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How Successful Entrepreneurs Think Differently Regarding “Choices” and “Decisions”


This is going to be a BOLD lesson that regular people will wish they never learned.

“A-player” entrepreneurs, in contrast, will love this message.

I'm going to share with you a very simple lesson that's going to have a huge impact on your ability to navigate difficult decisions and create success as an entrepreneur, and then I'm going to make an announcement about what's currently happening here at Elite Marketing Pro.

Watch the video below to learn all about the important distinction between making “choices” and “decisions,” which is critical to your success as an entrepreneur…

This past weekend in Orlando, I was with about 20 very excited VIP members of Elite Marketing Pro.

Part of the VIP program is we do different events in different parts of the country.

We're going to be doing stuff in Australia and the UK in the upcoming year.

We move around and do these day-and-half workshop-style events where our VIP members can come for free.

They just submit a small deposit.

That's what I was doing this weekend, and it was probably our best event yet.

Definitely, for me, I felt like I was just in a groove and a flow.

At the end of the day after teaching some mind-blowing concepts on writing copy and how to launch your first winning six-figure ad, I wanted to share a lesson with people in the room as they were looking forward in their business.

What's going to happen in your business, especially our VIP members, where we ask you to take action and really move forward with your business—

You're going to be confronted with difficult situations

You're going to be confronted with difficult decisions, or as you would think of them as decisions.

Whether it's an investment in:

  • A mentorship program
  • Your advertising
  • Yourself
  • Your time

These can all seem like tough decisions.

Now, I did not want people to come out of that event – and then go back to their lives and nothing happen.

I wanted to make sure that those 20 people that were there at the event maintained momentum and continued moving forward.

I wanted them to take the stuff that we shared with them on creating their first winning six-figure ad and actually put it to work.

Because the truth of the matter is, the process I taught for launching a six-figure ad, it requires multiple iterations, it requires doing it multiple times and requires investing in yourself multiple times as the days, months, and weeks go on.

I showed them multiple examples of people who have invested their time, their energy, their money, and continue to work on this insanely valuable seven-figure skill set, which is Facebook advertising.

I showed them examples of what had been done, and I showed them how to get closer and closer to achieving that standard.

But I knew that they would run up against resistance.

What often happens when we're faced with difficult decisions is this…

We generally decide on the option that's far less empowering for us in our business

We'll instead decide on what's going to be easiest for us, what's going to bring us the least amount of pain, what's going to create less stress with our spouses or husbands or wives, with our family, and our financial situation.

We're constantly looking at circumstances and then allowing the circumstance to essentially pick the option that is going to bring us the least amount of pain.

That's how we operate as human beings.

That's how regular people operate – they make decisions based on what's going to bring them the least amount of pain.

There was an important concept that I learned when I took the Landmark Forum.

If you haven't taken the Landmark Forum, I highly recommend it.

This was one of the most life-altering programs I've ever been in.

The year before, I broke through and quit my job and my business, I took the Landmark Forum, and that's not a coincidence.

The most impactful lesson that came out of that, was the difference between a choice and a decision.

Do you know what the difference between a choice and a decision is?

Here's the sum of it.

Notice that the word decide ends with a suffix, C-I-D-E.

What other words in the English language end with the suffix, C-I-D-E?

Suicide, homicide, genocide, pesticide.

It literally means to kill.

So the word “decide” has, part of its root meaning is “to kill.”

The D-E part of it means “to set apart.”

Basically, to decide means to set apart and kill.

We've been led to believe that the words “choice” and “decision” mean essentially the same thing, and we're just using them interchangeably.

In fact, I was doing that on this call earlier.

It's like a habit because we don't know the difference.

But the fact of the matter is, there is a difference, and it's a very powerful difference.

When we set apart and kill, what we're actually doing is we're allowing our circumstances to dictate our next move.

Our circumstances set apart the options which will bring you the most pain, the most discomfort, and then you kill them off so that you're only left with the option that circumstances give you.

Most of you, depending on where you're at in your entrepreneurial journey, have allowed your circumstance to dictate what you're going to do next over and over and over again.

What are those circumstances referred to as?

What's another name for making an option based on a circumstance, what's another word for doing that activity?

Another word for that activity is making excuses

We allow our circumstance to be the excuse for not making the tough call in our business or in our life.

We are just bumping back and forth between different circumstances, and whatever the circumstances dictate, that's what we do because it'll create the least amount of trouble, discomfort, or least amount of pain.

When we are choosing, we consider the circumstances.

We know they're there.

We're not blind.

We're not stupid.

But then we choose freely.

Some of those options we choose might be painful, might create more discomfort than not doing anything, might create more difficult conversations, but when we choose freely – we just choose.

There's no excuse.

There's no reason.

We're choosing.

Very likely, we're choosing because we know deep down that it's going to be the most powerful thing for us.

If we want to have the six-figure business, if we want to get mentorship from Ferny and TJ and all the awesome people here, then we're going to have to choose something that might be uncomfortable.

It might temporarily create some financial strain, cause some pain, cause some difficult discussions with somebody, but we're choosing, and…

We're choosing to be empowered

We're choosing success.

By going VIP, you're choosing success.

There are no excuses.

You're choosing success.

You're choosing the business that you came here to build.

Most likely, it's a six-figure business.

If you don't want a six-figure biz, don't do VIP.

If you don't want to play bigger than six figures, then don't do our advanced mentorship programs.

You're choosing the future you want.

When you're making decisions about your future, you're allowing circumstances to dictate your future, and you're never going to achieve your goals.

You're never going to achieve the things you want.

You're never going to achieve that dream lifestyle.

Think of it this way.

The next time you meet up with a difficult decision…

You have options in front of you.

You have an opportunity to do a mentorship with somebody you know can impact your life, can show you a different way that can alter the course of your future, but you're saying…

“I don't know because of the money.”


“I don't know because of my husband.”


“I don't know because of whatever.”

Then know that you're making decisions, and you're not choosing.

Ask yourself, any time when you meet with some resistance, any time that you feel like…

“Oh, okay, I don't know what to do here.”

Ask yourself this question…

“Am I deciding, or am I choosing?”

Because if you're deciding, if you're going through that thought process, then you're limiting your potential.

But when you choose, you're going after your human potential.

Yeah, you consider the circumstances, you're going to have to probably plan for those circumstances, but you choose what you know is in the best interest of yourself.

You're choosing what you know is going to fulfill your soul.

That is a difference.

“Am I choosing, or am I deciding?”

You either decide, or you choose right now.

If you're brand new to our community, you're not a VIP member of Elite Marketing Pro, and you've been offered that opportunity by our coaches, but you allowed circumstances to control you…

Even though you saw the value and you thought…

“Wow, this is really exciting.”

But for whatever reason, your circumstances kept you from doing that, then here's my take on it…

Choose the option of choosing

Make a choice.

Consider the circumstances.

Plan for that.

Then choose freely.

Choose what you know will be best for you.

If you make this choice now I have some special offers for you.

If you have been given the opportunities to go VIP but have not yet chosen that option for whatever reason, it's time to set aside the reasons and excuses and choose powerfully.

Do it because it's going to provide you the best opportunity for your success

That's how entrepreneurs think.

They look at what the opportunity is ahead of them.

They choose because they know that's where they're going to have the most powerful opportunity to succeed.

Decision versus choice.

Do you allow circumstance to kill off your options and make excuses?

Or do you consider the circumstances, but then choose freely knowing that the choice you make might not be the most comfortable or the least painful, but it's the best one for your future?

Right now, you have a choice to make…

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Choose wisely!


Ferny Ceballos
Chief Marketing Officer
Elite Marketing Pro


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