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How To Smuggle Liquor Across the Border – An Objection-Handling Lesson for Network Marketers

Now before you jump to any conclusions, what I'm about to share with you is…

100% LEGAL!

And yes, it has to do with network marketing strategies and you making some serious money.

It's also amazing how creative you become when you want something bad enough :)

Years ago, we used to drive up to Canada almost every weekend

This is going back 15 years or so.

Back when the US Dollar was actually worth something, and you could buy lots of stuff cheaper in Canada… especially at the Duty-Free.

Now back then a bottle of Absolut Vodka (750 ml) cost $17 at the store.

And at the Duty-Free it used to be $10 for a whole Liter, that's a 1000 ml for y'all :).

So the savings was tremendous… but of course that's duty-free, and you could only bring in 2 bottles per person across the border and not pay any taxes.

Now even if you DID have to pay taxes, it was $3.84 per bottle, which meant you still get a whole liter of fine Swedish vodka for less than $14 bucks!

How exciting, don't you agree?

I don't think Grey Goose was around back then.

But why pay $13.84 when you could only pay $10, right?

Especially at the amounts we USED TO consume :).

At the time I was learning all the sales and persuasion techniques and…

I got a really bright idea to use them on a customs agent!

So here's what I did.

Now keep in mind we used to buy these by the cases. Not all for me of course.

There was always a Russian party, wedding, birthday… somethings going on at all times. And when lots of Russians get together… well you'll find some vodka there.

Anyhoo, here's what I did.

We'd get a big case and when we pulled up to the little booth, where the almighty customs agent with all his God-given power and a mean look on his face ask:

“Bringing anything into the country?”

At which point I simply answered him…

“Just liquor.”

And to my absolute amazement, about 7 out of 10 times, they never asked HOW MUCH liquor.

I tested this.

You should always be testing!

Of course I didn't know about split-testing back then, or we would have had 2 cars going at the same time, and also at different times of day :).

If they did ask, I wouldn't lie, and I DON'T suggest you do either.

Unless you want to watch your beautiful car being taken apart with pleasure.

Over a couple of years of doing it, I probably saved a few thousand dollars in completely unnecessary taxes…

So there you go, now you know how you can LEGALLY smuggle liquor across the border and not pay a penny of tax.

Of course with today's duty-free prices it's hardly worth it.

Now, What The Heck Does All This Have To Do With Network Marketing Strategies?


How you answer questions and where you lead people has a direct impact on the results you get.

For example…

When you walk into ANY retail store… and the salesperson rushes over to greet you, what do they ALWAYS say?

“Hi, can I help you?”

And what do you ALWAYS answer?

“No thank you, I'm just looking.”

Well then, doesn't it make sense to CHANGE the approach so you can get better results?

When I used to sell carpet for a couple of years, every single time someone walked into the store, I knew ONE thing for sure.

They were looking for carpet. I know that's an amazing insight.

But here's the thing, all the other “veteran” salesmen would walk up to the couple with a folder and a pen in their hand… put on that big used car salesman smile and with all the enthusiasm they could muster up ask…

“Can I help you folks?”

To which they always got a…

“No Thank You”

…or, at best…

“Where are your Berber carpets?”

I came up with a scheme to ask a question where they couldn't get rid of me right away.

I would simply ask…

“Hi, are you looking to do a specific room or the whole house?”

And you know what?

100% of the time, without fail, they would tell me ONE or the OTHER and it would start a conversation.

Maybe they just moved, or looking to remodel, or whatever…

…and I was IN!


When you're talking to potential prospects, are there questions they always ask?

Like… “what's this all about?” or “how much does it cost to get started?” or a slew of others…

There are a number of questions that you frequently get, so why not PREPARE and come up with answers that'll keep YOU 100% in control of the conversation.

You know there's one question that always comes up when people look at a business opportunity…

“How quickly can I start making money?”

Now, most people would jump at the chance of throwing up all over their prospect with how quickly they can start making money in this business… and they can be cashing checks by next week….

… and then what?

So you answer the question and then they're back in control with either asking you another question OR telling you it all sounds good and they'll get back to you…


Well, how about I give you…

A little technique I learned called, “The Porcupine”

If I threw a real porcupine in your lap, what would you do?

Probably throw it back… unless you enjoy the pain of getting poked with dozens of sharp needle-like spines.

When someone asks you a question… this is your opportunity to answer it with a question of your own and get your prospect to start talking.

“So how quickly can I start making money at this thing?”

Here's your reply…

“Well that really depends, but let me ask you how soon would you like to start making money?”

See how that works?

The key to a successful call or presentation with a good prospect is to have a good idea of what they'll ask you and PREPARE ahead of time, how you'll respond to keep the flow going.

Now. this does take practice of course, but if you spend some time and put some thought behind ways you can answer people's questions… as well as the type of questions you can ask them…

…I guarantee your persuasion power will go through the roof.

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Vitaly Grinblat
Chief Copywriter & Director of Monetization
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