The Top Facebook Ads of 2015

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Data doesn't lie.

And when you're buying traffic, you must make decisions by looking at your numbers.

It’s numbers and metrics (not guesses or “hunches”), which allow you to constantly improve your methods and maximize your return on investment.

The trouble is, you might not know which metrics you should pay attention to, what baseline to compare your numbers against, to and how to interpret your results.

This post will help.

We had a strong year in 2015, particularly when it comes to our Facebook campaigns.

And today I’m going to share the metrics and results of our top paid ads.

First, a quick note about what type of advertising strategy we use…

Content is KING!

18549400x400_042716-04There is a theme when it comes to advertising today:

Content, Content, Content!

And this trend will continue to drive results for the foreseeable future.

The “old school” way of driving people straight to capture pages and immediately asking for a prospect’s email address simply doesn't work like it used to.

It's like this…

People are more skeptical than ever want want a little bit of “romance” before committing to the next step of the relationship-building process.

Simply put…

Your content (like a blog post or video) provides value up front; sparking your prospect’s interest, before you ask to be entrusted with their email address.

“These days, people want to learn before they buy, be educated instead of pitched.”
     – Brian Clark

Now, I know you might be thinking this sounds like more work (and it is), but here's the good news…

Our content ads were very profitable in 2015!

18549400x400_042716-02People like content marketing because it’s not a direct advertisement.

Your prospects don't want products shoved in their faces every time they open their Facebook News Feed to catch up on the events of the day.

Content, on the other hand, allows you to create curiosity, trust, and engagement—which in turn creates a more responsive audience.

This is also a much better way to connect with your prospects’ emotions.

We are emotional beings by nature, and in some of the posts we are about to cover here today, you'll notice a strongly emotional theme, focusing on what these prospects FEEL while building their network marketing organization—what their upline might think, how they feel about recruiting, etc.

It’s these emotions that get the “buying conversation” started and compel people to take action.

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So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Facebook Ad #1:
“The Problem with Prospecting and Recruiting on Social Media”

This was a blog post that we ran back in fall of 2015.


Some quick metrics:

  • Cost-Per-Click: Averaged $0.52 with the lowest at $0.48
  • Cost-Per-Lead: $3.80
  • Cost Per Attraction Marketing Formula Sale: $37.2

We targeted network marketing “gurus” and their audiences resulted in a great cost-per-engagement and strong cost-per-click results.

Why it worked?

  • The image. The reason why I believe this image resonated well with audiences is because it shows REAL people, instead of someone posing for an actual advertising campaign. I tested this image against stock images from Canva, and this one has a much higher Page Post Engagement.
  • The content itself resonated with these audiences–they are familiar with online recruiting, where some MLMers wouldn’t even know what the ad means.
  • It created a sense of controversy. It made people want to share their opinion, which drove up the engagement of the ad.

When creating these kind of blog posts, the Page Post Engagement and how the content is shared is particularly important, especially since you want to create a viral effect.


Facebook Ad #2:
“What to do when your upline doesn’t want you to use the Internet to build.”

This is one of Ferny’s more recent blog posts.

(Don’t mind the typo). ;-)


Some quick metrics:

  • CPC: Averaged $0.54
  • CPL: $3.71
  • Cost Per AMF Sale: $27.6

Again, this ad resonated well with targeting network marketing “gurus.”

Why it worked?

  • The image. Once again I took an image of a live event. This one was from No Excuses Summit 5 that I pulled off Ferny’s Facebook page and edited slightly in Canva.  It shows a few hundred people working on their laptops in a big room while an instructor is giving out lessons. Once again, this is one of those cases where people have appreciated a realistic image more than a “fake” advertisement photo.
  • It created massive engagement because network marketers are used to having their upline tell them to NOT use the Internet to build their business, so a lot of people are able to relate to that specific situation, and they usually have strong opinions about this matter.
  • Finally, the content gives out a solid game plan of what to do if your upline is giving you a hassle. There are people frustrated by this very problem, and when they come across this blog post, they become very engaged in the content and then they see a solution in the form of AMF!


Facebook Ad#3:
“Three Proven Ways to Grow Your Network Marketing Business, Using the Internet”

Here's the ad…


Some quick metrics:

  • CPC: Averaged $0.63 (a little higher than the previous ad)
  • CPL: $4.40 (also higher)
  • Cost Per AMF Sale: $29.7

Let me just say that this was our most profitable ad, by far!

Again, this ad resonated well with targeting network marketing “gurus.” I tried it out with about twenty different audiences, including the “Network Marketing” general interest.

All responded well to this ad.

Why it worked?

  • This ad also created a sense of controversy and curiosity, mentioning a popular guru and calling that person out for being “wrong.” It made people want to click and read more to solve the mystery of what exactly this ad is alluding to.
  • The content told a story of how Ferny was at an event last year. Lots of people wanted to go to it but couldn’t, and so they became interested when they saw that was what the article was about.
  • The content gave out solid strategies like social media, the “mouse trap method,” Attraction Marketing—very actionable content that people found valuable. Those who wanted to know more opted in for AMF and eventually bought it, and then continued to buy more stuff.

Okay,  there you have it!

Those were EMP's three most profitable Facebook ads of 2015!

However, before I sign off, I’d like to go over one more test that I ran.

Split test: “PPE” vs “Clicks to Website” ads

There is an debate going on about whether you should run “Clicks to Website” ads or “Page Post Engagement” ads when running paid advertising that leads into blog posts and content that will lead into sales.

While everybody seems to have an opinion on this matter, we actually ran a big test to discover which one is better, instead of basing our recommendations on the latest up-and-coming celebrity or the newest training course on the market.

We tested our own Three Proven Ways to Grow Your Network Marketing Business, Using the Internet blog post to gather some hard data.

Here’s what we found:

“Clicks to Website” Ad:

  • Cost Per Click: 1.05
  • CTR: 1.29%
  • Leads: 106
  • Cost Per Lead: $6.08
  • Number of sales: 14 (13 AMF/1 EMP Annual)
  • PL: -51
  • Relevance Score: 7/10

I ended up losing $51, which is not an incredible amount, but none of us are in this industry to spend money without getting something in return, am I right?

Now, I ran the exact same ad with PPE, and these were the results:

“Page Post Engagement” Ad (Boost Post):

  • Cost Per Click: .53
  • CTR: 1.73%
  • Leads: 160
  • Cost Per Lead: $3.90
  • Number of Sales: 30 (25 AMF/ 5 Annual)
  • PL: $1036
  • Relevance Score: 7/10

You may notice the Relevance Score—which shows how well audiences are responding to your ads—is actually the same in both formats.

But in this particular test, Page Post Engagement won hands down!

There were more link clicks. The CPC was much cheaper. We got cheaper leads. And we closed more sales!


So now that you know our most effective bidding strategy, you've seen which audiences we target, and you know exactly what type of ads are working best…

You might be asking…

How do you turn those clicks into customers?

18549400x400_042716-03After all, getting a click on your ad is only the first step of the process.

I mentioned at the start that, without exception, all of our highest performing ads sent traffic straight to blog content (not capture pages).

Which makes perfect sense…

A person who actually reads a blog posts is a much more qualified prospect.

And as long as you provide value and a strong “call to action,” you're got a perfect opportunity to convert your readers into subscribers and customers.

As counter-intuitive as “delaying” the conversion might seem, it's wickedly profitable to build a little rapport first.

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Until next time,

Matt Baran
Traffic Specialist
Elite Marketing Pro


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Matt Baran

Matt Baran is the in house traffic specialist for Elite Marketing Pro. He began his career as an affiliate of EMP and over two years, mastered the art of paid traffic. Eventually his skills caught the eye of Ferny Ceballos and was invited to join the EMP team. Matt teaches other home business owners how to drive traffic, get leads and convert sales at Acceleration events. His passion is finding underground loopholes to create massive amounts of dirt cheap traffic and leads.
Matt Baran