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The Six Most-Effective Targeting Methods to Use on Facebook Right Now

Marketing on the internet with Facebook

Targeting is one of the primary factors which cause your Facebook ads to succeed or fail.

Now, it goes without saying that the quality of your ad has a huge impact.

You must have a compelling headline, image, and description to catch your potential prospects' attention as they're scrolling through their busy News Feed.

But think about this…

You can have a PERFECTLY crafted ad, but it's not gonna work if you target the WRONG people.

Makes sense, right?

There's got to be a strong message-to-market match for an ad to be effective.

So to help you find the most responsive audience, I'm going to go through and detail what I've found to be the most effective targeting methods to use on Facebook right now.

Note: a few of these tips only apply if you have your own website or blog, because you can only use the retargeting feature if you've installed a Facebook Pixel on a site you actually own.

(And as an aside, if you're a member of the Elite Marketing Pro community, we provide detailed instructions for using the Facebook Pixel on your site).

And as a further consideration, also remember this…

Targeting is always a balance of quantity vs. quality

Here's the “big picture”:

The further someone gets into your funnel, the more likely they are to perform a particular action (such as opting-in or buying).

But at the same time, the further they go down the funnel, the fewer people you have to retarget and the smaller the custom audience in question.

Obviously, more people visit your home page than your thank you page, for instance.

So you have to pick and choose wisely who you want to target and with what offers.

But, for most people, I would say to always target…

Retargeting is are ads served based on a particular action (like visiting your site).

This is powerful because you're creating multiple touchpoints and getting people more familiar with you, your brand, and who you are.

This dramatically helps facilitate the buying process, because when someone is seeing your ad over and over in their News Feed, they're more and more likely to trust you when marketing on the internet.


You want to make sure you retarget everybody that's visited your website

You could retarget them with a generic offer, such as our 10-day online recruiting bootcamp, or to a specific piece of content.

It's also a good idea to retarget your leads, which you can do by uploading contacts directly from your EMP back office or from your email marketing service (like AWeber).

Then you could do a separate campaign advertising just to those leads, pointing them towards a front-end product like Attraction Marketing Formula, for instance.

This will be a smaller audience, but they're going to be highly-qualified, as they've already signed for your list.

Next, you should target…

Let's say you have a list of people who registered to attend your webinar.

Oh, and by the way, everyone should be doing webinars!

I know lots of people are afraid to host their own, but they're solid money makers.

So you should get out of your way and get started already!

Then, once you have a list of webinar registrants, you can upload that list to custom audiences, and then retarget those people with whatever you were selling on your webinar.

Basically, they already registered, so you might as well go straight for the sale.

This is a very powerful way of retargeting, so don't neglect this opportunity.

You can also target…

If you're creating content on your site, you can use the custom audience feature in your Facebook Ads Manager to target people who've visited a particular page or post.

So say you wrote a blog post promoting Attraction Marketing Formula.

Once someone visits your post, you can retarget those people with an offer for AMF, so they are reminded of it again (and again).

This is very specific and very effective, because they already visited your webpage, but maybe they didn't check out the banner for AMF at the time and need a little reminder.

You can use this same process with any offer.

Now, a great audience to target is your…

Now, if you only have 100 fans, you're probably not going to be able to target many people.

But if you've got thousands of fans, then go ahead and target those.

Then create a custom audience of all the people that actually engaged with your page.

If you're running a blog post, for example, a lot of people probably liked your post, but they didn't all necessarily like your Facebook page as well.

However, those people still engaged with your page, because they engaged with the blog post you promoted.

So you can take that a step further and create a custom audience of not just the people that liked your post, but everyone that engaged with the page as well.

These are some of the best audiences.

Not just when it comes to targeting those who have engaged with your fan page, but also for creating a lookalike audiences too.

You should also target people who have directly contacted your page…

This audience includes all the people that have reached out and messaged you too.

Now, if you're using Facebook Messenger ads, this is extremely helpful.

You can create an ad that sends out a message to everybody that's previously messaged your page, as long as they haven't opted-out yet.

Obviously, if somebody messages you and they decide they don't want to hear from you anymore, they have the ability to opt-out and not receive anymore of your messages (just like when someone unsubscribes from your email list), which prevents marketers from continuously spamming their prospects.

So you don't want to overuse this.

If you did this once a week, that wouldn't be too bad, but it's definitely not something to do multiple times a day, or really even once a day.

However, if you've got a special event, such as you're running a webinar, I would definitely use a Messenger ad for that…

“The webinar is starting!”

Just make sure you use these sparingly.

When people are used to getting messages from friends, family, and now all of a sudden they start getting them from marketers they think…

“Whoa! What's going on with this right now?”

It catches them off base because it's still new.

So use this sparingly for sure.

It's a very warm audience, because you've already interacted with them through Messenger.

Then last but not least, target your (this is huge)…

Honestly, if you're not doing videos on Facebook, I feel bad for you.


There will come a day when image ads just won't work anymore ─especially when marketing on the internet.

This is my prediction…

If you are not doing video, there will come a day when you are not able to even advertise on Facebook anymore.

So I would start practicing right now.

Everybody sucks when they first start doing video, but you've got to get used to it.

If you want to build a brand, and you want to do it on Facebook, you're going to have to do video.

You're going to have to do Facebook Lives and you're going to have to do Facebook video ads.

That's my little rant.

Now, what you're able to do is…

Target people who've already watched your videos

Facebook automatically creates an audience in your back office of everybody that's seen at least three seconds of your video.

Then you can go into your custom audiences and create an audience based off of how much time they watched, or the percentage of your video they watched.

So let's say three seconds, for example.

They looked at it and thought…

“Eh. It's not for me.”

And gone.

Compare a three-second ad viewer versus someone who watched 75% of your video.

The people on the 75% list are going to be a lot more interested in what you were doing.

People who watched 75% of a particular video are really engaged

But people that watch just three seconds—not so much.

Some of them probably watched it by mistake and then left right away.

Now take this a step further.

Say you've got a video with a large number of views, create a custom audience of people that watched 75% and then create a lookalike audience.

While that audience will be small, a couple thousand maybe, Facebook's able to create a lookalike audience based off that 75%, who are really engaged.

Facebook's lookalike audience feature works pretty well if you've got at least a couple thousand video views in the 75% range.

Where I see it not working as well is in the three-second range, because it could contain people who saw your video by mistake, or left after about 10 seconds because they weren't interested.

So when Facebook creates a lookalike audience based off that, it's obviously not going to be as engaged as the group that watched 75% of your video.

This is super powerful and basically…

Video—you have to do it!

So there you have it, my top targeting tips.

Retargeting is something I'd prioritize implementing (if you haven't already) ASAP, because…

Custom audiences and lookalike audiences are a gold mine!

It's the future of Facebook advertising, no question.

And they're only going to get better.

So don't delay.

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Until next time,

Matt Baran
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