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Decoding the Language Patterns of Ultra-Successful Entrepreneurs

Here's the truth…

MOST personal development gurus are ridiculously ineffective at helping you get the results you want in your network marketing business.

There, I said it.

(Yeah, this includes whoever you're thinking of right now when I say the words “personal development guru.”)

I know this is controversial and flies in the face of what even their followers might want to believe about them.

But here's the bottom line…

If they were truly effective at what they do, then you'd probably be getting the results you want in your business, right?

If you find yourself in the state of perpetual overwhelm, frustration, or negative emotions about your business, while still consuming lots of personal development material, then something's clearly NOT working.

As you'll soon see…

Most personal development gurus unknowingly train in a way which unintentionally keeps their followers stuck and frustrated

Therefore, most “self help” stuff doesn't work.

What I'm going to share is based on what material from Blair & Melissa Dunkley, two of my mentors, who have taken personal development and actually turned it into a hard science!

Backed by scientific research, the Dunkleys have come up with “mind models” of how successful people think and problem solve, which now makes success identifiable, repeatable, and duplicatable…

  • Identifiable – You can name and label what successful people do.
  • Repeatable – You can repeat your success at will.
  • Duplicatable – You can successfully teach it to others.

It’s a remarkable accomplishment.

Especially when even some of the most successful people in the world have the common belief that “I'm just naturally good.”

What they really mean is…

“I'm unconsciously competent and don't believe I can breakdown what I do in a way so I can duplicate my success in others.”

Which is completely false and the Dunkley's have proven it, time and time again, with their corporate clients and their organizations.

The Dunkleys have been “secret weapons” in countless businesses for the past 3 decades, and I became acutely aware of their impact on my skills during this past No Excuses Summit, as I was having a conversation with an attendee.

She commented on one of my talks…

“You really have a way of speaking which completely removes all of people's excuses.”

She actually was complimenting me on my ability to influence and sell.

Which is really funny, 'cause here's the thing…

I don't have any formal training in sales or influence!

I've never been through an NLP course or any sales training.

And don't get me wrong, I'm not actually knocking sales training, it's just not my top priority, since I'm already effective enough for what I do, and I'm not actually closing 1-on-1 sales.

The truth is, when I speak to people, and coaching and guiding them through a decision, I'm actually revealing how I think and it compels them to adopt my language and thought patterns as well.

And it just so happens that my thinking and most importantly, my words, don't allow excuses to be inserted into the conversation.

This is a skill that I've intentionally been working on because where most gurus and teachers mess up is in the use of ineffective words and language patterns.

Some of their advice, methods, and philosophies might be solid, but almost always their language and words will often sabotage the outcomes they hope to achieve with their clients and followers.

However, there are other issues with what self-help gurus do…

First, understand that what most personal development trainers teach — thinking positive, knowing your “why,” and all that stuff — IS better than nothing.

But here's where they really fall short…

Most personal development gurus teach you what to think, not how to think

That's a big distinction.

And rarely do these gurus give you tangible steps to take in your business and life.

They might inspire you to reflect a little bit, but even how they teach you to reflect tends to keep people stuck.

Ever felt warm, fuzzy, inspired…but totally unsure about what specifically to do next?

That's because their insight comes in fragments, like a jigsaw puzzle missing quite a few pieces.

And don't get me wrong, motivation and inspiration can be a nice “mind treat.”

But is it actually moving you forward in your business?

Probably not, right?

In contrast, once you learn to recognize and implement effective language & therefore thought patterns…

You'll start seeing the real reason some people become highly successful, while others who try – never will

I'm sure we all know of people who go to school, take courses, and/or buy all the online programs in their profession – yet they're still not successful?

The problem isn’t usually the programs or what they’re learning.

The problem is they haven't been taught HOW to think!

This is super important, because knowing how to think will automatically make you better at making effective decisions, help you become skilled, and automatically get you to figure things out on your own—which might sound strange, but most successful people don't have somebody to tell them exactly what to do at every critical juncture of their careers.

Successful people have to figure it out a lot for themselves, which is precisely what the following process will help you achieve.

It will also make you better at developing promotional ideas, and new business ideas, that no one else has considered before.

That's the key to success for any entrepreneur.

It's one thing to follow instructions like an employee…

“Do this, do this, do this…and get paid.”

But that's not how things work when you're an entrepreneur; you often have to solve your own problems.

The cool thing is that entrepreneurs always earn more when they think creatively and innovate.

And knowing how to think is the foundation of this entire process, which is the reason language patterns are so important.

Our language reflects our thinking, because how we speak is how we think

I started to notice this when one of my other mentors, Keith Cunningham, speaks.

I started to recognize his language patterns, how he works through stuff, and especially on how he coaches other people.

All of a sudden, I realized that I'd decoded the language patterns of successful people, and I can now see it, hear it, and recognize it instantly.

I also started to notice when otherwise skilled, smart, and competent entrepreneurs, would be sabotaging their futures through their ineffective problem-solving processes.

So that was the inspiration for the creation of this post and my sharing this very simple, yet powerful Success Formula…

This will allow for clear and effective thinking when evaluating or problem-solving in your business, and actually in your life too.

In fact, ultra-successful people will almost always adhere to the pattern of questioning and problem solving shared here.

Here it is…

First and foremost, ask yourself…

WHO is going to be doing the work? Who is the person that's going to be answering the success formula based questions?

Usually, the “who” is going to be you, but if you're coaching somebody, then the “who” is whomever you're coaching.

This is important because most people want you to tell them WHAT to do.

That is the least effective way to coach anybody.

Your job as a coach is to make the “Who” answer questions, so they take ownership and responsibility for the solutions that come out of the exchange.

So very likely, you're going to go through these stages to ask people effective questions, so they can come up with the answers for themselves.

And if you are by yourself, then you'll be asking and answering your own questions.

Next, you gather historical information and ideas.

This is a “what stage” where you start to gather information about what information might be useful from what's already happened or been shared.

You ask historical “what” questions like…

  • What worked?
  • What didn't work?
  • What have other people done that worked / not worked?
  • What are some other ideas I've already heard about?
  • What else might I do to gather more ideas?

And a good student might approach a mentor, having already done this work and gather more ideas like…

  • “Hey, I'm looking for some ideas at how I might make my ad, or whatever, work better.”
  • “Here's what I thought of… what do you think?”

The only purpose of these questions is to gather ideas, information, facts, and data.

You’re not yet at the planning stage.

You’re for the most part, not attached to or judging any of the information you get, you're just gathering information.

Next, stage three is a different type of “what stage” where you create your action plan.

In this “what” stage, you start asking the kinds of questions that will help you formulate a plan.

Ask questions like…

  • What might I do differently from before?
  • What might I do differently from what others have done?
  • What might I do that I haven't tried?
  • What ideas from what I've gathered might help me in this situation?
  • What ideas might I try next?

All of the questions you ask in this stage help you to focus on, create, and formulate an action plan.

You're asking yourself questions about what's going to be the most effective course of action.

Sometimes you might flip back and forth between Stage 2 and Stage 3; maybe you realize you need to gather more information or ideas.

You might reach out to a mentor as mentioned above, ask a question in a FB group, use some other resources, or suddenly think of something that you hadn’t thought of before.

Don’t worry – that’s how successful people think and work through their issues.

In the beginning, you might find this to be a bit slow

And maybe even think it's too basic and simple.

But know that the reason you have struggled up until this point is because your language and thoughts lack this Success Formula pattern.

But as you practice it, it starts to become a part of everything you do, say, and think.

You’ll find you can make decisions fairly quickly, having gone through all this in your head.

Regardless of how long it takes you, it's much more effective than feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, stuck, and not moving forward in your business a long period of time.

You just have to have a little patience with yourself while you form these new thought and language patterns (i.e., neural pathways).

This stage is about asking yourself a series of questions about what you might do to get the result that you're going after and let the questions determine your plan.

Finally, when you’re ready, you move on to the last stage.

Now you actually get to work.

There is no thinking.

There is just doing.

This is actually how successful people think.

If you look at the questions they ask themselves and others, you might start to notice their language fits this pattern.

When coaching or leading, they ask more questions than provide answers.

That's on purpose.

And notice one thing…

There's absolutely zero room in this process for excuses, rationalizations, or justifications!

That's incredible.

There are no “why is this not working for me?” or “why am I not successful yet?”

These are useless questions…

When I realized that by showing people how to work through this Success Formula – essentially, how to think – the excuses that usually pop up in their life are no longer present.

So if you find yourself going back or defaulting to a state of frustration, overwhelm, justifications, or whatever, then just recognize you're backtracking, and return to focus on this process.

Trust in the process!

Also, remember this process is not something we created out of thin air.

It’s the result of tens of millions of dollars in research conducted by the Canadian government over many years about how people think and create success, which is the basis of Blair and Melissa's “Mind Model” training we employ today with our students.

There is no room in this process for creating excuses or allowing your circumstances to hinder your success.

If you ever find yourself thinking…

“Well, no one's taught me how to do that. That's why I'm not successful!”

What is that?

An excuse!

“Well, I don't know how to do that.”

Another excuse!

“Well, I'm not tech savvy.”

Another excuse!

These don't fit the Success Formula.

Nowhere does this process ask you anything about your circumstances, your background, your excuses, or “WHY” you didn't get something done

There's nothing about judging yourself here either.

It's simply about realizing and being aware of when you fall into a “why state.”

A “why state” is where you’re at when you're making a bunch of excuses and rationalizations and get unnecessarily emotional.

The Success Formula doesn’t deal with reasons or excuses.

It's very practical and straightforward…

  1. Figure out who’s doing the work
  2. Gather historical information that can be useful
  3. Form an action plan
  4. Take action

That's how successful people break through insurmountable odds.

Deceptively simple? Yes.

Wickedly effective? Absolutely!


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Ferny Ceballos
Author of the Attraction Marketing Formula
CMO, Elite Marketing Pro


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