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Five Steps to Mastering the Art of Social Media Recruiting

Unleash the power of social media recruiting

Unless you’ve been living in a cave on some rocky Tibetan peak for the past 20 years, you’ve no doubt got a social media account or two…

…and have seen other marketers trying their hand at social media recruiting.

Some with better results than others (more on that later).

Now, you might be skeptical about whether or not these online prospecting methods can work for you and your business.

Well, I’m here to tell you that if you’re a network marketer and you aren’t actively and strategically recruiting using social media, you might as well pack up and move into a Tibetan cave and contemplate the sound of one hand clapping!

Because here's the bottom line…

Social Media is the single most powerful way to prospect for, recruit, and grow your network marketing business.

Bar none.

It’s quite literally THE “gold rush” of the 21st Century!

But you have to do it RIGHT.

You have to do it without spamming, browbeating, begging, pestering, or manipulating anybody into coming to some “mysterious” home party or hotel presentation.

If you do it right, you’ll never have to face shame, rejection, or embarrassment again.

People who want to do business with you will find YOU.

If you do it right, people will select themselves INTO your business – quite literally recruiting, enrolling, and training themselves!

So, how do you do it the right way?

Follow these 5 essential steps to recruiting using social media to build your online empire…

1. Choose your preferred social media recruiting platform

Of the nearly 5 billion people worldwide who use the Internet, almost 4 billion are active on at least one social media platform.

So which platform should you choose to start your social media recruiting?

The answer is, “it depends.”

It depends on the product or service you want to market. It depends on who your target customer is and where they are most likely to hang out online, and it depends on what your competitors are doing.

Let me share the “top 5” social media platforms businesses currently use to build their brands and market themselves, with my thoughts about each of them…

  1. Facebook is still the largest, most used social media platform by far, with well over 2.5 billion users worldwide. More than 97% of businesses use Facebook in their business-to-consumer marketing efforts because they can precisely target customers by age, occupation, interests, and geographic location. Because so many businesses are using Facebook, it might be challenging to break in, but it’s totally worth the effort.
  2. Twitter is used by around 64% of marketers for short, informative messages and giving precise, solution-oriented messages to customers. It’s also a great platform to use during live events to engage with your followers and promote shares and retweets.
  3. Instagram users tend to be younger – 800 million users among the millennial crowd and people younger than 24 hang out there. It tends to also be the preferred social media platform for fashion, beauty, and other businesses that would be attractive to younger women. If your brand is very visual, Instagram is a great platform to consider.
  4. YouTube is the largest video platform worldwide, used by 46% of marketers and 1.5 billion consumers. It’s the best place to engage your fans by posting a variety of content like “how-to” videos, team trainings, product presentations, reviews, testimonials, and short, original videos that educate and entertain your followers.
  5. LinkedIn is a bit of a sleeper in the social media prospecting arena, as it’s primarily a network for businesspeople to network with other businesspeople. It’s not a platform for direct product or opportunity pitches, but if you provide solid, high-quality professional content aimed at highly educated working professionals between 30 and 55 years old, it can be a gold mine. Most of LinkedIn’s 800 million users worldwide are looking for content about skill development, sales, and work trends.

My advice if you’re just starting out?

Pick ONE social media platform.

Use it to develop your brand and voice and grow your fan base. Then as you create engagement, add a second, a third, or more as you gain followers and experience.

Here at Elite Marketing Pro, we recommend starting on Facebook.

People are accustomed to it – Facebook makes it really easy to start getting high-quality leads within hours at a very reasonable price.

And their interface couldn’t be simpler. Once you’ve mastered Facebook, any other platform will be a breeze to set up.

And once you've reached the point where you feel comfortable with multiple platforms…

You can use your social media platforms as cross-promotion vehicles to dramatically expand your reach.

2. Create a business presence on your chosen platform

While some people do start out with social media recruiting using their own personal profiles, I recommend starting right from the get-go with a business presence on your social media platform.

Regardless of the platform you choose, you need to be ready with a professional-quality portrait or “headshot,” a good-looking graphic banner, a punchy description or “elevator pitch” about your business and what you stand for, and a user name that reflects your business.

  • Facebook makes it easy to build a business page by simply finding the link that says “Create Page” and follow the prompts to identify the purpose of your page, upload a professional image and background, enter a brief description, and select your target audience including their demographics, location, and interests.
  • Twitter is even easier to set up. All you have to do is head over to Twitter to sign up from their home page, give them your name and phone number or email address, and wait for them to send you an activation code. Once you activate your account, just follow the prompts. Or, if you already have a personal twitter account, just edit your profile settings to include images, tag lines, and details about your business. You can start advertising in minutes.
  • Instagram is simple since Facebook now owns it. Set up your business Instagram account by downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play, then either enter your email or tap “log in with Facebook.” From within the app, go to Settings, then “Switch to Business Account,” where you’ll complete your business profile, and again, start promoting your content within minutes.
  • YouTube requires you to sign in, go to “Settings,” and “Create a New Channel,” then choose “Business or Other Name.” All you need to do is provide the relevant details about your business, and “presto,” you are, as they say, “in business.”
  • LinkedIn distinguishes between a user profile and a LinkedIn page. The profile is for you as an individual, and the LinkedIn Page is for your business. To create a business page, just click the “Work” icon on your profile page, then click “Create a Company Page.”  You’ll be asked to provide a few details and verify that you have the right to create the page, then click “Create Page.” From there, you can add detail, images, and content to promote to your followers.

If all of this sounds too complicated, don’t worry.

Each platform has detailed help and support links to walk you through the process.

And trust me, if you can create a Facebook page, everything else is easy-peasy.

3. Build an audience (or fan base, or group of followers)


You’ve selected ONE social media platform to focus on.

You’ve created your business page.

Now what?


It’s not time to begin recruiting for your business on social media yet.

The first thing you have to do is to grow a group of followers/fans/audience.



ASK people to follow and support you.

Follow people who you admire, who are doing what you’d like to be doing, and ask them for a follow back.

Go through your current personal fans/followers/audience and invite those who might be willing to at least visit your new page to express their opinion about it.

Invite former colleagues, co-workers, professional service providers, and business contacts to simply visit, like, or share your page. Invite SUPPORTIVE friends or family members to visit your page and share it with people they think might be interested.

Don’t. Sell. Anything.

Not yet.

Simply invite them with a simple post…

“Hey! I just created a page for my new business and I’d love for you to comment on it.”


“I’ve started a new page to feature news and information about health and wellness (or weight loss, or anti-aging skin care, or investing) and I’d love your feedback! Please feel free to follow/like/share/retweet any suggestions.”

That’s all, right at first.

Because the very first thing you have to sell people on is YOU.

How do you that?

By posting interesting, engaging content.

Not by immediately beginning to recruit on social media.

That time will come after you…

4. Curate, create, and post interesting, engaging content

Depending on the social media platform you’ve chosen, post stories, articles, images, videos, or links to articles your followers might find interesting and valuable.

(But please, no pictures of your lunch.)

The goal is to connect with your followers, by providing information THEY would find useful and valuable.

Your aim is to build a community of like-minded followers.

Again, you’re not mentioning your product. You’re not mentioning your opportunity.

It is still not yet time to begin openly recruiting on social media.

Instead, you’re sharing an article you found in Women’s Health about nutrition or in Forbes about the rise in small-business startups.

You’re sharing a cartoon about raising kids or a joke or story about commuting.

Share a story about a friend or colleague who has done something amazing and offers your congratulations.

Share at least daily, if not 3-5x daily. Share often enough to establish a reputation of value.

When people comment, like, or share, thank them. Engage with them. Pass their valuable content along.

As you’re sharing other people’s content, you’re gathering valuable intelligence about what your audience finds worthy of liking, commenting on, or sharing.

Each social media platform has a way for you to track engagement – the follows, likes, shares, retweets, and comments you get from each post.

It’s also going to give you valuable information about what kind of content to create yourself.

Your goal is to gather an audience, provide them value, and be SOCIAL about it.

That’s it.

And occasionally, maybe one-in-every-8 or one-in-every-10 posts, share a link to your own website or capture page to start recruiting those social media followers for your business or opportunity.

That’s where things get interesting.

5. Advertise and promote ONLY to a warm market!

As your audience grows, you’ll learn more about them.

As you look at your engagement statistics on your chosen social media platform, you’ll start to be able to identify the kinds of posts they’re finding most valuable.

That’s when you can start creating your own content to post on your own website – available to anybody who’s willing to follow a link and either private message you or click through to your landing page and provide their contact details.

We call that kind of content a “lead magnet” – content your fans will feel is valuable enough to exchange their contact details for.

There are, of course, lots of ways to get that contact information besides creating a lead magnet.

Here are just a few:

  • You could sponsor a contest – your visitors have to visit an entry page and give you their details.
  • You could host a Facebook Live, a YouTube Live, or another live event about a topic of interest, post a link to join, and your visitors will have to provide login information.
  • You can buy targeted advertising, on virtually every social media network, to invite people to your lead magnet, live event, or contest.

Now, you can begin to recruit using social media.

But, you still must have tact when doing so.

Once your followers have given you their contact information, they’re now leads. They have explicitly given you permission to advertise and market to them.

They found you. You didn’t chase them.

They asked to join your list. You didn’t beg them.

You’ve given them value. You didn’t have to spam them.

They have already, clearly, expressed interest in what you have to offer.

Once you’ve turned your fans and followers into leads, you can lead them, using targeted marketing and advertising, through every step of your sales funnel – up to and including buying your products or recruiting themselves onto your team.

So, in a nutshell, social media recruiting is very straightforward. It is a very simple process.

And the good news is, that once you’ve set up your first social media recruiting campaign, you can almost automate the process.

But it requires patience.

It requires persistent daily action.

It requires mastering one step at a time.

Social media recruiting requires a plan.

So, if you're looking to attract the very best prospects to your business on Facebook and every other social media platform, then check out the strategies I teach in my FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

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The bottom line is that, in today’s age, you don’t need to be pushy, obnoxious, or overly-aggressive to build a successful business!

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Ferny Ceballos
Chief Marketing Officer
Elite Marketing Pro


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