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4 Steps for Writing Compelling Emails with Confidence and Authority

Attraction Marketing Formula

Finding the right approach to writing sales copy is incredibly important.

And it’s something that new business owners often struggle with.

I know this all too well, because here at Elite Marketing Pro, I review a lot of copy from our affiliates (it's one of the perks of being a member of our mentorship program).

Want to know the biggest mistake most folks make when communicating with their prospects?

It’s not intentional, but often comes across like they're BEGGING to make a sale, which, as you can probably guess…

Doesn't work very effectively!

Neither does being too aggressive or too “wishy washy.”

Being too aggressive turns people off, because it looks like you're desperate.

On the flip side, if you're too wishy-washy, you don’t give people confidence in your product and their expected results, because you're not doing a good job of communicating the benefits to them.

I consider both sides of the spectrum to be BEGGING!

attraction marketing formulaSo what should you do instead?


You want to be LEADING.

And today, I'm going to explain how to properly LEAD people to your products in your copy—particularly when it comes to writing compelling email broadcasts and follow-up messages.

I think the primary reason people stumble in their emails, just like they stumble when they do face-to-face sales, stems from their attitude about sales and sales people.

Sales is viewed in a negative way by most people.

So let’s talk about that for just a moment…

You’ve got to stop thinking about sales as a negative thing

attraction marketing formulaYou may not consciously believe you do this.

However, on a subconscious level, you may not feel good about selling.

How do I know that?

I've seen a lot of times where people say directly, even in their emails and webinars…

Well, I don't want to sound too “salesy…”

Now, what does that mean?

I think it comes from this attitude that people are afraid to sell, and they don't feel very good about sales because of this preconceived notion of the “used car salesman” mentality.

They feel like people who are in sales are aggressive, slick, fast-talking, and manipulative…


They want to sell you whether you need the product or not, or whether it’s right for you or not.

The sale itself is king.

If you have that kind of a belief somewhere deep inside of you, then when it comes time for you to sell, you'll buckle.

You don't feel very good about it…

You don't feel very good about asking for the order; asking for people to part with their money and to buy the product.

How do you get rid of that mentality?

First, don’t be a manipulative, deceitful jerk.

Second, you've got to convince yourself that sales is a GOOD thing.

Sales drive the economy; sales drive everything!

attraction marketing formulaWe’ve just had the presidential debates, and there was talk about jobs and job creation.

And why would businesses create jobs?

Because they're growing.

And unless they're making sales, there are going to be no jobs!

When we make sales, jobs are created—that’s how the entire economy moves.

On a personal level, if you're making sales, you're making money.

If you're making money, then you have the means to buy a nicer home, buy a nicer car, and afford more luxuries and conveniences, and whatever else it is that you want to buy.

That means you're spending money.

And when you spend money, guess what?

That money goes into another person's or another business hands!

That means that they can employ more people, so money circulates.

You being able to sell and make money—is good for the economy!

It's good for everybody, as long as what you sell is valuable.

So, if you're selling a product that you feel good about then, by all means, sell it!

If you ever feel bad about selling, or if you don't feel good about offering what you have, then you need to stop.

Otherwise, get rid of that mentality and understand that sales is a good thing.

Got it?

What I learned in over a decade in face-to-face selling…

attraction marketing formulaBeing too aggressive with people doesn't work.

What works is LEADING people and helping them make a decision that's good for them.

When you lead people, they will buy in spite of you.

If—that is—you present them with the facts; if you show them WHY something is good.

You don't need to manipulate!

You don't need to twist anybody's arms, and you don't need to use any kind of “verbal aikido.”

There are things you can do to help move the sale along; however, you don't EVER need to be manipulative at all.

This is very important.

When you get rid of all that nonsense about sales and making money, or why sales is bad or uncomfortable, you can free yourself to say what you need to say in order to make the sale, and actually feel good about it.

And unless you can overcome that hangup, you'll have a very hard time expressing yourself in emails, in copy, or anywhere else effectively.

Once you get rid of all that emotional baggage…

Your first step to being effective in LEADING people versus BEGGING them, is to get excited about what you're promoting.


Here's the deal…

You NEED to get excited about the product you're selling and feel good about what it will do for people.

In other words, you’ve got to know, in your heart of hearts, that the solution that you have for them can really change their life.

I'll give you two examples…

When I worked in the world of direct sales face-to-face, I sold financial products and services—life insurance and investments.

I KNEW—beyond a shadow of a doubt—when I sat down with people that it would be of tremendous benefit for them to listen to me.

If they got involved in any of the programs that I had, or bought any of the services that I had, it would 100% make a tremendous impact in their financial life, and in their kids' financial lives, if they listened to me.

I knew that.

I was NEVER aggressive; I'm not an extrovert, so I was never pushy.

But because I felt that way, when I communicated with people and explained to them what can do for them, it came through.

I was very authentic.

And you know what?

You have to be that way about your products and services.

My second example would be with one of Elite Marketing Pro’s products, Attraction Marketing Formula.

If you're in the business of attracting network marketers, YOU have to know that if you're promoting Attraction Marketing Formula, for example, it WILL change your prospects' lives.

I know that for a FACT because, again, I spent over ten years in direct sales—doing it the “traditional” way.

I KNOW that the information inside of Attraction Marketing Formula, which are the principles of building a business using “attraction marketing,” versus the old way that I was doing for over ten years, are life changing.

That product is a game changer for someone's business, and I know it's going to impact them tremendously.

And when YOU know that, and when you feel good about it, you'll have no problem expressing it.

So get excited and feel good about what you're selling!


The next thing is to avoid being “wishy-washy”; don't sell from your heels.

I often see people start off an email talking about their story or whatever.

But when it comes time to actually talk about the product—even though it's an email, and it's just words, and I'm not hearing the person talk—I can FEEL the tonality change.

Again, I can feel the change.

Because people often feel uncomfortable about asking someone to buy a product.

Luckily, this can be easily fixed.

Instead, tell people exactly WHY they should consider your product.

You can literally tell them…

“I want you to take a look at this and here's why…”

This is the big secret.

This is how you sell without being aggressive or wishy-washy.

You give people a REASON why you want them to do something.

Reasons convert!

40640_blogbanner_102516-06This was scientifically proven to work in the famous copy machine study done by Harvard University, back in 1977.

The researchers went to a library with the intention of cutting in front of someone in line at a copy machine.

(Of course, this was back when making copies was the only way to get information out of the library!)

They tried three different scenarios.

In test number one, they approached somebody and said…

“I have five pages of copy. Could I use the copy machine?”

They didn't give them any specific reason, they just asked to cut in line.

60% of the time, the person in line let them go ahead.

In the second scenario, they went into the line and asked the same question, but they added a reason.

They said…

“I need to make five copies. Could I use the copy machine, because I'm in a rush?”

94% of the people let them cut in front of them—94% instead of 60%!

That's huge!

Here's what's really interesting….

In the third scenario, they gave a reason that didn’t matter.

They said…

“I have five copies I need to make. Could I use the Xerox machine, because I need to make some copies?”

Now think about that.

They didn't say…

“Because I'm in a hurry.”

They just said…

“Because I need to use the copy machine.”

Simply by using the word BECAUSE, 93% of the people let them cut in front of them!

Simply because they gave them a reason, even though it was not really a valid reason, and almost the same number of people let them cut in the line.

The word because always comes with a reason, and people seem to be hardwired to follow through.

It’s almost like magic.

So if you want somebody to do something, you've got to give them a reason; you've got to tell them WHY you want them to do it.

Here’s how to use this concept in your copy….

If you're promoting a product in your email, you tell people…

“I want you to take a look at this system. Here's why…”

And then you start giving them reasons.

Now, of course, these reasons have to be about them, which means they have to be benefit driven.

They have to tell people what's “in it” for them.

So how will they benefit from looking at your product or system?

For example, if I wanted somebody to take a look at Attraction Marketing Formula, I would say…

“I want you to take a look at this system, because what you're going to learn is how to grow your network marketing business, without ever having to prospect again. You’ll learn how to recruit people without rejection.”

Give them those reasons and more!


Here’s another important tip…

You must learn what goes on in the minds of your prospects and your market.

You need to know what are their…

  • Goals
  • Dreams
  • Desires
  • Pains, fears, and frustrations

When you know this stuff, then you can talk about the benefits of your product in a way that resonates with your audience, in a way that's important to them.

For example, in the case of network marketers, because I spent so many years in this business…

I know that one of the biggest frustrations network marketers face is REJECTION and approaching huge numbers of people, being rejected over, and over, and over again, before somebody says, “yes.”

That's a major hassle!

It's practically killing people.

People quit the business every day because of rejection.

When you talk about this, when you say…

“Look, I have a system that can help you attract people to your business, help you sponsor new people, help you grow your network marketing business WITHOUT dealing with rejection.”

…that sounds very compelling!

You're telling these people what they want, and you're telling them how to get it, without dealing with any of the negative stuff that they don't want to deal with, which is rejection.

The only way you can do that with your product is when you know what's going on in their heads; when you know what drives them, what their goals, dreams, and desires are, and what their pains, fears, and frustrations are.

When you really focus in on your prospect, coupled with the fact that you feel good about your product, because you know that your solution can help them…

That's when you can make your message extremely effective without begging and, at the same time, without being too aggressive.

That's how you'll get great results.


Story is always the most effective way to communicate your message.

When you're presenting facts to people, sometimes they just tune you out.

But the minute you start telling a story, we are hardwired to pay attention, because there is entertainment value.

We're simply hardwired to pay attention to stories.

That's why people love going to movies, watching plays, that's why people binge-watch Netflix.

We love stories, so when you start telling a story in your email, immediately people start paying attention and you can communicate your message.

A perfect example is when I just told you about the copy machine study.

It's not a personal story; it's a story about a researcher.

I painted this picture: a library, a copy machine, and there's a line.

Then I gave you three scenarios, and so it was a mini-story, complete with intrigue and curiosity.

By telling you that story, first of all, you're going to listen to it, and pay attention to it…

But you're also going to remember it, because there was a story wrapped around the message.

If I had just said…

“Well, you've got to give them a reason why…”

…and then I just moved on, you would forget that.

It wouldn't be enjoyable or memorable.

So ALWAYS use stories to make your point!

Ultimately, it's all about creating a relationship

attraction marketing formulaThe key takeaway is this…

Copywriting and salesmanship is a process of creating a relationship with your prospects.

And as you just learned, here's how it works…

  1. First, you need to know your market, and…
  2. You need to get excited about your product
  3. Then you need to engage your market with stories, and ultimately…
  4. You need to give your prospects a reason to buy

Make sense?

This is how you cultivate a relationship and build rapport.

There are certain things people are hardwired as human beings to be “triggered” by.

Stories, excitement, and reasons why, are a few of those things.

But, at the end of the day…

NO ONE will buy until they TRUST you

And the best way to build rock-solid trust and rapport with your prospects?


There's nothing more powerful (and profitable) than consistently using email to follow-up with your leads.

In fact, email marketing is the foundation of every single profitable online business.

Because, like you've probably heard…

“The fortune's in the follow-up.”

In fact, creating rapport and trust with your prospects is the #1 “profit trigger” of all successful email campaigns.

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