What Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica Scandal Means if You’re Building Your Network Marketing Business Online

Learn all about Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica “scandal” below, which, you may recall, recently led to Mark Zuckerberg testifying before congress about how Facebook handles user data.

Plus, you’ll learn how you can use a concept called micro-targeting to attract prospects with a predetermined interest in your products, services, or company.

The mainstream media is essentially freaking out over this data breach, suggesting that something illegal happened.

Watch the video or listen to the audio below to hear the REAL story and how this affects you and your business.

Instead of listening to the alarmist media, I chose to get the FACTS around what actually happened.

It turns out all political, or controversies aside, there’s a huge takeaway for today’s network marketer who wants to build their business online.

You’ll learn all about attracting uber-targeted prospects

…in almost the same way you would operate your Amazon Echo, or your Google Home.

Something like…

“Facebook, send me five new skincare prospects and have them contact me today about my products.”

Literally, that’s what’s going to happen with Facebook if you know how to use these hidden targeting secrets.

First, I’m going to briefly walk you through the real factual story in case you’re curious, then…

I’m going to reveal some of the hidden features inside of Facebook

Anyone can use these features to micro-target their prospects with an accuracy of a multi-million-dollar marketing agency.

The process is so simple, we’ve taken grandmothers that didn’t even have a Facebook account, before they got started with us, and had them implement this strategy.

They started attracting leads in as little as 24 to 48 hours after they started with this method.

Now, I want to give you a little backstory.

Let me fill you in first on what I know about the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Much of this has taken from a Medium.com article, which you can simply Google if you want to read it.

I’m going to share almost verbatim what they shared in this piece, about the research they did on what’s happening.

First, in the media you’re likely hearing that a shady UK data analytics company with the help of a 24-year-old tech genius developed an innovative technique for hacking Facebook and stealing 50 million user profiles.

Then they used these profiles to help the Trump and Brexit campaigns to psychologically manipulate voters and target ads to them.

The result was that we had Brexit and Trump was elected President.

That’s kind of how the story is being pitched in the media.

Unfortunately, almost everything of that is either inaccurate or misleading.

Regardless of what your political affiliation is, here’s the low down.

According to Medium.com…

There was no hack!

The data that was collected was scraped from Facebook user profiles after users granted permission for a third-party app to access their data.

You know how sometimes when you visit a site, rather than create a new username and password, you just decide to use your Facebook login?

Your Facebook login becomes your username and password for that random website that you’re asking to get access to.

That’s what happened.

A Cambridge University Academic named Aleksandr Kogan, created a personality tester app, and rather than market the app, he actually paid people $2 to $4 to install the app on their own device or computer on a crowd-sourcing site.

He paid people on a crowd-sourcing site to install his app.

He used the permissions granted by this feature in Facebook to harvest profile data.

So in exchange for getting access to this “test your personality” app, it basically connected Facebook to the app, and therefore…

Kogan was able to access over 270,000 user profiles

270,000 people installed this app and therefore gave access to their profile and all their data was harvested and collected and they paid, in this case $2 to $4 to have that happen.

You’ve probably done something similar.

Where does the 50 million profile thing come from?

Well, what happened is in 2014, Facebook used to allow programmers and developers to not only access your profile but also access the profiles of your friends through you.

So 270,000 times the number of friends all those users had equals 50 million profiles.

Back in 2014, Facebook had this “friends permission” feature and through that feature 50 million profiles were accessed through 270,000 users.

The only way to prevent that from happening was this obscure setting where you could turn it off, but most people didn’t know that.

Therefore, this data was harvested.

That was actually cool with Facebook’s rules up until 2015.

After 2015, that changed and you can no longer give third party apps permission to access your Friends’ profiles.

Nothing illegal happened, except there was a breach of contract

The one shady thing that did happen, aside from the fact that Facebook allowed people to do that, is that Kogan was approached by a company called Cambridge Analytica.

Kogan sold that data to Cambridge Analytica and then Cambridge Analytica used that data to create avatars or profiles of voters in different parts of the world.

This date was used to find users in different parts of the United States in the Ted Cruz campaign, Donald Trump’s campaign, I think in Brexit, and a bunch of other places.

That’s the back story.

Now I’m sure you’re thinking…

What the hell does all this have to do with building your network marketing business using Facebook?

I’m going to tell you.

Cambridge Analytica and their associates had to use complex programming and algorithms to give it niche use of this data that was harvested from Facebook.

The cool thing is, aside from any controversies and what your opinion is on any of this stuff, it should give you insight on the fact that Facebook has a TON of data on all of us.

Literally over a billion or two billion people in the world, Facebook has data on.

Very specific detailed data on your behaviors, patterns, what you like, and don’t like.

Though this might be scary on a personal level, for marketers it is powerful.

The point is…

You can effectively use this data to attract and target your perfect prospect!

I know this sounds intimidating – accessing 50 million profiles for your business.

The beauty of Facebook is that YOU don’t have to do it, because it’s complicated.

You don’t have to pay programmers to do all that stuff.

You don’t need to hack Facebook, you don’t need to hire a team of MIT programmers to analyze the data and somehow make it useful.

Facebook has a built in AI, artificial intelligence, that allows you to give Facebook very simple instructions.

That allows you to micro-target an ideal prospect, people that are already predetermined or predisposed to have an interest in what you are offering.

It’s already set up within Facebook.

What I’m going to do right now is actually walk you through some of the features of this micro-targeting system.

You can not only do this as well as Cambridge Analytica…

I believe you can do it BETTER because you’re using Facebook’s own AI.

You’re not using some AI that was created from scratch.

You’re using the resources of a multi-billion-dollar company to use the data they already have to target your target audience.

Now, if this sounds a little spooky to you, maybe you’re not cut out for this business.

This should excite you!

Being able to target your posts to the exact audiences that are predispositioned to want to have what you’ve got.

You can use this to attract people that are going to benefit from what you have to offer.

Whether it’s your product or opportunity.

Let’s dive in to the parts of this that excite me the most.

Facebook, like any other marketing platform, has demographic targeting features that you can expect in any platform such as age, gender, location.

That’s standard in most platforms, but this is where it gets really interesting with Facebook.

What really interests me is three specific features available through Facebook.

And if this is scary to you, don’t be intimidated.

This is like operating a Google Home or Alexa device where you are requesting certain things from Facebook and Facebook responds and gives you what you’ve requested in the form of leads and prospects.

1. Target by interest

Imagine your Facebook post, the one that maybe you’ve shared on your social media profile that may have attracted a few prospects.

Now you can publish that post on a fan page and then request that post be shown to people that have an interest in that topic.

Facebook has information on what all of us, including your prospects, who they follow and what they care about.

You can tell Facebook, just like you would Alexa…

“Facebook, find me prospects who have demonstrated an interest in [blank].”

You can target people according to their interests.

For example, if they’ve shown an interest in weight loss solutions.

Recently my wife was looking into learning sign language and suddenly Facebook started showing her posts from a company that offers sign language training.

Facebook can target you according to your interests, which means you can target your prospects according to their interests.

According to the problems in their life, according to the things that they want to achieve in their life.

You can say…

“Facebook, find me prospects who have demonstrated an interest in weight loss, or better health, or fill-in the blank.”

That’s number one.

2. Target people according to behaviors

Facebook is tracking the behaviors that every user makes.

What they like, what they comment on, what they share or websites they visit and most importantly what they’ve purchased.

That’s right, what they’ve actually bought.

When they’ve taken out their credit card and paid for something – Facebook knows that.

If you’re selling something you can ask Facebook…

“Facebook find me prospects that have already bought a product similar to mine.”

That is a targeting feature inside of Facebook’s marketing platform.

And, again, you need a business page.

You need a few things set up, which we can help you with, but I’m just kind of filling you in on the power of these features.

And so, again…

“Facebook find me prospects that have already bought products like I currently sell.”

Facebook has data on the purchases that people have made online.

Therefore, if you sell a similar product or are offering a similar service, you can target people that have demonstrated a willingness to invest in themselves and invest in a certain type of product.

Do you think having this ability would attract higher quality prospects or lower quality prospects?

So that’s the number two awesome feature in Facebook.

It’s really targeted.

Being able to track people who have already demonstrated a willingness to invest in themselves or a product that is similar to yours.

This is extremely powerful and it is a feature that you can start using right away with Facebook.

Now, there’s a third feature even more powerful and I’d say it’s even more powerful than anything Cambridge Analytica was ever able to use.

3. Target by lookalike

You may have heard something about this, but I want to share with you how powerful this actually is.

First you start running these campaigns on Facebook where you’re targeting people according to who they follow, what they’ve purchased, and who they like.

You start attracting people who are interested in what you have.

You generate customers for your business or you attract business builders into your business.

Let’s say you have a couple dozen customers that you’ve attracted or a couple dozen prospects, just leads, people that have shown an interest.

What you can tell Facebook …

“Facebook, find me more prospects and customers like those that have already bought from me or like those that have already joined me.”

You, obviously, won’t be saying this to Facebook verbally, but you can use their marketing platform to do exactly that.

You can have Facebook find prospects and customers like those that have already engaged with you, those that have already purchased from you, and so you’re saying…

“Facebook, find me more people like these people that have bought from me.”

What they do is they use their AI.

They create a new profile from those people that have already done business with you, and they try to match that profile with other people who are out there.

Suddenly, your targeting becomes uber-targeted and your conversion rates go up.

The people you talk to daily about your business or about your products, more of them will convert because they will be higher and higher quality prospects as you go through this process.

I’m focusing on concepts.

The how-to is what we teach here at Elite Marketing Pro.

We teach people how to take advantage of these features that are hidden within Facebook.

Everybody with a Facebook profile has the ability to do this, but few people know how.

That’s what we’re about here at Elite Marketing Pro, teaching you to build your network marketing business using the Internet.

I guarantee you that what we teach here at Elite Marketing Pro is going to be more effective and easier than the cold market recruiting stuff.

We’re going to teach you a skill that you can use over and over again from the comfort of your own home.

You never have to be in a public place ever again or in an awkward situation in a social setting where you’re trying to recruit or prospect somebody into your business.

Forget that.

Live a normal life.

Hang out with your friends and strangers as you would have done before you got into network marketing.

Now you can use the power of Facebook to attract people who are interested in what you have.

Learn how by signing up for my FREE Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

It’s a video course where I’ll walk you through how to build your business using the latest technology—where prospects come to you on a daily basis—interested in what you’ve got!

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Through that you’re going to learn our processes for what we do here with Facebook and other social media platforms.

Hopefully this was helpful and a little-bit insightful.

I know I touched on a bit of a controversial topic today, but the fact of the matter is Cambridge Analytica has nothing on what you have access to through the Facebook platform.

So if you’re ready to get started leveraging Facebook to the fullest to build your business…

Simply click here and I’ll gladly give you access to my 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

And if you found this content helpful, I would love to read your comments below!

Ferny Ceballos
Author of the Attraction Marketing Formula
CMO, Elite Marketing Pro


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