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Seven Steps to Becoming a World-Class Recruiting Machine in Network Marketing

How would it impact your business if you could recruit network marketers like an absolute recruiting MACHINE?

Dramatically for the better, right?

Because let's face it, whether you’re building your network marketing team, recruiting makes all the difference in your earning power.

Unfortunately, most business owners get recruiting all wrong by putting their personal interests first.

So here's how to recruit network marketers like a world-class recruiter…

The key to knowing how to recruit network marketers is putting your prospect's interests first.

For example, I recently spoke with a woman who's building a massive team in her network marketing company.

So guess what—she's happy where she is and isn't looking to switch companies.

Thus, she's definitely not a fit for my team.

But, here's where the plot thickens: she's losing distributors left and right.

Her business wasn't growing and she was getting burnt out.

So, I was happy to refer her to and show her how attraction marketing can revolutionize her business.

That's what she needed, based on her situation, and I was able to point her in a direction which would help her grow.

That's the real key: effective recruiting requires a mindset of SERVICE.

And when you've got the skills to lead people towards the best choice for THEM, that's when you'll notice your own results heading towards the stratosphere.

So to get you heading in the right direction, here are seven steps that'll help you become a value-providing, recruiting machine!

how to recruit network marketers and become a recruiting machine step 1 strive for mastery

First, you've got to proactively decide to become a world-class recruiter.

Now, what would you have to do to make that happen – to become a world-class recruiter?


The only way to become a master, world-class recruiter is to BE one.

Just be.

Cultivate and nurture the unshakable belief that you’re doing the right thing.

Believe in what you’re doing and the value you're providing.

Believe so totally in what you’re doing that it’s part of who you are.

There's no substitute for rock-solid belief.

how to recruit network marketers and become a recruiting machine step 2 develop a recruiting mindset

Have you ever felt that when you’re talking to somebody about joining your business or opportunity, they’re doing you a favor?

Have you ever thought that, for you to be successful, somebody had to join your team?

I know I have.

Well, here's the thing: that’s a disempowering mindset.

If you think people are doing you a favor by listening to your pitch or signing up, any sharing you do comes off as desperate, needy, and weak.

And people will pick up on that neediness.

Here's the reality…

Your business will not be a fit for everybody.

And that's okay!

That’s really okay; you don’t need to be the answer to everybody’s problems, needs, or issues.

You just need to recruit network marketers who are actively looking for what you have to offer.

You're actually doing them a favor.

When you're having the conversation, you're discovering the other person’s source of pain.

You’re finding out what isn’t working for them, and you’re exploring possible solutions.

You are solving their problems!

If you can approach people from the place where you are actually providing value, then they’ll ask you about your product or services.

Thus, you can educate those people without having them feel like they’re doing you a favor.

how to recruit network marketers and become a recruiting machine step 3 collect friends

The best recruiters I know don't recruit network marketers.

They recruit friends.

They connect with people on a personal level. They add to their friends list on Facebook.

They build relationships.

They add friends to enrich their lives…to express and expand on their purpose.

Once you’ve built relationships, then you can promote your stuff.

Just be professional about it.

Listen, this business isn't only about making money.

It’s about building relationships.

That's what master recruiters do.

Now, the woman I mentioned earlier is really happy in her company, so she's not a great fit for mine.

She's very experienced at what she does—she's been a network marketer for over 25 years, so she knows what she’s doing.

But she’s seeing her team go backward because of social media, and she's looking for a solution for that problem.

She wants to learn how to build her business on social media without resorting to the “Join Me Nows” and all the spammy posts you sometimes find there.

She wants to find a professional way to build her existing business.

As I developed our Facebook relationship, I gave her a link to Attraction Marketing’s Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

I shared with her how attraction marketing has changed the way I operate in my business, how I do things differently than I used to.

Over the last several months, we’ve built a REAL relationship.

Maybe she stays in her company – and maybe I stay in mine.

And that’s okay.

Maybe at some point, her feelings about her current company may change.

Maybe she’ll see me doing something that she would like to do.

Maybe she’ll decide to move to my company.

Get excited about building authentic relationships with people.

You’re not an opportunist – don’t use people.

It’s not about just getting them on your team.

Your job is to help people and provide value.

Serving others is where fulfillment comes from in your business.

Not only is feeling fulfilled a great way to feel – it's how the money shows up.

how to recruit network marketers and become a recruiting machine step 4 develop positive daily habits

I’m not talking about time management.

You can't manage time. Nobody can manage time.

The only thing you can manage is yourself in the time you have available to you.

That’s why you want to develop strong daily habits.

Your positive daily habits should include speaking with people to move your business forward – either by building relationships or exploring the possibilities of recruiting them as network marketers.

Now, you can be authentic.

You can have conversations without thinking about your pocketbook.

Another positive daily habit is devoting time to your own personal development.

Every day, I read at least 10 pages in a personal development book.

I like to listen to positive things while I get dressed, wash the dishes, or do chores like making my bed.

Make sure that your positive daily habits include money-making activities.

Make those habits part of your daily “mode of operation.”

If you don’t have one, create a “daily mode of operation.”

Make sure that you do something every single day that moves your business forward, even when everything falls apart.

Here's what I do daily…

  • Talk to three new people, and
  • Follow up with three new people

Here's what I do weekly…

  • Do three Facebook lives
  • Email my list at least once

how to recruit network marketers and become a recruiting machine step 5 always be prepared

Always be ready to recruit somebody as a network marketer.

Make sure you have whatever you need right where you can get at it: links, documents, and so on.

That way, when you’re speaking with someone online you can just pull it up and pop it into the conversation

That way, you’re not wasting anybody’s time.

You can follow up by sending them the links in an email, and do whatever you need to do to get them in.

Just be prepared for an opportunity to show up for you to enroll somebody.

how to recruit network marketers and become a recruiting machine step 6 maintain your enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is infectious, and it's very difficult to overdo.

While you don't want to be one of those crazy, “Ah, I'm all into you, you need to enroll in my business” people, you need to be excited.

Get excited about what you're doing.

Get excited about serving others.

Get excited about enrolling people in whatever it is you're doing, regardless of whether it's affiliate or networking marketing.

I realize that sometimes we can fall into a slump, thinking, “Oh, my gosh, nothing is working.”

When that happens, you are in a state of judgment – not evaluation.

If you're there, and you're thinking…

“Nothing is working. I'm working my tail off. Things are just not showing up the way I want them to show up, my business isn't growing the way I want it to grow.”

That is all judgment; it’s counterproductive.

Snap out of it!

Step back, take a look at your business, take a look at what you're doing, and evaluate where you are, what you’re doing, and start moving forward.

Maintain your enthusiasm.

Now, the last tip, this one is probably the most important…

 think bigger

You will never serve the world by thinking small.

So challenge yourself to do more.

Think BIG.

Allow yourself to have bursts of energies – to break through.

Create recruiting frenzies.

Dedicate spots in your calendar to purposely fill with people you're recruiting.

Now, if you get to those spots in your calendar and you don't have anybody to talk to, what do you think you should probably do?

Whenever it happens to me, I shift into the “I need to talk to more people” mode.

That means I work at building more relationships, authentically connecting with people.

Find a pain. Find a need.

Don't ever forget about what marketing and psychology have known for a long time. Value will attract highly-qualified recruits to your brand.

As long as you are…

Intentional and deliberate about your recruiting.

When you find spots on your calendar that aren’t filled by people that you're recruiting, you can shift.

You can talk to more people and you'll fill your pipeline.

I recommend a great book: The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson.

If you haven’t read it yet, get it. Read it

In it, Olson advises you to talk to people every day.

And think about it: if you just talk to three people a day, by the end of the month, that's a lot of people.

If you want to up your game, talk to 10 people a day. By the end of the month, you’ll have talked to 300 people.

Do you think there might be some people among those 300 that you could add to your affiliate company, or sell a book to, or upgrade to VIP, or even enroll on your team?

If you commit to it and follow these seven tips, it’s entirely possible – if not downright likely – that you can turn yourself into the kind of recruiting machine you’ve always wanted to be and start recruiting network marketers, in an authentic way.

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