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The Secret Mindset Hack of a Network Marketing Top Earner

You can have all the leads and prospects in the world…

But if you don't fix the following three mindset gaps, you will NEVER succeed in your network marketing business.

If that sounds harsh, believe me, we feel you (…we’re still working on some of them ourselves!)

But trust us, if you don't overcome these mindset gaps, you will continue to remain stuck, you won't find the success you want, and you'll end up sabotaging your business.

We don't want that for you (…and neither do you!)

First, I want to paint a picture for you.

You may recognize this scene…

You're invited to a home meeting.

You sit down, and all of a sudden, your hosts start drawing circles on a board.

And then they say…

“All you have to do is go find 5 people! And those 5 people are going to go find 5 people!”

We all know how it works, right?

“And those 5 people go find 5 people, and guess what? Then you're a millionaire!”

Then you start thinking…

“Wow! I only have to talk to 5 people…and success is going to come knocking on my door!”

Well, if you're reading this article today, you probably realized it doesn't typically work quite like that.

Which leads us to our first mindset gap…

1. Thinking success is automatic

The obvious problem here is, from that first meeting, it's put into our brains that it's going to be easy, that it's going to be automatic.

That all we have to do is go out and talk to 5 people.

Sure, that's the way we're taught, but that's not a proper expectation!

One of the biggest things you've got to realize: success is not automatic.

There are going to be ups and downs.

Every single day we see people get frustrated, people who've lost faith in their business and in the process.

But the real problem is not the system.

Instead, it's all about having proper expectations.

We had to overcome this ourselves.

We thought…

“Wait, we're doing everything the way we were told. So what's the reason success isn't just happening?”

But what we had to realize was that we had to develop specific SKILL SETS to make things work.

Ever feel like this..?

You go to events and you see these top earners walking across the stage, telling their stories, and you think…

“Man, it must have been so easy for them!”

Well, guess what?

It doesn't matter who your network is or what relationships you have…

Success is NOT going to come easy for anyone, ever.


One thing that sets top earners apart is consistency, because success is largely a product of consistency and leveraging a proper system.

We'll be talking a little bit more about a system later, but first…

The next mindset gap is…

2. Focusing on your problems, instead of your prospect's problems

When we first get started in network marketing, our upline often teaches us to push product, so we start promoting our business, bugging friends and family, and spamming links on social media.

These are big “no-nos,” because you're focused on solving YOUR problems!

  • YOU need the recruit
  • YOU need the customer
  • YOU need the enrollment

…because YOU need the money, right?

If you don't know our story, that's how we came into this business.

We were living in our parents' basement after loosing our house when we joined network marketing.

What was our mindset?

“We have to get money coming in—we've got to make this work! We've got to find those 5 people!”

So we focused on what WE were struggling with, what WE needed, instead of thinking…

“What does our market need? What are they looking for?”

If you want to succeed…

Shift your mind off you and what you need.

Are you focusing on yourself and your frustrations?

Because if so, then you're just thinking about me, me, me, me!

Instead, you've got to…

Start focusing on your prospects and the value you can share

Otherwise you'll reek of “commission breath.”

And commission breath stinks!

Your prospects can smell it coming from a mile away.

Don't forget your prospects aren't robots!

They're human beings, going through their own problems and struggles with their own feelings, hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

Here's the truth…

When you stop thinking about your problems and focus on the needs and concerns of others—that's when your business will start to grow.

And look, we totally understand this is the hardest thing to overcome, especially when you have real problems going on in your own life.

But try this idea on and see how it fits…

Do your problems need to take up your FULL attention?

If it's immediately life threatening, then sure, don't ignore a life or death situation that must be dealt with that moment.

Otherwise, though, determine if your problems are simply things you'd LIKE to change, but don't necessarily have to be changed right now, today.

Because getting over ourselves is what created our breakthrough.

We got over thinking…

“Man, if only it was easy! If only we had this, or if only we had that.”

Our business exploded when we started focusing exclusively on our prospects

Our business also became easier too, because we started to actually CARE about people.

Honestly, for our first few years in network marketing, we didn't care much about a lot of people.

We were looking to build a team and figured…

“Oh, we'll just build relationships with people…once they enroll.”

Now, we look back think…

“Wow, we were so selfish!”

It took time for us to look past our own happiness, but finally we thought…

“You know what? The heck with it…let's just make this work! Let's focus on THEM.”

And now we focus, focus, focus on other people.

And we also actually enjoy our business, talking to people, and creating relationships, because we don't care what they do (or don't) anymore.

We don't care if they join our team.

We simply care about them being happy with what they're doing.

And guess what?

That's what attracts people to us!

That perfectly segues into mindset gap number 3 that we're going to be talking about.

3. Not thinking like a network marketing top earner

What do we mean?

Any of these thoughts qualify…

  • Why would anybody listen to me? I am a nobody!
  • What value do I have to offer? I don't know anything!
  • How can I teach success if I haven't already had success?
  • If I don't have results, why should anybody listen to me?

Look, we get it. Seriously.

When we started online, we had an $80 residual check in our network marketing business, we were $30,000 in debt, living in Whit's mother's basement.

So who would want to listen to us?

You would think that that's what our mindset would have been, but we never once thought like that.

Instead, we had gone through two years of hell.

Two years of traditional network marketing where all we got was rejection…no, after no, after no, after no.

But we learned a LOT in the process.

Just like you have things that you've learned too.

You unquestionably have value to share!

Even if it has something to do with a full-time job you're working.

You have skills!

You have things that you've learned in your life or profession that can be related to whatever brand you're building.

It doesn't matter the success you have or haven't had.

Always remember that everybody has to start somewhere.

Every 6-, 7-, and 8-figure network marketing top earner started in the same place…

With ZERO results!

Everybody starts at square one and has to build up.

And here's what you need to keep in mind…

There are people out there who need to hear it specifically from YOU!

Do you realize that?

They need it from you.

Think about this…

Take a video of a network marketing top earner sitting by his or her fancy car, saying this and that.

How is that relatable to anybody, really?

Where you are right now is in the trenches.

That's what people can relate to.

Not someone who's already “there.”

And yeah, it's great to hear the success stories, because that's the dream.

But at the end of the day, people want to work with people who are in the trenches, building their business, doing the day-to-day stuff.

You'll never attract your tribe if you have the mindset gap of…

“Why would people want to listen to me?”

If that's what you're thinking, as Whit would say, “Slap yourself!”

(But, you know, don't hurt yourself.)

We're all learning and sharing the value we know as we're falling on our face.

The best teacher is failure, after all.

So, if you have stuff that you've failed at, or you didn't get results with, share that information!

Be transparent!

That's how you build trust.

Let's recap real quick…

The 3 BIG, show-stopping mindset gaps are…

1. Thinking success is automatic.

Stop it! Right now!

It doesn't matter who you are, where you're from, what color you are, I don't care.

Success is not going to come easy.

It's going to take determination, hustle, drive, and consistency.

2. Focusing on your own problems, instead of the needs of your market.

Make it about them.

Become the education-provider, rather than the spammer.

3. Not thinking like a network marketing top earner.

You must start thinking like a top earner, even if it makes you uncomfortable.

Don't worry if you don't feel like you have value or anything to say.

Because like we've said…

Everybody has value to share!

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