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This Is Why Most Goals Suck!


On Sunday, January 15th, 2012, Kyle Maynard stood triumphantly at the 19,431 foot summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the tallest mountain in Africa.

Kyle climbed the entire 38 miles up the mountain on his own, without any assistance.

That’s extraordinary because Kyle has no arms or legs.

He made the entire trek with bike tires wrapped around his limbs, secured with gorilla tape, becoming the first quadruple amputee to the summit.

“It’s his goal to show the world that you can achieve any goal that you want,” relates his sister Lindsay.

Born with a condition called “congenital amputation,” Kyle’s father realized the world wouldn’t cater to his son, so the family began letting him figure out how to make his way in the world.

There is no way to overstate Kyle’s challenges in life, and yet today he is a champion mixed martial artist who lives on his own in a 3-story townhouse, drives a car, and types 50 words a minute on a regular keyboard.


He sets goals and works hard to reach them.

“It's not what I can do; it's what I will do.”
– Kyle Maynard

Those of us with less extreme challenges can benefit from goals as well.

Here’s how Danielle Sweet Ellis changed her situation and her network marketing business dramatically with goals…

“Mere Mortal” Goals

While working her way through our Ignition coaching program in January 2015, this Elite Marketing Pro affiliate wrote down her new goals. She decided to dream big about how much she could grow her network marketing business, so she set income goals that were a BIG stretch.

Her 60-day goal was more than she had earned in over a decade. Her 90-day goal was more than she had ever earned…all in one month.

With confidence in herself and the goal-setting process, she posted her goals above her desk and got to work.

She was stunned to discover that not only did she reach both of those income goals, she exceeded them by several hundred dollars each month!

Why the Sudden Success?

“The goal-setting process had a great deal to do with my success,” Danielle says. “Once I had a target, I started to look for ways to hit it. I tweaked a few things in my business and it just exploded.”

“I think I could have made those changes any time, but those goals really motivated me, and the deadlines held me accountable.”

“I will definitely keep setting goals like this. It was the first time I had made goals this way, but now I’m hooked!”

Goal setting makes you define your dreams.

Definition and Deadlines?!

Definition might be a part of traditional goal setting, but deadlines? What a novel concept?!

Actually, it really is.

Have you heard of the type of goal setting that's the difference between dreams and actual goals?

It’s called SMART goals, and it’s proven to be effective, even for people who have always failed with goals.

smartHere’s what you need to know…


SMART is an acronym for:

  • Specific and Strategic
  • Measurable
  • Attainable and Achievable
  • Results-Oriented
  • Time-Bound

Let’s talk about what each of those things mean in the context of goals.

Specific and Strategic

Specific goals are crystal clear, meaning that there is nothing ambiguous about them. They are written so that it’s plainly obvious whether you have hit them or not. They are strategic because they must further your network marketing business in a meaningful way.


A goal is measurable if there are concrete criteria to check its progress. Once there are checkpoints in place, you can see quite easily if you are making progress and know when you have reached your goal.

Attainable and Achievable

This means that the goal must be realistic to achieve. It can be a stretch, but it has to be within the realm of possibility with your current resources. The idea is to create goals that are challenging, yet reachable, but only with a solid amount of work.


For a goal to meet this test, it has to move the goal setter closer to their version of their ideal life. That means it has to be in alignment with who they really are, and what they want to do and be in their life to make the cut.


This should be obvious from the name, but goals must have a “done by” date. Having a deadline always urges them along, so take advantage of that fact. The deadline also keeps the goals from being taken over by the regular crises of life.

5.supplemental_800x800_3Goal setting keeps your eyes on the prize.


Just kidding! We don’t call un-SMART goals “dumb.” But unfortunately, even though they sound great; they just won’t take you far in life.

Now let’s look at “regular” goals compared to SMART ones to see what they look like so you can start to get a feel for why they are so helpful, and how you can use them for any type of goal.


Broad Goal: I want to lose weight and get fit.
SMART Goal: I will start my company’s workout program on Monday, August 3rd. I will work out 5 days/week for 90 days. I will run in my first 5K race by October 17th.

New Home

Broad Goal: I want to buy a new home in the next 2 years.
SMART Goal: I will move into my new 5-bedroom home on the canal in Palm Beach, Florida by August 1st, 2016, at which point I will have reached my target income of $275 per day with my new Ultimate Freedom Business.

Can you see how different an approach this is from traditional goal setting?

New Business

Broad Goal: I want to replace my income at my job so I can quit.
SMART Goal: I will start my Ultimate Freedom Business by August 15th and will invest $500 in advertising per month. By December 15th, I will be at my target of $200 in sales per day, which will match my income at my job. Once I’ve consistently hit my goals for 30 consecutive days, I will feel comfortable enough with the income from my new network marketing business to hand in my resignation letter, which I will do on February 15th of 2016.

Use your own numbers, of course, but the numbers in this example were reverse engineered from the income it would take to quit the job in question.

To project that forward, multiply $200 x 30 days = $6000/month.

See how that goal is written to meet all of the criteria? And see how you would know without a doubt whether the goal had been accomplished or not?

5.supplemental_800x800_2Make Your Goals SMART

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Until next time,

Andrew Draughon
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