions.

A. S. K. are your 3 magic letters.

Because when you ask questions, people have to think about the question and give you the answer. And YOU control the flow of the conversation.

Online, it’s no different. When the person reads your sales letter, email, blog post, or watches your video, that too is a conversation. And if you want to control the flow of it, you need to ask people questions.

Of course, unlike in face to face or over the phone sales, you’re not going to get any feedback.

However the point of asking the question is to mentally get them to answer it. In their mind.

Have you noticed how even in these articles I ask questions? (like right now)

And you’re silently nodding your head, aren’t you?

That’s how simple it is. But don’t let the simplicity fool you. This is powerful stuff.


How do you know what exactly to ask prospects in your attraction marketing?

askWell, pretend you’re having a conversation with you prospect. By the way, this is a BIG TIP about creating sales copy. (letters, emails, videos…doesn’t matter)

You are having a conversation with ONE person. Not a group of people, but one individual. Your ideal prospect.

Let’s call him Harry. Can be a man or a woman, doesn’t matter, but let’s just use Harry as an example.

So Harry has a problem. And you have X which can help solve Harry’s problem.

X is your product or service. And it’s the solution to Harry’s problem.

You now have to communicate to Harry that X is the perfect solution he is looking for. You have to sell X and persuade Harry that X is worth every penny you are asking for it.

I’m really breaking this down, aren’t I? But that is essentially all you need to do.

Now look, if you just beat Harry over the head with the facts, which is what most people do, it’ll go into one ear and out the other. Heck, face to face, he may even tune you out. And online, he’ll just close the page and move on.


Because a conversation is not just one person doing all the talking. It’s two people taking between each other. So..

You need to include Harry in your conversation


By asking him questions.

In selling a business opportunity or some kind of a “make money” product, you could begin with…

“Let me ask you a question. Are you sick and tired of punching the clock, going to work, while making someone else rich?”

If you’re selling a business opportunity and talking to the right person, what is Harry going to do internally?

Nod his head, and say, “Yeah, I am.”

You’ve now begun a conversation, and he’s involved. And as you construct your message, you need to carry this conversation all the way through the end, asking questions, and getting more “head nods” from Harry.

For example, when you make a point about something, you can immediately say…

“Makes sense?” (I use this a lot.)

This will keep things moving along nicely, and you’re probably not going to lose Harry. Because he’s involved in the conversation, and doesn’t feel alienated.

Or if you want him to think about something specifically, you can say…

Do you remember a time when you were excited about jumping out of bed in the morning?

Now you’re getting him to think about some specific event, and relive those emotions, as you make the case for your product, service or business opportunity.

If you pay attention, you’ll see that the most successful marketers use this quite often. And in every market.

You can even ask questions in your headlines and subject lines

salesIt’s not always necessary, but it does work.

Here’s one I just saw about a health product.

Are You Starving Your Brain of the Vital Nutrient It Needs to Banish Fog and Reverse Mental Decline?

I don’t know. Am I?

I’m now curious to find out what this is all about. Sounds pretty important. Don’t you think?

Or how about this one…

Tired Of Diets That Don’t Work?


Do You Know This ‘Old School’ Bodybuilding Secret To DOUBLE Your Muscle Gains?

See how that works?

Here are some proven questions you can use to pepper your copy with, which work very well.

  • Do you suffer with/from ______ ?
  • Are you serious about _____ ?
  • When was the last time you _____ ?
  • Can you imagine _____ ?
  • Makes sense?
  • You with me?
  • Isn’t that something?
  • Shocking isn’t it?
  • Does this really work?
  • Are you _____ ?
  • Did you know _____ ? or Do you know _____ ?
  • Are you ready to get your hands on (solution to their problem)?

You get the point. And I’m sure by now you’re swimming in ideas with how you can use these and many others.

This is one of the big keys to making your attraction marketing message work. Using questions strategically to make your message flow nicely, while keeping your prospects involved ‘till the end.

I’ve seen it work like gangbusters offline. The day I started asking my prospects questions, my results instantly improved. Sales skyrocketed. And my presentations were never the same again. It’s the exact same thing online.

But I’ve also noticed something else…

Asking questions can significantly improve your life

wantYou see, sales is not just about selling your product or service. Every human interaction has an element of sales and persuasion involved.

If you have kids and you want to them to do something, aren’t you trying to persuade them?

If you want your spouse or significant other to go see a certain movie or go on a vacation, aren’t you trying to sell him or her?

How about trying to get a good deal on a car?

Or what about contacting another marketer about a potential joint venture opportunity?

Everything is sales and persuasion

And I’ve noticed that the most successful people are the ones who ASK for what they want. And they are NOT timid about it.

One of the major keys to getting everything you want out of life is ASKING for what you want.

And in an actual sales situation, it’s asking your prospects to think and to take action.

AND to not be shy about it.

Try it. It works.

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Since then, he’s created a number of info-products, generated tens of thousands of leads personally and has written advertising copy that has produced 8-figures in sales.
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