How to Use “Propaganda” to Influence Your Prospects’ Behavior

You don’t want to understand the features and benefits of your product, but get stuck with a deer-in-the-headlights look on your face when it actually comes time to SELL to your prospects.

So always remember: it’s not about the product.

And it’s not about features or benefits, either.

Hint: people don’t buy anything for external reasons, they buy due to internal pains and desires.

And if you’re selling anything, you can have an amazing, mind-blowing product…

Yet still fumble if you haven’t engaged your prospects’ internal state.

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The 3 Quick Tips to Keep Your Audience Engaged

Many marketers make the mistake of trying to pull a bait-and-switch on their prospects to grab their attention.

But serving up clickbait and empty promises won’t get your content consumed…

That’ll only label you as a spammer.

Instead, what you must do is craft content that caters to today’s microscopic attention spans.

And with that in mind, here are three easy content crafting tricks you can use to reel in your readers and keep them hooked.

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The Persuasion Equation that Makes Your Message Stick

If you want to persuade your audience, you need to start thinking like a pop star.

Hear me out…

Ever get a song stuck in your head for hours on end?

“Ugh, I hate this song,” you might mutter.

But then you find yourself tapping your foot and humming the chorus for the rest of the day (often against your will).

So what gives?

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