Rewire Your Mind with the Secret “Mind Model” of the Wealthiest 0.1%

Blair Dunkley at no excuses summit sharing multilevel marketing tips

Want to wire your mind to achieve wealth?

Blair Dunkley—co-founder of Life Skills Colleges in Alberta, Canada, and one of the chief architects of Elite Marketing Pro's mentorship program—has been transforming lives for over 35 years by helping entrepreneurs develop the skills, attitudes, and behaviors of the world’s most successful business owners and guiding them through the process of identifying the hidden barriers, blocks, and beliefs about money that are sabotaging their financial success.

He was at the No Excuses Summit recently to share his strategies on how to rewire your mind to achieve wealth. How is this possible, you ask?

Watch the interview below and discover why the answer isn't WHAT you think, but HOW you think.

Enjoy the interview?

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